Faith Church
Faith Senior Living Development, Lafayette, IN
Specifications and Information Proposal for Single Family Units
3, one family dwelling unit, plans, Class 2 structures, compliant with Indiana Residential Code
Homes referred to as ‘Units’
Unit #1—1455 square feet living, 105 square feet porches, 351 square feet garage
Unit #2—1345 square feet living, 57 square feet porches, 366 square feet garage
Unit #3—1493 square feet living, 35 square feet porches, 356 square feet garage
Conventional wood construction with brick and vinyl cladding
 Stake lot as required one time only and provide site plan for permitting
 One water and sewer line per building from taps provided on lot to inside the foundation
 Fill material provided to encase the lines and backfill with soil
 All taps provided by owner shall NOT be under driveways
 Excavation, backfill, rough grade for slab foundations
 8” block walls, 2 courses with 12”x24” trench footing below frost
 Pea fill, insulation and vapor barrier as required with 4” concrete slab
 Dirt spoils to remain on site for backfill and grading
 2x4 treated plate with sill seal barrier
 Cure and seal applied to garage and porch floors
 Provide level entry from garage to house at garage entry door
 Lot 6 and 8 which can only have Unit #2 may not be able to have the 8x8 patio, once Units are
complete the walk off surface will be determined and appropriate type determined
 Lot 7 will require a different walk off surface if Unit #2 is chosen and this will be determined
when unit is complete
Concrete Flatwork Allowances ($3.25 per square foot)
 All drives per unit 11’ x 25’
 Private walks per unit 4’ x 25’ (Unit #2 only 15’)
 Public walks per unit 4’ x 62’
 Unit #2 8’ x 8’ rear patio
 No flatwork at rear door of Unit #1 and #3, will determine once Units are built as to what walk
off surface there will be
Lumber Package
 2x4 on all exterior walls unless otherwise noted
 All studs 16” on center, 9’ walls
All exterior walls are bid with 7/16” OSB and house wrap
Engineered roof trusses
7/16” OSB for roof decking
(2) 2 x 12 headers for openings that are load bearing
LVL at garage and porch headers
Provide vaulted ceilings at kitchen/dining/living areas, Unit 2 will now be gable end roof
Exterior Windows/Doors
 Windsor vinyl, single hung with screens and grids per plan with brick molding trim, tan color
 Low E Argon filled
 Therma Tru exterior doors, smooth star fiberglass door panels
 Front door will be 3/0 6 panel with 1-12” sidelight and 1-12” transom, nickel hinges and entry
 Rear door with 4 seasons rooms will be 3/0 full light glass, nickel hinges and entry knob
 Unit #2 has 5/0 Windsor vinyl sliding patio door
Garage Doors
 All units bid with 9’ wide door
 9’ x 7’ CHI, 27 gauge steel interior and exterior skins
 Raised panel
 Liftmaster opener with one remote, chain drive
 One keypad entry
Siding/Soffit/Exterior Trim
 Vinyl soffit, aluminum fascia, aluminum drip edge
 Vinyl siding .044 panel, Georgia Pacific product
 All vinyl corners at sides and rear
 Smart Trim at porch beams, garage door wraps and brick corner trims, painted
 8” Real Trim composite posts for porches, painted
Interior Finishes
 Solid core 2 panel pre hung doors with 2-3/4” casing, smooth finish paint grade
 4-1/4” base, paint grade
 Built ins sides of fireplace, 4’x8’ placement per plan, book shelf only units, painted
 Mantel provided paint finish
 Brushed nickel door accessories
 Polished chrome bath accessories
 Plate glass mirrors at vanities, 31”x36”
 White vinyl coated wire shelving, single shelf and rod at all closets
 Provide handicap grab bars at master bath shower and toilet, 3 total (2 independent—18” and 36”
and 1 that is part of the plumbing fixture—slide bar of handheld shower head)
 Wood wrap all windows and picture frame casing on faces, no stools
 Provide raised panel doors at lower 30” of built ins
 Garage to house door will have a handicap threshold
Master bath vanities will be an ADA accessible style laminate casework unit with finished front
cover for plumbing pipes, not part of the cabinet package or same as cabinet finish
Unit #1 will still have the drawer base next to the ADA vanity
Unit #2 and #3 will have medicine cabinets at the master bath only on sidewall above the ADA
Each hall bath of each Unit will have blocking for future grabs
Each window will have blocking for window treatments (window treatments supplied and
installed by others)
No shower doors or shower curtains are provided
 36” White Mountain Hearth, Tahoe Deluxe model
 Unit #1 and #3 thru venting out roof with metal flue
 Unit #2 direct vent side wall of unit
 Flush tile hearth and 12” wide tile surround, wood mantel
 30 year dimensional shingle, GAF, color weather wood
 Ridge vent
 Ice and water shield in valleys
Plumbing (white stools and fiberglass units/chrome fixtures)
 5’ tub/shower unit for hall bath, white, fiberglass
 5’ shower stall in master bath will be zero entry/no threshold tile shower, floor and walls
 Delta T13H333 handheld sprayer with ADA handicap slide bar for master shower
 Delta 13420 polished chrome shower faucet for hall bath
