Philbrick Transcriptions (129)

Philbrick Transcriptions (129)
Perfecting document
creation workflow
A variety of dictation options eases documentation needs for physicians and
The facts
speeds up workflow at Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc.
Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc.
Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc. - a medical
transcription firm headquartered in
Connecticut - turned to Philips because it
wanted to provide a variety of dictation
options for its physician clients. “Not
everyone likes to dictate in the same manner,
and we were interested in offering physicians
some choices,” says Jody Rowley, chief
operating officer for Philbrick Transcriptions,
Inc. “We were also looking for hardware
transcription software from Winscribe,
so the end-to-end process of dictation/
transcription would be seamless. Philips
provided two great hardware solutions - the
SpeechMike USB microphone and the Digital
Pocket Memo dictation recorder.”
that would integrate well with our current
technology to physicians, the organization
Philips Solution
Digital Pocket Memo 9600
Philips Contact
Michaela Kraft
Seeking an Outside Opinion
Speech Processing Solutions North America
Before making the decision to offer Philips
“They recommended Philips because the hardware is reliable, userfriendly and fully compatible with our existing transcription software.
We have certainly found these characteristics to be true.”
Jody Rowley, Chief Operating Officer at Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc.
consulted with a communication systems
vendor (Executive Communication
Systems located in Ventura, California).
“We have a high comfort level with this
vendor’s recommendations, so I trusted
what they had to say,” comments Rowley.
“They recommended Philips because the
hardware is reliable, user-friendly and fully
compatible with our existing transcription
software. We have certainly found these
characteristics to be true.”
Implementing the Technology
Philbrick introduced the Philips hardware
to practices over the course of two years.
“We offered each physician the option
of using the SpeechMike microphone,
the Digital Pocket Memo recorder or
to continue using the existing telephone
system,” says Rowley. “Most providers
chose either the SpeechMike or the
Digital Pocket Memo. In fact, we noticed
that radiologists seemed to prefer the
SpeechMike because they can dictate in
front of their PC monitors while they are
looking at x-rays, recording intuitively with
the SpeechMike without having to look at
the microphone function buttons. Other
providers preferred the Digital Pocket
Memo because of its small size and ease
of use. Both options allow physicians to
dictate information while it’s fresh in their
mind as opposed to waiting to get to a
telephone and dictate.”
“The physicians also appreciate the “dock
and go” aspect of the Digital Pocket Memo
because there are no buttons to push or
technology to figure out. After physicians
record information, they simply dock the
tool and a secure file upload starts to our
transcription system.”
Security is Key
Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc. values the
security of the uploaded files. “All the files
are encrypted and that is a critical feature
for us,” says Rowley. “Our transcriptionists
open the files in our transcription software
and can immediately get to work without
worrying about violating privacy and HIPAA
Reducing Costs
The Philips hardware has helped Philbrick
Transcriptions, Inc. reduce costs - the only
costs associated with the Philips products
are the costs of the equipment itself and
replacement batteries. “The equipment is
very durable so we have not had to replace
many units,” says Rowley. “The battery life
is also quite long. We have yet to replace
any batteries in our hundreds of units and
many of them have been in place for nearly
two years.”
The practice has also reduced its phone
bill. “When physicians were solely using
telephone dictation, our phone bill costs
were sizable - at one point we were paying
$10,000 per month,” says Rowley. Since we
introduced the Philips hardware, our bill has
dropped significantly. This has allowed us to
keep our prices competitive and expand the
business nationwide.”
About Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc.
With 73 medical transcriptionists, Philbrick
Transcriptions, Inc. provides comprehensive
transcription services to a variety of
hospitals, physician offices and large clinics
across the country.
About Executive Communication
The primary focus for Executive
Communication Systems (ECS) in Ventura,
CA is customer satisfaction. Since 1990 ECS
has been providing high quality, dependable
dictation/transcription equipment and
accessories with in-house service solutions
designed to address the needs of our
clients. We value each client as an individual
with specific needs. Our goal is to provide
a dictation/transcription solution that fits
your needs so perfectly it keeps you coming
back to us with confidence for years to
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