FaceID yesitsme

FaceID yesitsme
Yes, it’s me!
Face ID 2, the machine that confirms your identity at a glance.
Three Modes, One Machine
Face ID 2 is the latest biometrics product
from FingerTec Worldwide that combines
face recognition technology, fingerprint
technology and card technology in one
sophisticated machine. It is loaded with a
powerful microprocessor to collect precise data for time attendance and door
access for premises and offices.
Why should you choose Face ID 2?
You have options
FingerTec Face ID 2 allows you to have verification options you prefer. You can choose between face, fingerprint and card verification method based on
your preference and requirements. Registration and shifting of verification modes can be done without much hassle, which makes Face ID 2 versatile for
everyday office use.
Experience The Latest Technology
Get to experience the wonder of the latest biometrics technology through Face ID 2. The machine takes 5 images to obtain a 3D template of your face
image. After enrolment, verification can be done at a glance and even in the dark. It is contactless and hassle free, and it provides precise data for attendance and door access activities.
Powerful software included
Face ID 2 comes with powerful time management software that has been used by millions around the world, TCMS V2.
Versatile System
Face ID 2 can be linked to other FingerTec models for a more versatile system.
Face ID Features
Check user attendance and transaction logs available in
Face ID 2 and perform housekeeping of Face ID 2.
USB data transfer is available in Face ID 2 and you can transfer users and transaction logs from the machine to the computer using the portable flash disk easily.
Touch to Set
The Face ID 2 is using touch interface for easy
settings of the machine. You can configure
your company’s requirements in the machine
by tapping on a relevant icon.
There are 6 shortcut keys available in Face ID 2 and Keyboard icon lets you define the function keys based on your
company’s requirements. The function keys are F1 to F6.
You can enrol, edit, delete and insert user information from
User icon. User ID, name, password, methods of verification, authority level and more. Face ID 2 allows storage of
700 faces and 3000 fingerprints in one machine.
Auto Test
Run tests to the terminal with a tap and the process will run
Calibrate touch screen LCD panel of Face ID for sustained
Setup Face ID 2 machine communication with the computer
through TCP/IP, RS232 or RS485 and you can set communication password with a computer for a secure data transfer.
Setup siren schedule bell and time interval between rings.
Configure the settings for machine display, fingerprint and
face verification through System icon. You can update firmware of the machine and set storage alert as well, if required.
Door access is another function available in Face ID 2. Setup
your door lock system such as lock delay, door sensor delay
and alarm delay in access icon.
With Face ID 2, With One Look, You Are Good to Go!
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