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A7LA50D Mini 0803 Dashcam
User’s Manual For Portable Car Video Recorder
Please Read This Manual Carefully Before Using The new 0803.
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General precautions
· Do not expose this product to dusty, dirty or sandy areas to reduce the risk of damaging components.
· Do not expose the recorder to high temperature. High temperature may shorten the life span of electronic
device, damage the battery and wind or melt specific plastic parts.
· Do not situate the recorder under cold environment. When the product is preheated to its correct
temperature, there will be moisture inside and damage the circuit.
· Do not try to disassemble or repair by yourself. Doing so may lead to electric shock from the internal
high-pressure components.
· Do not drop or punch the recorder. Otherwise the internal components will be damaged.
· Do not clean the recorder with chemicals, cleaning solution or high concentration detergent. Please wipe it
with slightly damp soft cloth.
Send the recorder or any other accessories to the professional service center for maintenance when they
do not work well.
Operational condition
· According to the design, the camcorder should be operated within the temperature range from 0 degree to
40 degree(32℉to 104℉)
· Do not operate or expose the camcorder under following condition:
—Direct sunlight area
—High temperature or dusty area
—Near air conditioner or heaters or any other extreme temperature area
—In a closure car, especially parking in direct sunlight
—Violent vibration area
1 Brief Introduction of the 0803.
The features and functions are introduced in this chapter. In addition, PC system requirement, list of items and description of
the hardware components are included.
1.1 PC System Requirements
The PC system needs to meet the following requirements:
· Windows XP/win7 operating system
· Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz CPU or above(recommended 3GHz)
· At least 512 MB RAM or above(recommended 1GB)
· Standard USB2.0 port or above
· At least 64MB video card or above
1.2 Recorder appearance and feature icons
1. GPS tracker box also bracket ,3M sticker put here and then stick to car front window.
If no GPS ,it is as a bracket only,
2.Micro USB port
3. AV port
4.Up button/menu/mute hot button
5. OK
6. Down /SOS button
7. Light indicator
9.USB (working only when with GPS tracker box)
10. Power on/off/reset (Long press it as reset button)
11.HDMI port
12.Micro SD Card slot
Read this chapter to know how to operate the recorder.
2.1 Inserting a TF card (Micro SD Card)
Inserting a TF card into the recorder provides more space to store videos, images or other files.
Please use high-speed TF card meeting the specification of TFHC.(CLASS 4 or 6, Class 10 may cause some problem because
the speed of card is too fast, it is better not to use class 10 card )
2.2 Turning on your recorder
Press Power button to turn ON/ OFF the power. Or connect to the car charger , it will turn on when the car start .
2.3 Take a picture
Taking a still picture
1. On recording , Long press "OK" button and take a picture
2. On stand by ,Long press "OK" button and take a picture
2.4 Reviewing the pictures
1. Long press "Down" button and into Movie reviewing ,then long press "Down" button again and then you can review
the pictures.
2.Then long press "up" button you can do something setting about the pictures: delete file/ protect file/auto play/copy to
another card/ choose card
3. Press "OK" button to confirm.
4. Long press "Down" button to back to other mode
2.5 Before using
Before using the recorder, it is necessary to do some basic settings such as Date and Time, Language etc
Setting Date and Time
Power on the camcorder. Press Menu (Long press up button) ,then press up and down button to choose Date and
Time and press OK button to confirm .
2.5.2 Setting Language
Power on the camcorder. Press Menu (Long press up button ) ,then press up and down button to choose language and
press OK button to confirm .
2.5.3 Loop setting
1. On off mode,
a.The device cannot record automatically and cannot record by recycled .
b.Maximum length of each recorded video file is 3.66G. When it reaches the maximum, the recording is automatically split and saved as
another file.
c. if the space is full, the previous files will not be deleted; when card is full , will show"card full " and can not continue record
2.When the loop setting mode is "1 min","3min",5min"
a. Power on , the device will record automatically
b.if the space is full, the previous saved file will be automatically cover and overwrite.
2.5.4 Setting other features
Read this chapter to know how to configure the setup and fine-tune the functions
Power on the recorder. Press Menu (Long time press up button ) ,then press up and down button to choose the icons and
press OK button to confirm .Press down
1.Video resolution :1296P30,1080P30 ,720P30
3.Flicker :50/60Hz
Use this function to set the flicker frequency in your area.
4.Lens: wide angle 135 degree+6G
5.White Balance
This item is for correction in different colors under different light conditions. When the white balance is set as Auto, the
camcorder compensates different light conditions automatically.
6.LDWS detect: on/off
7.LDWS calibration
8. TV type :NTSC/PAL
9.AUTO power off
10..Date time display: Date time/off/date/time
11.Motion detect: off/on
13. Power off screen : off/1minutes/3 minutes/5minutes
14. Video recorder mode: Video+audio/video
15. G-sensor precision: 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G/4.5G/CLOSE
16. Velocity Unit: MPH/KPH
17. USB Mode: Mass storage/USB camera
18. Choose card : Inner card/outter card (this function is optional )
19. Language :English/Russian/Chinese
20. Default setting : Yes/No
This function will restore all the settings to the factory defaults.
