PANORAMA WORKSTATION GUIDELINE NAME: _________________________________________

PANORAMA WORKSTATION GUIDELINE NAME: _________________________________________
This document is a guideline only to be used as an aid to comprehensive Inservice training.
NAME: _________________________________________
HOSPITAL ______________________________________
DATE __________________________________________
VALIDATOR _____________________________________
Not Performed
A. Overview
1. Discuss interaction between WorkStation
and Panorama Central Station. Discuss what is
performed only:
a. On the Panorama Central Station
b. On the Panorama WorkStation
2. What menu button is used to add and remove
patients from display at the WorkStation?
3. Add a monitoring device (patient) to view at the
a. By central station/tile number
b. By bed number (bedside monitor)
c. By last name, first name, or ID
4. Can a monitoring device be displayed on more
than one WorkStation? Is monitoring device
removed from WorkStation when device is
5. What happens to any settings on the
WorkStation if monitoring is interrupted or
6. Mute all alarms on the WorkStation. Does
this affect the Panorama Central Station?
7. Remove a monitoring device (patient) from view
at the WorkStation. Does this affect viewing on
the Panorama Central Station?
8. Remove all monitoring devices (patients) from
view at the WorkStation. Does this affect viewing
on the Panorama Central Station?
9. How is the network list updated while open?
10. Turn Touch Screen On/Off
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Not Performed
11. Discuss proper procedure for cleaning Touch
12. Record a waveform on a patient
13. Locate and Discuss the View button
14. Locate Menu Bar
15. Locate Date/Time
16. Discuss resources available for assistance
17. Discuss electrode placement:
a. 5-lead wire set
b. Low amplitude patient
c. Internal pacer patient
d. Other (as applicable)
B. Patient Setup/Patient Alarms
1. Enter the following demographics on a patient:
a. John Smith
b. ID number: 46892
2. Activate pacer enhancement
3. Verify arrhythmia analysis is enabled
4. Place patient into Standby with X-Ray as the
location; Resume monitoring
5. Display Lead II and V lead on the main display
on a patient
6. Adjust printing on a patient to print Leads I, II,
and V on a patient
7. Adjust high HR limit to 135 bpm
8. Discuss priority 1,2,3 alarms
9. Adjust alarm to automatically print for Asystole,
Vtach, and VFib
10. Discuss latched alarms including how and
where they must be acknowledged
C. View
1. Display all leads of ECG on a patient
2. Display and print the last 2 hours of trended
information on a patient
3. Display a list of all events stored on a patient
4. Highlight an event and display its waveforms on
a patient
5. Use on screen calipers to measure a PR interval
6. Print an event (20 second waveform)
7. Discuss color coded events in disclosure
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Not Performed
8. Skip to a specified time
9. Highlight and zoom in to display an expanded
10. Print the zoomed in view
0002-08-7621 Rev B
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