Selector Guide
RF/Microwave &
Microelectronic Solutions
Our reputation for designing and delivering today’s most challenging RF &
Microwave filters for both defense and commercial applications is unsurpassed.
Our engineers specialize in understanding your filter requirements and
customizing a solution that delivers superior performance in the smallest footprint.
Filter Type
Amplifiers &
Power Amplifiers
Space Filters & Multiplexers
Distributed Antenna Systems
Interference Mitigation Filters
Cavity, Ceramic
Lumped Element
Tubular, Coaxial
Suspended Substrates
RF & Microwave Amplifiers from API have a long
heritage in quality and design. From components
and modules, to complete amplifier subsystems,
API engineers will work with you on your design to
develop a custom or semi-custom solution utilizing
hybrid thick and thin film and SMT processes with
leading edge semiconductor technologies like GaN,
• High Power Broadband; Class A, Class AB; Linear; Operating frequencies to 26 GHz
• Pulsed Power
Pulsed, solid state power amplifier technology
1kw output power; ideal for TWT replacement
• High Frequency 4-50 GHz; no NRE charges on most designs
• High Linearity
Performance up to IP2 values of +120 dBm
• Small Signal Ultra low phase noise, high dynamic range &
spurious signal suppression
• Automatic Gain Control Anticipate power levels and adjust output power
• Amplifier Drivers & Gain Blocks Offer gain over frequency bands up to 26 GHz
• Filtered GPS LNA
Reduce out-of-band interference; achieve high dynamic range
Frequency Sources
API Technologies offers an extensive design library of low phase noise sources,
optimizing your overall design for superior performance and value.
• Synthesizers
Wide bandwidth; multiple step size; fast switching; low phase noise
• Affordable Surface Mount Synthesizers
Full octave designs; excellent phase noise performance;
a programmable EPROM; .800” square package
Frequency Conversion
• Comb Generators
Step recovery diode (SRD) generates very narrow voltage spikes
• Frequency Multipliers
Low signal degradation and multiple frequency options
• Dielectric/Coaxial Resonator Oscillators (DRO / CRO)
500 MHz to 21.5 GHz; modified standard;
units available in HF to Ku band
• Phase Locked Oscillators (PLO)
High reliability; excellent phase noise performance
• Surface Acoustical Wave (SAW) Oscillators
Low phase noise; excellent frequency stability;
rugged construction
• Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO)
Low phase noise; superior high selectivity
A world-class leader in the microelectronic vertically integrated solutions industry, API is your one-stop, full-service partner when
superior quality and high performance is a must. Our Microelectronics facilities are proudly certified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H & K.
RF/Microwave & mmW
Mixed Signal & Power
Thin Film & SAW Fab
MIL-PRF-38534 H & K
Optical Transceivers
MCMs & Hybrids
Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators
Chip on Board
Automated Pick & Place
Automated Wirebonding
DC to 50 GHz ATE
High Temperature
Void Free Solder Attach
Rad-Hard Power Conversion & Control
Positive & Negative Voltage Reference/Regulators
High Power Solid State Relays and Solid State latching Relays
Point of Load Switching Regulators
DC/DC Conversion
Data Converters
Passive Components
Active Components
API engineers specialize in many types of active RF components
including hybrid mixers, broadband/high isolation switches, RF
limiting amps, digital and voltage variable attenuators, temperature
compensated detectors, PIN diode drivers, A/D and D/A converters,
and operational amps.
• Mixers
Frequency ranges from 0.5 MHz to 26.5 GHz
• Switches
Includes PIN diode and GaAs frequencies up to 22 GHz
• Limiters
Protect from input overdrive and remove amplitude modulation
• Attenuators
Steps from 0.1 dB to 63.5 dB; frequency from 5 to 200 MHz
• Threshold & Power Detectors
Converts RF input powers to corresponding DC voltage
• PIN Diode Drivers
Inverting/non-inverting modes; positive/negative output currents
• A/D & D/A Converters
High stability and linearity; +5 volts or +15 volts
• Receiver Protection
S-Band, J-Band, 12-18 GHz; C-, X-, K-Band
• Diodes
Frequency Multiplier Diodes, Tuning Varactor Diodes,
PIN Diodes, MNS Chip Capacitors
API has the ability to develop various types of
passive RF components including: delay lines, low
loss and durable rotary joints, electromechanical
phase shifters, high-power handling couplers, and
high isolation power dividers.
