E-Unit Lockout #517
lockout switch
Item #517
Lockout Switch assembly is prewired and insulated with
appropriate heat shrink tubing. Lockout switch will lock
any DALLEE E-Unit into the Forward or Neutral position.
The switch will prevent the E-Unit from sequencing
beyond the startup position. If you have forward as your
startup position, then with the switch engaged the E-Unit
will start in forward. Likewise, if the startup is set for
Neutral, then you will stay in Neutral. When the switch is
set off, you will sequence as normal.
Mount the switch in an appropriate location that allows the
end connector to reach the existing E-Unit's "LOCK"
connector. Drill a 7/32" hole. Using both nuts with the
locking washer, mount the switch. Plug the connector into
the "LOCK" socket on the E-Unit board. Refer to your
E-Unit instructions for this location (usually in the top left
of the E-Unit board). Be sure not to puncture or pinch
either of these wires or the insulation around the switch.
Doing so could damage the E-Unit.
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