 Delta 520 polished chrome vanity faucets
 Gerber 21-418 ADA height water closets, white
 Rough in for washer and ice maker
 Karran U-550 stainless steel sink (provided by granite top supplier) double bowl with Delta 467
polished chrome faucet and garbage disposal
 2 exterior hose bibs
 State 50 gallon gas water heater
 Rough in for water softener hook ups
Heating, Ventilating and Cooling
 Bryant 95% efficient gas furnace
 Bryant 2.5 ton, 13 SEER Puron A/C
 Gas to fireplace, furnace and water heater
 Programmable thermostat
 Returns in all rooms
 All returns and supplies in attic space
 No venting of over range microwave
 Exhaust fans in bathrooms as required vented thru roof
Overhead supplies and returns, no HVAC under slab
Gas line to range
 Layout per plan, white cover plates for switches and outlets
 200 amp service
 Smoke detectors in bedrooms and kitchen only
 3 TV and 3 phone hook ups ran to garage at Wintek provided box
 Conduit/sleeve from exterior to interior for Wintek service
 ADA accessible heights for outlets and switches
Irrigation and Lighting
 Kichler LED for exterior lighting would include 2 up lights at house front, 1 up light at yard tree
and 3 sidewalk lights
 Rain Bird irrigation system to cover our proposed sod'd areas with rain sensor and backflow
preventer using domestic water at house, no separate meter
 R-13 in exterior walls
 R-38 cellulose blown in attics
 ¾” skim coat closed cell foam on exterior walls of house and garage to house separation wall
 5/8” for ceilings, textured finish
 ½” for walls
 Smooth, level 3 finish on walls
 Dal Tile, Brixton, color Bone surround for fireplace 1’ face, flush hearth, 2’ depth out from face
with 45 degree corners and brushed nickel Schluter edge trim
 Engineered hardwood, Mohawk, Forest Oaks WE36, 3”wide planks, 25 year warranty, locations
per plan
 Dal Tile at bathrooms and washer and dryer areas to be Dal Tile, Brixton, color Bone
 Dal Tile at master shower floor and walls, no threshold entry, Dal Tile, Brixton, color Bone
 Shaw smart strand, Source, lifetime stain and soil warranty
 4 seasons room tile will be installed on point
 Whirlpool appliance package, stainless steel
 Refrigerator—WRS325FDAM
 Range—WFE540H0AS
 Over range micro—WMH31017AS
 Dishwasher—WDF310PAAS
 Ice maker on refrigerator
 Kountry Wood Cabinetry, maple, brushed nickel pulls, Group ‘B’ style doors
Crown molding at kitchen wall cabinets
Back sides of islands and peninsulas will have finish plywood to match cabinets
Granite tops at kitchen
Granite style finish on cultured tops for vanities
Wood drawer boxes with soft close glides at kitchen cabinets
ADA style vanity at all master baths, not from cabinet supplier, will be a laminate unit
Unit 2 and 3 will have medicine cabinets in master baths at side wall provided by same cabinet
supplier to match cabinets
Kitchen tops to all have round edges at corners, radius corners
Karran U-550 stainless steel sink provided by granite top provider, under mount
Hall bath vanities to have drawers
 1 yard tree, 1 street tree, 5 shrubs and 9 perennials per Unit
 Sod front, sides and rear (rear to be 25’ out from house)
 Sides at end of row to be 10’ out from house
 1 coat primer and 2 coats eggshell finish on walls
 Trim primed and painted semi gloss
 1 color for trim
 2 color selections for walls only
 5” seamless with 2x3 downspouts
Brick and EIFS (synthetic stucco)
 $475 per thousand allowance for brick material
 Limestone quoins per plan
 STO EIFS finish per plans with Dens Glas sheathing for backer at EIFS
Light Fixtures
 Unit #1--$1,384.00 allowance
 Unit #2--$1,112.00 allowance
 Unit #3--$1,349.00 allowance
 Front porch, Maxim 1020RP, 2-60w lamps, Rust finish,
 Halls, Maxim 5841MRSN, 2-60w lamps, nickel with faux alabaster glass
 Entry, Maxim 5843MRSN, 2-100w lamps, nickel with faux alabaster glass
 Master bath, 2689MRSN, 4-100w lamps, nickel with faux alabaster glass,
 Garage coach lights and back patio, Maxim 1066rp, 1-100w lamp, bronze with seeded glass
 Hall bath, Maxim 2687MRSN, 2-100w lamps, nickel with faux alabaster glass
 Kitchen Sink, Maxim 5880WTSN, 2-60w lamps, nickel rim with white glass
Dining, Maxim 2697MRSN, 3-100w lamps, nickel with faux alabaster glass
Garage interior, Maxim 87522WT, 4-f32t8 lamps, white with acrylic lens
Pendants, Maxim 91064MRSN, 1-100w lamp, nickel with faux alabaster glass
Interior fans, Regency PFLK41-SS, 3-60w lamps, 52” nickel motor silver/oak blades, Light
Kit, LK90W-AW, white glass
General Information
 Design consult fees included for providing 2 interior selection boards and 2 exterior selection
boards for clients to choose from
 All work completed to Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards
 All work completed in a professional and fine workmanship manner
 All work completed to applicable local and state codes
 Price was developed from plans provided by Faith Church drawn by CG Visions all dated
2/28/2014 and specifications contained herein with final revisions on 7/25/2014
 No construction loan financing, closing costs or carrying interest has been figured
 All changes by change order signed by signers of this same proposal.