• Power Dividers
High isolation; excellent phase balance &
amplitude tracking; low loss
• Delay Lines
BAW, SAW, Lumped Constant, Steel Dispersive
& Coaxial topologies; wide range of frequency
and delay
• Rotary Joints
Durable design for high speed and long life;
low loss
• Phase Shifters
DC to 50 GHz; commercial, military, and high
performance optical applications
• Combiners & Directional Couplers
Multi-octave broadband; power up to 1500 W; flatness as low as +/- 0.4 dB
• WIRELINE® and WIREPAC®, Couplers and Hybrids:
Frequency independent; quadrature output
phase; low VSWR; low insertion loss; high
directivity and freedom from intermodulation
Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)
API’s diverse Integrated Microwave Assemblies are ideal for the advanced solutions needed in today’s defense and commercial wireless systems including oscillator-based, filter-based, and signal conversion applications.
Switched Filter Banks
Switched Multiplexers
Filtered GPS LNAs
Wireless Filter Assemblies
Frequency Activity Detectors
IFMs and DFDs
Frequency Multipliers
Up/Down Converters
Receiver Front-Ends
Box Builds
Switchable Multi-Channel Amplifiers
Active Antenna
Array Solutions
API Technologies designs and develops Active Electronically
Scanned Array Solutions including a modular, scalable Active
Antenna Array Unit, as well as a variety of drop-in, ready to
integrate, high performance T/R modules including Quad and
Dual TRMs in X, C and S band configurations. These Active
Antenna Array Solutions provide the RF transmit and receive
functionality for the front end of transmission systems, and are
ideally suited for AESA, E-Scan, naval, airborne, ground-based,
vehicle-mounted, air traffic control radar applications, as well as
SATCOM on the move, tactical data link applications, and ground,
maritime and other missile defense program requirements.
• Scaleable Active Antenna Array Units
API’s Modular Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) is comprised
of stackable X-Band Quad T/R Module ‘common building
block’ units contained within a modular, line-replaceable plank
assembly for for scaleability and ease of integration and repair.
• Transmit Receive Modules
API’s Quad Transmit Receive Module, or QTRM, solutions for
radar applications offer a unique and innovative solution
to system integrators and prime contractors seeking a high
performance, high level transmit/receive solution for the
development of active antenna array systems and sub-systems.
Dual Transmit Receive configurations, as well as integrated
T/R assemblies are also available for a variety of phased array
From design through manufacturing and testing, API is the
leader in complete vertical integration of antennas. Our
advanced simulation techniques, in-house prototyping and
high volume manufacturing, enable us to deliver custom, or
off-the-shelf solutions to meet the unique requirements of
commercial, military, and space applications.
• Patch Antennas
1 GHz to 6 GHz; 13mm to 50mm square; Gain response from 0 to 3 dBi for half-power beamwidths of 1100; Gain at boresite (90o elevation) can exceed 6 dBi
• Planar Antennas
Custom linear and circularly polarized arrays; High gain up to 12 dBic in L- and S-Band
• Custom/Integrated Assemblies
150 MHz to 14 GHz; Active antenna assemblies with filter
and switching capabilities; GPS, RFID, meter reading, asset
tracking, and point-to-point communications
Configurable Product Solutions
User-Defined Modifications to Existing Standard Designs
API’s configurable products provide a major advantage through the reduction of up-front engineering and development time, resulting in cost savings, shorter lead times, and faster time to market.
