1310/1550nm Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM)

1310/1550nm Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM)
1310/1550nm Wavelength Division
Multiplexer (WDM)
1310/1550nm WDM can be used to combine or split 1310nm and 1550nm optical signals, which double
the fiber transmission capability and ensure bi-direction communication in the single fiber. It is widely
used for fiber communication systems upgrading to expand the system capacity.
The isolation of regular 1310/1550nm WDM couplers are usually about 17dB within ±15nm bandwidth.
Lightcomm offers monolithic HWDM coupler with isolation higher than 30 dB. The HWDM can replace the
high isolation WDM coupler modules. It features high isolation and the compact package size.
*Low insertion loss
* Low PDL
* High isolation
* High stability and reliability
* WDM systems
*Other specifications can be made on customer request.
Package Information:
*Other package dimensions can be made on customer request.
Ordering Information:
│ │
│ │ │ │
└─→Package:3.0×54 etc.
│ │
│ │ │ └─→Connector:FC/UPC, FC/APC etc.
│ │
│ │ └─→Fiber Type:0=SMF-28, 1=flexcore,
│ │
│ │
2=50/125µm, 3=62.5/125µm,4=others
│ │
│ └→Pigtail Type:0=250µm, 1=900µm, 2=2mm,
│ │
3=3mm, 4=others
│ │
└──→Operating Wavelength:131=1310nm, 155=1550nm,
│ │
1315=1310&1550nm etc.
│ └──→ Port Number:1×2, 2×2 etc.
└──→Grade: U=Ultra,P=Perfect, A=Grade A, X=On customer request
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