Canon | VC 20 | CoverVIEW for Canon VC-C50i Manual application/pdf

CoverVIEW for Canon VC-C50i Manual application/pdf
Installation and User Guide
Camera and Electronic Products for Integrators
Contemporary In-Wall Camera Enclosure
For Sony® and Canon® PTZ Cameras
The Vaddio CoverVIEW is a simple and attractive way to install PTZ
cameras into a wall cavity. The system is comprised of two parts: a metal
backbox and a curved ABS plastic bezel with acrylic lens. The backbox
has conduit knockouts on all sides and mounting flanges on both sides.
An adjustable tripod screw slot on the bottom of the box allows for
fastening the PTZ camera securely to the metal back box. The
CoverVIEW enclosures fit the Sony EVI-D100, Vaddio WallVIEW 100
PTZ System, Canon VC-C50i and the Vaddio WallVIEW 50i PTZ
System. The CoverVIEW for the Sony EVI-D100 and the Vaddio
WallVIEW 100 PTZ System is available in black or white plastic bezels.
The CoverVIEW for the Canon VC-C50i and the Vaddio WallVIEW 50i
PTZ System is only available in black (Figure 1)
Figure 1:
Above - CoverVIEW in Black,
Below - CoverVIEW in White
Backbox is black and trim pieces are gray
standard. All plastic pieces (except for
the camera) are paintable to match
interior décor*.
Carefully remove all parts from the packaging. Unpack and identify the following parts:
One (1) - CoverVIEW ABS plastic bezel with attached acrylic lens
– Black bezel for Sony EVI-D100 or WallVIEW 100 PTZ System, Part # 999-2221-000
– White bezel for Sony EVI-D100 or WallVIEW 100 PTZ System, Part # 999-2221-001
– Black bezel for Canon VC-C50i or WallVIEW 50i PTZ System, Part # 999-2224-000
• Two (2) - Snap on trim panels (gray only)*
• One (1) - Metal backbox (black only)*
• One (1) - Bezel mounting template
• One (1) - Backbox mounting template
• One (1) - Assorted mounting hardware
ƒ One (1) - ¼”-20 x ¼” screw for camera mounting
ƒ Four (4) - ¼” x 2” long screws and four (4) toggle bolts
ƒ Four (4) - 3/16” conical wall anchors with four (4) - 1” sheet metal screws
*All plastic pieces (except for the camera) are paintable to match interior décor.
The CoverVIEW is intended for installation into finished drywall and does not require a rough-in kit or partial
pre-installation. The cabling can be pre-wired or cabled at the time of installation and is strictly a function of
integrator or customer preference, not a product requirement.
Drywall Mounting
Marking and cutting the drywall is probably the most challenging part of the CoverVIEW installation. Behind
any stud wall, the studs are either 16” or 24” on center and are either wood or metal. The CoverVIEW will fit
between either stud configurations.
The following steps should be followed for best installation results:
1. Determine the position of the camera. Consider camera height, viewing angles and distances from the
subject matter, sight lines, possible temporary obstructions (audience member heads) and the PTZ
specifications of the camera.
2. Determine the locations of the studs behind the drywall. Ensure that there are NO obstructions such as
horizontal studs behind the drywall and verify that there are NO utilities (electrical, gas, water, phone or
data) in this drywall area between the studs.
CoverVIEW Installation and User Guide - Document 341-465 RevA, Page 1 of 4
Camera Backbox Installation
1. With the supplied mounting template measure and mark the rough wall opening and verify that the
template is level. Verify positioning of camera before cutting the drywall.
2. Carefully cut the opening in the drywall (or direct qualified drywall installer to cut the opening).
3. Carefully slide the camera backbox into the wall opening, and with mounting flanges against the wall,
mark the four mounting screw locations while leveling the backbox.
4. Carefully remove camera backbox from hole and drill the four 5/8” holes marked on the template.**
5. Route the cabling for the PTZ camera into the wall opening and determine which one of the three conduit
knockouts to use on the sides or top of the backbox and remove it.
6. Place the camera assembly in the backbox over the slot in the bottom of the box. Using the ¼”-20 x ¼”
screw, attach the camera assembly to the backbox. Gently slide camera assembly as far back into the
backbox as possible and then tighten the screw securely.
7. Using the four (4) - 1/4” x 2” long supplied screws and toggles, insert the screws through the front of the
mounting holes on the mounting flanges and secure toggles to the rear turning two or three turns.
8. Carefully insert backbox into mounting hole pressing the toggles completely into the wall.
9. Tighten the four mounting screws securely while checking the backbox for level.
**Alternate Installation Note: Standard EzAnchors® or spiral type drywall anchors can be used instead
of the toggle bolts if preferred. EzAnchors and screws are not included.
Bezel Installation
1. The acrylic lens is attached to the bezel at the factory and the protective film is scored to help with
removal. Taking care to avoid scratching the acrylic lens, peel off the protective film (Figure 2).
2. Center the bezel mounting template over the installed camera backbox. NOTE: Be sure to position the
TOP of the template over the TOP of the backbox and center the bezel to cover the entire backbox.
3. Check the template and make sure the template is level, then mark the four mounting holes.
4. Remove the template and drill four (4) - 3/16” holes as marked.
5. Carefully tap the four conical anchors into the wall until fully seated.
6. Install the bezel using the four (4) - 1” long sheet metal screws supplied in the hardware bag.
7. Snap trim panels into place on either side of the bezel, tabs inward toward the middle.
Figure 2:
Back of bezel – Peel back the
protective film, carefully, taking care to
avoid scratching the acrylic lens. The
film is scored for easy removal.