21. Format: Yes/no
22.Use this function to Format the storage medium. Note that all the data stored in the medium will be deleted.
23.Firmware version
2.5.5 Stamp :Date time/time /date/car/driver number/off
a.When you choose date time and car ,then driver number can not not show ,it is not enough space.
Under car mode ,it will display the location latitude and longitude after connect to GPS
b.When you choose date time and driver number , then GPS information can not show , it is not enough space.
C. Driver number is 9 character driver number, license plate
2.5.6 GPS: Open/close
GPS tracking ( effective with GPS-IN function) For the model with GPS ,If NO GPS ,NO this function
1. Plug in the GPS module to the DVR, satellite searching will be start automatically .
2. When GPS signal is located,
will be showed on the display .
3. When taking picture in Camera mode , location will be recorded automatically .
2.6 Review/playing your video files
1. Long press "Down" button and into Movie reviewing to display the latest video files on the LCD screen .
2.Then long press "up" button you can do something setting about the video: delete file/ protect file/auto play/copy to
another card/ choose card
3. Press "OK" button to confirm.
4. Long press "Down" button twice to get back to other mode
2.7 Connecting PC
Connect the DVR to computer with USB cable included. (Effective under recording settings off)
2.8 Connecting the DVR to Standard TV .(Effective with AV-OUT function)
Connect your recorder and Standard TV via Accessory AV cables.
2.9 Connecting the DVR to HDTV
When connecting to HDTV, you can use high resolution to display video files or pictures.
Use HDMI cable to connect the camcorder video or audio signal to HDTV.
When connected to HDTV, shuttering, recording and taping are not available!
3.0 Recording Mode
This mode is for recording a video or tacking picture file. The files are saved into TF card.
3.1 Some icons meaning
Record Mode:
About the indication of each icon and symbol, see the table below.
Video Mode
TF Card
Car speed monitor after
GPS searched satellite .
Motion Detection
White Balance Auto, Tungsten,
Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy indictor .
Super HD
Date and Time
Segmented loop recording
3.2 Playback mode
Using Play back mode to display all the video files saved in the DVR .
About the indication of each icon and symbol, see the table below
Playback time
3.3 USB mode
You can use USB mode to connect with the host PC.( (Effective under recording settings off) )
When the recorder is connected with the host PC, it appears as a removable disk in the Windows explorer.
4.1 When reviewing the video,
1. Long press "Down" button and into Movie reviewing to display the latest video files on the LCD screen .
2.Then long press "up" button you can move to protect file button then setup protect one file or all ,etc .The file with
are protected.
3. Press "OK" button to confirm.
4. Long press "Down" button twice to get back to other mode
Attention:To unlock the files, repeat the steps above. After being unlocked, no files are with
setting ,the previous file is not protected ,protects only the last cycle recorded file .
.;under Loop record
4.2 When recording (SOS)
Press down button and the current file will be save and lock and can not be deleted.
4.3 When you copy the video to another memory , The copied file will be locked .
Image Sensor
Ambarella , A7L50D
135 Wide angle
External memory
Internal memory
Built-in TF card (up to 32 G)
Still images
Format:H.264 (MOV)
Resolution:2304x1080 30fps ,1944×1080 30fps、1920×1080 30fps、
1280×720 30fps、
Built-in microphone/ speaker
White Balance
Fill light
Time ,date
On/off , date and time watermarking function
HDMI HD Audio-Video output
PC Interface
AV Output Format
Built-in Lithium ion battery
Possible reasons
The camcorder is suddenly
turned off
Auto Off Function is On.
Low battery
·Turn on again the recorder
Charge battery
Captured images are not
saved into memory
Power is off before the
images are saved.
Memory card cannot be used
Memory card is protected.
Memory card contains
non-DCF images from
other cameras.
·Unlock the memory card.
·Format the memory card. Before formatting, make
sure to backup files first.
All the buttons are invalid.
connecting camcorder with
other equipment.
Long press the power button
Charge battery
Light indicator
Red ,charging
blue ,stand by
Blue flashing recording (Blue Flashing with red “looks purple” is Recording & charging together).
Recorder Parts
Quantity (PCS)
Car Adapter (Output: 5V)
USB cable
3M sticker
Car Fixed Bracket
User Manual
NOTE: Alterations reserved.
About the Manual
We have tried our best to make sure that what in this manual is right and updated. However, we cannot guarantee that all the
content is correct without any errors. If there is a difference between the manual and recorder, please take the recorder as
standard. We keep the right to change content or technical regulations without informing you beforehand. In addition, the
manufacturer keeps the right to change technical specification without informing you beforehand.
If the accessories are different from the ones inside the actual product, please take the actual product as standard.
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