Micro-DCI MicroTools 53MT6000A trollers Configuration Software for 53MC5000 Con

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Micro-DCI MicroTools  53MT6000A trollers Configuration Software for 53MC5000 Con | Manualzz


MicroTools 53MT6000A

Configuration Software for 53MC5000 Con


• Windows Operating Environment

• Graphic-based, Function Block configuration

• Simultaneous configuration and documentation

• Library of pre-configured, standard strategies

• High-level language for advanced programming and sequence control

• On-line and Off-line configuration

• Includes Micro-DCI Communications

Services with OPC capability

• Supports legacy 53MC5, 53IT, 53ML and 53SL

Micro-Tools 53MT6000 is a PC-based configuration and programming package for the 53MC5000

Process Control Station. It provides a Windowsbased environment for creating, editing, downloading, uploading, documenting and debugging controller databases, from the simplest pre-configured programs to the most complex applications.. The graphical, function block configuration environment makes it easy to relate the process flow to the configuration. Micro-Tools is equipped with easy to use windows and menus designed to flow intuitively from the start of a project to its completion.

Graphical, Intuitive Interface

MicroTools includes a graphical editor for the development of function-block based control strategies. The editor allows you to draw the desired control strategy using drag and drop modules and interconnect the modules by drawing lines between inputs and outputs.

Simultaneous Configuration and Documentation

Pre-structured documentation formats are automatically created from the controller database and can be altered by the user. Document all or part of the database by highlighting which portions you wish to include in the report.

Library of pre-configured standard strategies

The library includes 20 control strategy templates that can be copied and saved in a controller folder.

The configurations can then be used as is or edited to suit the need of the user. User created strategies can be added to the library for future use in another application.

Context sensitive on-line help

Available for virtually every screen and function, help screens cover the tools as well as the controller.

On-line and Off-line configuration

Configuration changes to a controllers database can be done on-line via one of the communications ports available or off-line for future download to a controller.

Legacy Product Support

In addition to the 53MC5000, Micro-Tools supports the 53IT5000 Integrator/Totalizer, 53ML5000

Manual Loader, and 53SL5000 Single-Loop

Controller. The software also provides upload, download and configuration for 53MC1000,

53MC2000 and 53MC4000 controllers.

Specification Sheet


Micro-DCI MicroTools 53MT6000 S-DCI-53MT6000_4


Micro-Tools supports the three design methods available in the 53MC5000 controller.

Flexible Control Strategies (FCS) allow the user to create simple control strategies using pre-structured function modules, then softwire them together to perform control.

Flexible Control Interconnect Modules (F-CIM) extends the FCS library to provide even more flexibility if the control strategy exceeds the capabilities of


F-TRAN- Flexible Translator Language is an advanced control language that permits the user to create programs and subroutines that best meet their needs. Ue F-TRAN for sequential logic operations, batch operations and hybrid digital/analog control functions. F-TRAN also allows the user to create custom display interfaces for the operators.



MicroTools supports serial communications ports as well as the MicroDCI Supervisor communication cards and MicroMod E-Port Ethernet Gateway.

Each controller comes standard with an RS232 serial communication port located on the controller front faceplate. The controller also has a standard rear

RS-485 communication port that uses the MicroMod

DataLink communications protocol.

The E-Port Ethernet Gateway supports DataLink over Ethernet for integration with PCs, plant networks and other devices.

Micro-Tools includes MicroDCI Communications

Services and OPC Client functionality for communication to MicroPWC and third-party HMI and SCADA software.

A USB cable and USB-to-Serial converter are included with the software package to facilitate connection to the controller.


Micro-DCI MicroTools 53MT6000 S-DCI-53MT6000_4


Micro-Tools is a licensed package. The following end-user information must be supplied with each order:

End-user company name & complete address

Telephone and fax number

Contact name


01 - 06

__ __ A 0 __

07 08 09 10 11

Micro-Tools Configuration software for 53MC5000 Controller 53MT60

Version Type (see Note 1)


Add-on to LoopMaster or Micro-DCI Communication Services

Add-on to Micro-PWC

53MC5000 Communication Interface (see Note 2)


9-pin “D” connector to controller front port (7 feet)

RS-232/485 converter (ITB and cable)

Design Level

Security Key Type

None (if adding to system with existing MicroMod security key)

Parallel Port

USB Port











Media Type


Note 1:

The Micro-Tools is licensed per computer with a hardware security device (“key”). Only one Hardware Security Device is required when

Micro-PWC, Micro-DCI Communications Services, LoopMaster and Micro-Tools products are installed on the same host computer.

Standalone version - This version will add Micro-Tools to a host PC. No existing versions of LoopMaster (53HC2610A), Micro-DCI

Communications Services(53SU6010A) or Micro-PWC have been previously installed.

Add-on to LoopMaster or Micro-DCI Communication Services - This version will add Micro-Tools to an existing version of LoopMaster

(53HC2610A) and/or Micro-DCI Communications Services(53SU6010A). The user must submit the Hardware Security Device ID number of the existing package at the time the order is entered. A new Software License Key will be issued for this ID number.

Add-on to Micro-PWC - This version will add Micro-Tools to an existing version of Micro-PWC (53PW6000). The user must submit the

Hardware Security Device ID number of the Micro-PWC software package at the time the order is entered. A new Software License Key will be issued for this ID number.

Note 2:

Communication Interface Option (1): Use this option to connect from the PC to the RS-232 front port on the controller.

Communication Interface Option (3): Use this option when connecting to a network of up to 32 53MC5000 Process Control Stations using the standard RS-485 DataLink connection. An RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Terminal Board (686B720U01) is supplied along with a 7 foot long cable (698B240U01) for connecting the interface to the computer. The cable has a 9-pin female D connector on the computer end. The user must supply wiring between the RS-232/485 Interface Terminal Board, the first controller and between controllers.

Micro-Tools software includes a USB-to-Serial converter.



• Intel Pentium Processor 120Mhz or faster

• 32 MB of RAM

• 20 MB of hard diskspace minimum (additional data storage space required for controller data)

• SVGA card, 256 color support and a minimum resolution 800 x 600

• CD-ROM (for software installation)


• Operating System: Microsoft Windows TM XP Professional 32-bit, Windows TM Vista Business, 32-bit Microsoft

Windows 7 o r 8 Professional 32-bit or 64-bit

• 53MT6000 Micro-Tools Software is supplied on CD-ROM


Micro-DCI MicroTools 53MT6000 S-DCI-53MT6000_4

4 www.micromod.com

The Company’s policy is one of continuous product improvement and the right is reserved to modify the information contained herein without notice.

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