RELEASE NOTES Vulcan Software, 2016 v1

RELEASE NOTES Vulcan Software, 2016 v1
Vulcan Software, 2016 v1
This document provides basic information on new features and modifications in release 2016 v1 of
the Vulcan software, as well as update instructions.
It is highly recommended that you print this document and review thoroughly prior to installing the
New Features/Enhancements
Essential Release Information
Install Stand-Alone Trimble Tracking for the Vulcan Software
Product Assistance
Legal Notices
Version 2016 v1
Revision A_ENG
March 2016
You will receive the following with release 2016 v1:
One Vulcan Installation DVD
One Vulcan Let's Get Started foldout
Refer to the Update Installation Instructions for the requirements/procedure to install the Vulcan
Compatibility/Technical support
Operating systems
This version of the Vulcan software is compatible with Windows® 7 and Windows 10 operating
systems. For a more complete listing of System Requirements, go to our website and navigate to
Products / Fabrication / Vulcan.
Note – Beginning with the 2015 fourth-quarter release, Trimble will no longer support the Windows
XP operating system for the Vulcan office software. This is because Microsoft is ending support/
updates, leaving your computer system vulnerable. For additional information, go to
Trimble will, however, continue to support the Windows XP operating system for the controller
Trimble software integration
The Vulcan software enables you to import data from other Trimble MEP software applications.
Refer to the online help in the following applications for information on creating the export files.
Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D® computer software
Trimble AutoBid® SheetMetal computer software
To import files created in these applications, from the Vulcan main menu select Function / Import.
New Features/Enhancements
This release of the Vulcan software includes the modifications and enhancements listed below.
Trimble MEP add-in for Autodesk Fabrication CADmep
Trimble - MEP Division has released an add-in allowing Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep® to
export ductwork to the Vulcan software for fabrication. With the addition of Autodesk®
Fabrication CADmep® 2016, Vulcan can import files from the following software:
Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep® 2016
Trimble DuctDesigner 3D
Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal
Shop Data Systems
Plancal Nova
Full product support has been added for Sentinel HASP security keys. Contact Trimble MEP Client
Services for more information.
Corrected cut of round seam allowance when gores are separated.
Corrected filtering of multiple mapping files in the Mapping Editor.
Essential Release Information
This document contains additional information pertaining to the Vulcan software. Please print and
read this entire document.
About the Vulcan software
The Vulcan software application allows HVAC Contractors and duct manufacturers worldwide to
increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve the “bottom line”. The Vulcan cutting
software provides the following benefits:
Comprehensive fitting libraries
Automatic and manual segmenting
Easily create customized, color-coded labels and reports
Automatic shape nesting
Vulcan cutting software fully integrates with many plasma cutting tables, coil lines, and CAD
Fitting input is quick, simple, and non-repetitive
The Vulcan software includes tools that allow users to import fitting information (for fabrication)
directly from several CAD software programs, including Trimble DuctDesigner 3D software.
Vulcan software customers can also import data from the Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal software.
Operating system compatibility: The Vulcan software, release 2016 v1, is compatible with the
following 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems:
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows XP (see Windows XP compatibility, below)
Windows XP compatibility: Beginning with the 2015 fourth-quarter release, Trimble will no
longer support the Windows XP operating system for the Vulcan office software. This is because
Microsoft is ending support/updates, leaving your computer system vulnerable. For additional
information, go to
Note – Trimble will continue to support Windows XP Embedded for the controller software.
Opening the Vulcan software
To open the Vulcan software (Vulcan 2016v1), do one of the following:
On the desktop, click
From the Start menu, select Programs / Trimble / Vulcan.
Note – If you did not perform the Database Maintenance update, a message appears to remind you.
Logging in
The Login feature offers better security and safeguards the valuable information in your database.
You can bypass the login feature, if desired. You can also add more users and define various levels of
access to provide the best security possible.
Depending on your Vulcan software settings, you may need to log in to the database when it is first
1. Enter the following information:
User ID
2. Click Login. The main Vulcan software screen appears.
Quick Login
If you want to set the Vulcan software up to not require a login every time you run the software, do
the following:
1. Click the Setup button (lower left column).
2. Click
. The Users dialog appears.
3. Select the Allow Quick Logon checkbox.
Note – This feature saves the login information, which means that you do not need to enter it
every time the application is opened. Be aware that if you use this option it does not provide
security to your database as anyone can open the software when this is active.
Communications software update
If you are updating from release 2012 v1 or later, the communications software opens
automatically at computer startup.
Customers updating from a release earlier than 2012 v1 must complete the component
conversion procedures before using the software. See the instructions below.