High Frequency Amplifiers
Small Signal Amplifiers
Surface Mount Synthesizers
Threshold Detectors
RF Limiters
Switched Filter Banks
Filtered GPS LNAs
Featured Markets
By utilizing advanced technologies and multiple disciplines, API provides rugged, reliable and
efficient systems, subsystems, and components for use in the most critical defense and military
applications, supporting government programs throughout the world. Our standard, configurable
and custom-designed high-rel amplifier, IMAs, frequency sources and RF components are
designed to address the most challenging current and emerging defense requirements.
Electronic Warfare
Ground and Air Communications
Broadband Jamming
Missile Defense
Military Aircraft
Manpack & Vehicular Radios
Wireless Base Stations
API has a rich program heritage of being a leading supplier of some of the most advanced
and sophisticated RF, microwave and microelectronic space solutions. Designed to withstand
the most extreme of environments and conditions in space, these product solutions include
microelectronics and rad-hard power conversion and control components as well as filters,
multiplexers, oscillators and amplifiers.
• Deep Space
• Scientific Missions
• Satellite Communications
• Launch & Reentry Vehicles
• Microelectronic Assemblies for Space
API Technologies has unparalleled engineering and industry expertise in the commercial
aerospace, high temperature electronics for oil & gas, and wireless communications markets. With
a rich legacy in the design and manufacture of high performance filter products for the wireless
telecom industry, API is a leader in the co-site interference mitigation arena. With a specialization
in integrated thick film ceramic hybrid and multi-chip modules, API provides ideal packaging
solutions for high performance aerospace electronics.
Commercial Aerospace & Aircraft
Air Traffic Control Radar
Wireless Site Development
Co-Site Interference Mitigation
Point-to-Point Communications
Wireless Connectivity & Capacity Solutions
Oil & Gas
High Temperature
High Reliability Industrial
Healthcare & Medical Devices
Test & Instrumentation
Public Safety
Capabilities & Certifications
With state-of-art facilities in the US and Europe, API helps customers design and manufacture components for the most complex RF,
microwave and mmW applications. Our highly trained engineers and expansive vertical integration, combined with state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities and testing, ensure superior performance and projects that are completed on-time and on-budget. API’s
careful adherence to ISO controlled standard processes guarantees that from conception to design development and into production
and final inspection that an API team member is providing the proper oversight and monitoring at each stage in the process.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Fluxless Soldering
Automated PCB
Automated Element Attach
Die Bonding
Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC)
Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit (GMIC)
Ultra High Temp (225°C and above)
Void-free die attach process
Braised waveguide splitter/combiner structures
In-house Laser Sealing for Hermetic and Environmental Integrity
In-house Thin & Thick Film
Precision Hybrid & MIC
Automated SMT & CCA
In-house SAW Fab
Precision Machining
Comprehensive Metal Works
All Manufacturing Facilities Certified to ISO 9001:2008
Six Certified AS9100 Facilities
ANSI 20.20 Compliant Facilities
Department of State ITAR Compliant
Cleared Facilities & Personnel
Six Sigma Greenbelts
Hybrid Lab certified MIL-PRF-38534 (Class H and K)
QPL MIL-PRF-15733 & MIL-PRF-28861 (Selected Products)
MIL-STD 790 (DSCC), MIL-STD 1553 (Data Bus), MIL-STD 883
(Hybrid), MIL-STD 202 (Passive), MIL-STD-810 (Systems), MIL-STD 461 A/B/C/D/E (EMC), MIL-STD 1399 Surge (EMC)
Solder/Assembly J-STD-001 Class 3 and IPC-A-610
NEBS Approved (Selected Products)
RoHS Compliant (Selected Products)
API Technologies Corp. is a trusted provider of RF, microwave, microelectronics, and security solutions for high-reliability applications.
The company designs, develops, and manufactures electronic components, modules, systems and products for technically
demanding defense, commercial/industrial and aerospace applications. API Technologies’ customers include many leading Fortune
500 companies, as well as a majority of NATO governments. While API was founded in 1981, our heritage brands have served the
demanding, hi-rel marketplace for more than 60 years. API Technologies trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol ATNY.
RF, Microwave & Microelectronics
API Technologies Corp.
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