Mobil Mellék NEC SV8100 rendszerben Adatlap

Mobil Mellék NEC SV8100 rendszerben Adatlap
NEC UNIVERGE® SV8100 Mobile Extension
Enabling Seamless Remote Productivity
For organizations to thrive, they must be flexible.
Customers have come to expect full service from
their retailers, care providers, hospitality services
and educational institutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Now NEC can ensure you have the tools to stay
competitive – wherever you are– with UNIVERGE SV8100
Mobile Extension.
Flexible Call Control
Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your desktop
Ring feature, both your original SV8100 desk set and your external
phone from nearly any external communications device. It enables you
telephone ring simultaneously. Unanswered callers who dial your direct
to use a mobile phone, home phone or other external device to simulate
extension can be routed to SV8100 voice mail – even while internal and
an extension of your office phone. And customers never know you’re not
transferred calls are not.
Mobile Extension also ensures that you remain in control of your calls.
Incoming calls that are not answered by the external telephone can be
made to simply follow SV8100 internal routing – including routing to
SV8100 voice mail.
This flexibility even enables you to control who gets through. When
you combine Mobile Extension with the SV8100 Call Forward Both
at the office! One number access lets them reach you wherever you are.
Management of Mobile Extension Calls in Progress
One-Number Access
Remote Mobile Extension users can access their SV8100 desk set
With one number access, you can use the same business phone
features on the mobile/external phone even when answering a Mobile
number for both your desktop phone and mobile extension. That way,
Extension call. You can transfer the call, place it on hold or insert the
customers, vendors and business associates dealing with employees
caller into a conference – all from the extension.
need only that single phone number to reach you. The amount of
time it takes you to respond to your caller is decreased, and your
organization benefits.
Access to All Key Desktop Telephone Features
Until now, extensions outside the office had no way to access the
features of their office communications systems. Offsite workers simply
At a Glance
managed without the convenient features of their desktop phones.
With the UNIVERGE Mobile Extension, they can access their office
telephone-based productivity tools right on their remote or
• One-number access
• Flexible call control
• Management of Mobile Extension
calls in progress
• Access to all key desktop
telephone features
mobile devices.
Using Caller ID Routing, the Mobile Extension user can call into the SV8100 Communication Server, gain system dial
tone and use the convenient SV8100 station features. Outgoing calls made using this method will present the caller ID assigned to
the user’s mobile extension, which enables Mobile Extension users to protect the privacy of their home or cell phone numbers.
Additionally, users can dial Service Feature Codes from their mobile/external phones to access SV8100 desktop
features, including:
Do Not Disturb
Voice Over
Station and System Speed Dial
Account Code
Internal Group Paging
Park Hold
Meet Me Answer (Paging Group)
Park Hold Answer
Call Pickup (Direct and Group)
For more detailed information on UNIVERGE SV8100 Mobile Extension, see SV8100 Features and Specifications.
. Hold
. Transfer
. Incoming Ring Group member
. Department Group member
. Toll Restriction
. Class of Service
. DSS Keys
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obile Extension
ion Part
P t
Normal Internal
al Signaling with SLT
ion Interface
Gives mobile workers access to corporate
network voice calling features on any
phone away from their office
External Telephone
(Mobile Phone, House Phone, etc)
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