 Change orders will have an initial fee of $200 plus the cost of said change with a 20% surcharge
on the work of the change. Labor rates are $60 per hour per man for a carpenter/skilled trades
(plumb, mech, elect) and $45 per hour per man for a laborer of any trade.
 Builder has figured to carry all builders risk insurance necessary
 Builder carries workers comp, general liability and umbrella with Consolidated Insurance and
can name owners as additional insured at no additional charge
 Builder has figured for setting temporary power poles for construction at owner supplied utilities
at building pads
 Builder has figured for construction plans as necessary for permitting and construction and they
are included in the cost
 Builder has provided for all specification documenting and providing ‘as built plans’ from unit
to unit and all copying and reporting as necessary from unit to unit for owner to be provided with
an ‘owners operations and maintenance manual’ so that it can passed on to the end user.
 Builder provides standard warranty as demanded by Indiana State Statute. 2 years on
workmanship, 2 years on mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (outside of equipment,
fixtures and appliance manufacturer warranties), 4 years for roof and roof systems, 10 years for
 Project is priced sales tax exempt
 Streets and curbs will be in place prior to construction of homes
 Water and sewer mains will be in place prior to construction and taps will be provided to each
building pad or taps can be made by builder without having to cross streets
 All building pads will be built up and compacted to site plan elevations
 Electric services will be in place prior to construction with services or transformers accessible to
each building pad for builder to use for temporary power
 Owner as considered for purposes of the work and this proposal will be ‘Faith Church’.
Builder has assumed to work with one representative of Faith Church for all communications of
specifications, construction and scheduling
Completion will be considered that time when Certificate of Occupancy has been received AND
the owner ‘walk thru punch list’ is completed. Owner will take ‘ownership’ on this date.
All soil spoils not needed for backfill and grading will be left on site and placed as directed by
Wintek conduits under streets and up to building pads will be in place
Gas service will be on both sides of street and installed to pads by utility or Faith
Water meter pits and meter will be installed and all tap fees for sewer and water will have been
paid by Faith
 No soil testing has been bid
 No structural engineering has been bid
 No winterization has been figured for foundation, brick, drywall or concrete work
 Participations fees if applicable by municipality or utility company for bringing utility services
to development
 Permanent dewatering for gutters/downspouts(drain tile)
 Temporary dewatering of building pads and foundations if a major rain event occurs
 Import of any soils for backfill and grading
 Units are not drawn or bid as 100% ADA accessible
 No decks or walk off surfaces provided other than those described above
 No exterior structures are bid
 Public walk to the pond and any public walk besides the footages described above
 ADA accessible pads at handicap access to public walks
 ADA accessibility to front porch and from front porch into the Unit
 Generators for power if Tipmont has not ran power with transformers to pads
 Builder has figured for removal of all construction waste related to our work
 Builder has figured for all necessary permits: Building, electrical, sewer and water taps
 Builder has figured for professional cleaning of new space before occupancy
 Energy reporting as required for permitting and all subsequent testing during construction
 Cost of temporary electric usage
 Storm water, drainage and erosion control plans as required by municipality
 Storm water, drainage and erosion fencing control during construction, and reporting and
maintenance as required by municipality
 25’ of temporary driveway of #2 stone
 All equipment required for the installation of listed specifications
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