Protective film is scored
top and bottom on front
and back of acrylic lens.
The CoverVIEW Cover is available for the Sony EVI-D100 and the Canon VC-C50i PTZ Cameras. Listed below are the specifications
for each product. Vaddio WallVIEW 100 PTZ and WallVIEW 50i PTZ kits using the Vaddio EZCamera Cabling System (EZCamera
Cabling Shoe, Quick-Connect Box for video power and control over Cat. 5 cabling) are also sized to fit perfectly in the CoverVIEW
Cover/Enclosure Materials
Cover/Enclosure Dimensions
Cover/Enclosure Weight
Backbox Materials
Backbox Dimensions Sony:
Backbox Dimensions Canon:
Backbox Weight
Backbox Cutout Sony:
Backbox Cutout Canon:
Backbox Install Hardware
Bezel Install Hardware
ABS/Acrylic Plastics
Depth – 4”; Width – 14 1/4”; Height – 8 1/2”
Painted Metal (black paint only)
Depth – 4”/10.16cm; Width – 6 1/4”/15.88cm; Height – 6 1/4”/15.88cm
Depth – 4”/10.16cm; Width – 6 1/4”/15.88; Height – 5 5/8”/16.83cm
6 3/8”/16.19cm x 6 3/8”16.19cm
6 3/8”/16.19cm x 5 3/4”/14.6cm
(4) Bolts and Toggles; (1) Seal-tight Cable Grommet, 1-1/4”-20 x ½” screw
(4) Conical wall anchors and (4) 1” sheet metal screws
*CoverVIEW Enclosures for Sony EVI-D100 is available in black or white.
**CoverVIEW Enclosures for Canon VC-C50i is available in black only.
CoverVIEW Installation and User Guide, Document 341-465 RevA, Page 2 of 4
Please read the entire manual thoroughly. The CoverVIEW was designed, built and tested for indoor use only.
Care and Cleaning
• Keep this product away from food and liquid.
• To clean the exterior, wipe with a lint free, non-abrasive damp cloth. Do not use abrasive chemicals.
Operating and Storage Conditions
Do not store or operate this device under the following conditions:
• A temperature above 104˚F (40˚C) or below 32˚F (0˚C)
• Environments with high humidity
• Dusty environments
• In inclement weather
• Under severe vibration
The information contained in this manual will help you install your CoverVIEW. If these instructions are misplaced, Vaddio keeps copies
of Specifications, Installation and User Guides and most pertinent product drawings for the Vaddio product line on the website. These
documents can be downloaded from free of charge.
Hardware* Warranty - One year limited warranty on all parts. Vaddio warrants this product against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one year from the day of purchase if Vaddio receives notice of such defects during the warranty. They will,
at its option, repair or replace products that prove to be defective. See Warranty and RMA Policy documentation on the Vaddio website
Exclusions - The above warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from: improper or inadequate maintenance by the customer,
customers applied software or interfacing, unauthorized modifications or misuse, operation outside the normal environmental
specifications for the product, use of the incorrect power supply, or improper site operation and maintenance.
Vaddio Customer service – Vaddio will test, repair, or replace the product or products without charge if the unit is under warranty. If
the product is out of warranty, Vaddio will test then repair the product or products. The cost of parts and labor charge will be estimated
by a technician and confirmed by the customer prior to repair. All components must be returned for testing as a complete unit. Vaddio
will not accept responsibility for shipment after it has left the premises.
Vaddio Technical support - Vaddio technicians will determine and discuss with the customer the criteria for repair costs and/or
Vaddio Technical Support can be contacted through one of the following resources:
e-mail support at or online at
Return Material Authorization (RMA) number - Before returning a product for repair or replacement request an RMA from Vaddio’s
technical support. Provide a technician with a return phone number, e-mail address, shipping address, and product serial numbers.
Describe the reason for repairs or returns as well as the date of purchase. Include your assigned RMA number in all correspondence
with Vaddio. Write your assigned RMA number on the outside of the box when returning the product.
Voided warranty – The warranty does not apply if the original serial number has been removed or if the product has been
disassembled or damaged through misuse, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repair.
Shipping and handling - Vaddio will not pay for inbound shipping transportation or insurance charges or accept any responsibility for
laws and ordinances from inbound transit. Vaddio will pay for outbound shipping, transportation, and insurance charges all items under
warranty but will not assume responsibility for loss and/or damage by the outbound freight carrier.
If the return shipment appears damaged, retain the original boxes and packing material for inspection by the carrier.
Contact your carrier immediately.
Products not under warranty - Payment arrangements are required before outbound shipment for all out of warranty products.
*Vaddio manufactures its hardware products from parts and components that are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry standard practices.
CoverVIEW Installation and User Guide, Document 341-465 RevA, Page 3 of 4
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Ⓒ2006 Vaddio - CoverVIEW - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Specifications
and pricing are subject to change without notice. Vaddio, WallVIEW, EZCamera and CoverVIEW are trademarks of Vaddio. All other
trademarks are property of their respective owners. Document 341-465 RevA.
CoverVIEW Installation and User Guide, Document 341-465RevA, Page 4 of 4
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