KUMJR350K Info sheet

KUMJR350K Info sheet
MIG/TIG/STICK - 350 Amp DC Welding Machine
SpoolGun Ready
Welds: Steels, Stainless, Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminium, Copper
3YEARS Warranty
(Power Source)
Latest IGBT inverter technology
Mig/Mag with Gas and Gasless wire function
Spool Gun connection
Stick electrode (MMA) function
DC Tig welding with Lift Arc start
VRD safety for Stick welding
Wire inch & burn back control
Industrial application
Internal 2 roll geared wire feeder
Euro style mig torch connection
IP21S rating for environmental/safety protection Stepless voltage and wire feed control
Excellent mig welding with CO2 gas
Excellent arc stability for Mig/ MMA/ TIG welding
Technical Data
Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph)
Duty Cycle @ 40°c as per AS/NZ60974
Duty Cycle @ 25°c (approximate)
Output Current Range MIG Output Current Range MMA Output Voltage Range
Rated Power MIG
Rated Power MMA
I ieff MIG
Wire Feeder Type
Wire Speed Range
Protection Class
Dimensions (LxWxH)
415 -3 +/- 15%
40% @ 350 Amps MIG
40% @ 350 Amps MMA
70% @ 350 Amps MIG
70% @ 350 Amps MMA
40A - 350A
20A - 350A
13.9 KVA
15.0 KVA
19.4 Amps
20.9 Amps
12.3 Amps
13.2 Amps
Gear Driven 4 Roll
1.5 - 15m/min
IP 21S
60 Kg
3 years on machine
Tig Torch Option
SpoolGun Option
The KUMJR350K is an inverter-based multi-function Mig welding machine with added MMA and Tig function. The Mig function
allows you to weld with both Gas Shielded and Gasless wire applications. Easy step less adjustment of voltage and wire feed make
for easy setting of welding parameters giving excellent, professional welding results. Wire inch gives easy feeding of the wire
during set up without gas wastage and the Burn Back adjustment leaves the wire stick out ready for the next weld. An additional
feature is the Spoolgun ready function that allows the simple connection of the SPG200 Spoolgun for the use of thin or softer wires
that don’t have the column strength to feed through standard mig torches, such as aluminium wire. Added MMA welding capability
delivers easy and high quality welding using electrodes, including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. Connection of the 26V tig
torch provides quality DC Tig with Lift Arc start for welding of steel, stainless steel and copper. The machine is industrial rated and
of solid construction, large industrial wheels allows easy and smooth manoeuvrability. Ideal for general engineers, maintenance
workshop, rural workshop, tafe colleges panel beaters,. Designed and built to our specification. Certified to - AS/NZ60974.1
Standard Package includes: KUMJR350K Machine, Mig Torch x 4m, Earth Lead & Arc Lead 35mm x 4m, Regulator, 2M gas hose
UNIMIG pursue a policy of continuous research and development, and therefore reserve the right to change the specifications, or design, without prior notice.
3 year warranty power source.
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