UB 7897 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.12

UB 7897 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.12
Creative Solutions Accounting, v. 2012.0.12
User Bulletin 7897: Software Update
January 2, 2013
Users of the Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) software.
This user bulletin explains changes made for this release of Creative Solutions Accounting.
All CSA products
Important! If you are running Creative Solutions Accounting from a network installation, you will be
prompted to run the desktop setup on each workstation the first time CSA is launched after applying this
update. In a Terminal Server environment, you must run the desktop setup from each terminal server that
runs CSA.
Note: You must log in to your computer as an administrator to download and apply software updates via
CS Connect™ and to run the desktop setup. Be certain to restart your computer after running the desktop
setup to insure that all components are installed correctly.
Payroll form and filing information
To determine the status, availability, and filing methods for payroll tax forms, refer to the Payroll section of
the CSA Home Page. Click the + sign next to a jurisdiction to display the list of available forms. Click the
+ sign next to any form to display the status and filing methods available.
Payroll Compliance module
The keyboard shortcut to open the Payroll Check Entry screen is now CTRL+E.
We have added the Setup > Pennsylvania Employer Information command to the Utilities > W-2 Form
Processing > 2012 dialog. Choose this command to enter the two-digit Pennsylvania local PSD code
to display in Box 20 on Form W-2.
Arizona. The State of Arizona will no longer assess the state unemployment Special Assessment
rate for wages that are paid after December 31, 2012. When you set up a new client for Arizona
processing, the application now sets the Special Assessment rate for that client to 0.00%.
We have updated the following tax tables for 2013. If you have not configured the program to update
your payroll tax information automatically, choose Setup > System Configuration > Payroll tax
Information > Update.
 Federal – federal withholding tax tables, the withholding allowance, and the non-resident alien
additional amount
Note: We will release a Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS) update by the end of the week
ending January 4, 2013, to include the updated Federal withholding tables for your CBS clients.
You can also update the federal withholding tax tables in CSA and then generate a transfer file in
Accountant’s Assistant that includes the updated tax tables for your clients.
 Alaska – employee SUI rate
 Connecticut – state withholding tax tables
 Hawaii – SUTA information
 Illinois – withholding tax exemption amounts
 Maryland – state withholding tax tables
Copyright 1998 - 2013 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7897
 Oklahoma – state withholding tax tables
 Oregon – state withholding tax tables
 Pennsylvania – employee SUI rate
We have addressed the following issues.
 In some circumstances, the application calculated Federal Form 940 Schedule A when a client
had FUTA wages and no SUTA wages.
 The Federal Form 941 and 944 ELF file did not include all required information for zero-return
State Payroll Tax modules
Arkansas. We have updated Form ARW-3 to the latest version available from the agency.
Illinois. The application now enables you to preview Form IL-501 FSET files in their entirety.
North Carolina. We have updated Forms NC-5 and NC-5P to the latest versions available from the
 We have updated Form CCA-W3 to the latest version available from the agency.
 We have addressed an issue that prevented the application from displaying the paper type for
Form IT-941 when printing the form.
Oklahoma. We have updated the Form OES-3 SUTA file to the latest version available from the
West Virginia. We have updated Form WV IT-101A to the latest version available from the agency.
Wisconsin. We have updated the FSET format for Form WT-6 to the latest specifications available
from the agency.
Forms pending approval
The following 2012 forms are pending approval. Once the forms have been approved, they will be made
available in a subsequent software update via CS Connect.
Annual forms
 Mississippi – Form 89-140
 Montana – Form MW-3
 Washington, DC – Form FR-900A
The following 2013 form is pending approval. Once the form has been approved, it will be made available
in a subsequent software update via CS Connect.
Payment form
 New York – Form NYS-1 Note that the state will accept the previous version of this form until
approval is received.
Forms not yet released
The following 2012 form has not yet been released. Once the 2012 form has been released and
approved, it will be made available in a subsequent software update via CS Connect.
Annual form
 Arkansas – Form AR3MAR
Engagement CS®
We have addressed an issue that, in some circumstances, caused the program to display PDF files
incorrectly and to delay the display of PDFs when the Automatically share display area checkbox was
marked in the Engagement CS User preferences dialog.
Copyright 1998 - 2013 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7897
Help & How-To Center
For answers to questions on using CSA, access the Help & How-To Center by choosing Help > Help &
How-To, by clicking the
button on the toolbar, or by pressing CTRL+Y. For more information, including
sample searches, see Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center.
Product support
From the Support Contact Information page on our website, you can complete a form to send a question
to our Support team. To speak directly with a Support Representative, call (800) 968-0600, press 2 for
Product Support, and listen to the available options. Normal weekday support is available from 9:00 a.m.
to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For additional details (including extended support hours for tax season and
hours for other applications), visit the Support section of our website. You can also access the Support
section from within CSA by choosing Help > Additional Resources > General Support Information.
Website resources and email subscriptions
Visit our website to access the ARNE Community (an online user forum), to learn about training courses,
to view blogs and articles, and more. You can access the website from within CSA by choosing Help >
On the Web > CS Professional Suite Home Page.
We issue software update notices via email. You can sign up to receive these notices by visiting the My
Account section of our website. You’ll need to create a web account (if you don’t already have one) and
then sign up for the Email Subscription service where you can indicate which notices you want to receive.
Copyright 1998 - 2013 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7897
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