Releases earlier than 2012 v1
If you are updating the Vulcan software from a version earlier than release 2012 v1, you must
complete a Vulcan Accessory to Component Conversion. A video is included on the installation DVD
that provides step-by-step instructions on completing this conversion.
This procedure must be completed by your Vulcan operator.
1. Insert the installation DVD.
2. In the Go to area, click Video Training.
3. Next to Other, click Component Conversion. The video loads in your default media viewer.
4. Follow the instructions as presented in the video.
Install Stand-Alone Trimble Tracking for the
Vulcan Software
You can consider installing a stand-alone version of this feature if tracking will be done on a
computer other than where the Vulcan software is installed (for example, in an office environment,
rather than in the shop). To do this, you must connect the stand-alone Tracking for Vulcan
functionality to the main Vulcan database.
CAUTION – Do not install the Tracking for Vulcan application on the same machine as your
Vulcan software. The program is integrated into the Vulcan software and the stand-alone
version is not required.
If you need to install the Tracking for Vulcan functionality as a stand-alone, do the following:
Note – The instructions below assume the installation ISO Image or USB device (if applicable) is
already mounted on the computer and that the main Vulcan software installation screen is open. If it
is not, refer to the Update Instructions.
1. In the Software Installation Links area, click Vulcan. The InstallShield Wizard prepares to install
the software. Please be patient as this procedure may take some time.
2. The Welcome screen displays. Click Next. The installation routine automatically applies required
third-party software updates.
3. The License Agreement appears on the screen. Read the agreement, select the I accept the terms
of the license agreement checkbox and then click Next.
4. The Support License Agreement appears on the screen. Read the agreement, select the I accept
the terms of the support license agreement checkbox and then click Next.
5. In the Choose Destination Location screen, click Next. It is recommended that you accept the
default location.
6. In the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.
Final Steps: Tracking for Vulcan software
When you first open the Tracking for Vulcan application, you must set up a valid database connection
to the Vulcan software.
1. On the desktop, click the Tracking for Vulcan icon
2. In the Database Connection dialog, click Yes. The Database Connection screen appears.
3. In the Connection Information pane, enter the following information:
Name: This is the user-defined name of your database.
Description: Enter a description of the database. This is a user-defined field.
4. In the SQL Server Information pane, complete the following:
Servers: Click
and select the appropriate server from the list.
Databases: Click
and select the Vulcan database you want to use from the list.
Database Version: The database version is automatically populated with the appropriate
5. Enter the following (if defaults are not present):
User Name
Tip – At any time, you can click Refresh Servers to display a current list of available servers.
6. Click OK.
Product Assistance
Trimble offers several avenues to obtain help using the Vulcan software program.
Online Help Systems
Vulcan Software
The online help is easy to use and can be accessed by doing any of the following:
Click Help. Browse the Table of Contents or Index to locate the topic needed.
Press [F1] in many of the Vulcan software windows to obtain help on that window.
The Vulcan software includes many instructional videos. These are available from the Vulcan
Video Training link on the main installation screen, and are also installed on the desktop. It is
recommended that you refer to these videos as they outline many of the features and
procedures on using the software.
a. On the main Vulcan Installation screen, click Vulcan Video Training.
b. Click the video you want to view. The video launches using the default media player.
c. Once you have watched it, close the video screen and select another from the screen or click
Back to Main screen.
Note – The videos also install on your computer. Click the Vulcan Video icon
open the folder, then click the video file you want to view.
on the desktop to
Trimble Tracking for Vulcan application
The Trimble® Tracking for Vulcan application includes the following online guides in a Portable
Document Format (PDF):
User Guides (Android™ and iOS®)
Quick Start Guides (Android™ and iOS®)
Tip – These are available on the Installation media, as well as on your mobile device.
Trimble MEP Client Services
Before calling Client Services, we suggest you consult the online help. Many of the common
procedures and questions are covered in this system.
Trimble MEP Client Services is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.
Note – We are not available on major US holidays.
Telephone (toll-free)
Internet email
[email protected]
Online Support is also available. Contact a Trimble MEP Client Services Representative for more
Legal Notices
Trimble Navigation Limited
10427 Cogdill Road, Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37932
Copyright and Trademarks
©1998-2016 Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved.
Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo, AutoBid, and DuctDesigner 3D are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United
States and in other countries. Connect is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited. Microsoft, SQL Server, and Windows are either
registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Android is a trademark of
Google Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
This publication, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form, by any method, for any purpose, without the written consent of
Trimble Navigation Limited.
Release Notice
This is the Vulcan Release Notes (Revision A). It applies to release 2016 v1 of the software.
The topics within this document are subject to change without written notice. Companies, names, and data used in any examples are
fictitious. Screenshots included in the topics may not be exactly as in the software application.
Vulcan Release Notes
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