Casio XJ-450 User manual

Casio XJ-450 User manual
Digital keystone correction
Computer compatibility
Video compatibility
Audio system
Remote control
Other functions
Included in package
Contrast ratio
Color depth
Focal length/aperture
Projection ratio
Min./max. distance
Lamp lifetime
Mouse control
Hor./vertical frequency
1 x 0.7" 12° DLPTM
XGA 1,024 x 768 pixels
2,800 ANSI lumens
1,000 : 1
16.7 million
Optical 2x motor zoom
f: 20 - 40mm/F: 2.0 - 2.8
1.4 - 2.8 (distance : image width)
100 %
0.80 m/5.40 m
Automatic with differential sensor
250 W NSH
approx. 2,000 hrs
+/- 30° automatic
+/- 30° automatic
1 x 15pin HD
1 x RCA
1 x mini-DIN
Opt. adaptor via 15pin HD
3.5 mm jack
15 - 92 kHz/50 - 85 kHz
Analogue RGB
1 x 0.7" 12° DLPTM
XGA 1,024 x 768 pixels
2,200 ANSI lumens
1,000 : 1
16.7 million
Optical 2x manual zoom
f: 20 - 40mm/F: 2.0 - 2.8
1.4 - 2.8 (distance : image width)
100 %
0.80 m/5.40 m
200 W NSH
approx. 2,000 hrs
+/- 30° automatic
+/- 8° manual
1 x 15pin HD
1 x RCA
1 x mini-DIN
Opt. adaptor via 15pin HD
3.5 mm jack
15 - 92 kHz/50 - 85 kHz
Analogue RGB
Composite video, YC, YPbPr
Wireless IR with mouse function and
laser pointer
10.94 x 2.52 x 7.76 in
5.29 lbs
Magnesium alloy
100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
approx. 300 W
5 - 35° C
< 33 dB (A) whisper mode
3 years
Composite video, YC, YPbPr
Wireless IR with mouse function
Digital zoom, rear projection, ceiling
projection, picture-in-picture, user logo,
mute, freeze, Kensington slot
Power cable, RGB cable, USB cable, video
cable, IR remote control, batteries, case,
user manual on CD, quick start card,
warrenty card
Digital zoom, rear projection, picture-inpicture, user logo, mute, freeze, Kensington
Power cable, RGB cable, USB cable, video
cable, IR remote control, batteries, case,
user manual on CD, quick start card,
warrenty card
Measurements (W x H x D)
Mains voltage
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Operating noise
9.06 x 2.17 x 6.73 in
3.97 lbs
Magnesium alloy
100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
approx. 270 W
5 - 35° C
33 dB (A) whisper mode
3 years
CASIO Ultra Portable Projectors invite you to have a seat, any seat!
Display resolution
Projection range
Shutter speed
White balance
Image rotation
Power requirements
1/2.5" square pixel primary color CCD
(total pixels 4.23 million, effective pixels 4 million)
XGA (1,024 x 768), SVGA (800 x 600), film sequence (320 x 240)
f = 5.8 - 17.4 mm (35 mm format: 35.0 - 105.0 mm), F 2.6 - 4.8
Optical: 1.8x electrical (document camera mode, scanner mode)
3x electrical (whiteboard & business camera mode)
Digital: 7.5x, scrollable
Contrast type auto focus
33 cm (document camera mode, scanner mode)
40 cm - ∞ (whiteboard & business camera mode)
Supported (90°, 180°, 270°)
USB (1.1) x 1
100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Storage: 6.61 (W) x 1.69 (H) x 11.22 (D) in
Operational: 12.87 (W) x 1.54 (H) x 10.39 (D) in
1.6 kg
The CASIO ultra bright, ultra light portable
projectors feature 2x optical zoom to help
you fit your presentation on the screen.
Using the XJ-450 with Auto Focus and Automatic Keystone
Correction, you can even sit in the corner and your presentation
will be square and sharp with the touch of a button.
The DLPTM logo and the DLPTM medallion are
registered trademarks of Texas Instruments.
P r o v i d e a n e n v i r o n m e n t f o r c r e a t i v i t y.
With an exclusive zoom lens, our new
portable projector can fit an image on any
screen, from virtually any position in the
That’s because the Casio XJ-450’s and XJ-350’s 2x optical zoom lens
features the highest magnification of any portable on the market. The automatic exclusive H & V keystone correction feature of the XJ-450 quickly
“squares up” your image, even from extreme angles. Along with a compact, lightweight design and the ability to project in daylight, it’s easy
to see how the XJ-450 and XJ-350 outshine the competition.
A complete innovation – in fact,
nothing short of a revolution.
The multi-functional camera system YC-400 offers entirely
new presentation techniques, such as direct document capture as with a classic document camera and immediate presentation using a data projector. You can take pictures of
flipcharts or whiteboards with notes, you can integrate up-todate photos, and much more. CASIO’s new technology
places almost limitless and totally new presentation techniques at your fingertips!
The multi-functional camera system is based on tried-&tested CASIO technology in the shape of a high-resolution,
removable digital camera with 4 million pixels, to ensure that
even the tiniest details come out sharp. The integrated tripod
with document stand and the tailor-made software supplied
with the system turn it into an ideal presentation tool.
2x Zoom
You know what you’ve got to show, but you’re not sure what
room you’ll be holding your presentation in? With the new
CASIO projectors, this is no problem: thanks to the 2x optical
zoom, you can choose any distance to the projection surface
between 5.25 and 10.5 feet, for example, for an image 60
inches wide. With conventional 1.2x zoom projectors, you can
only vary the distance between 7.75 and 9.5 feet. The new
CASIO projectors make you almost independent of the room
size – and with optimum image quality in all cases.
No more drawing blinds: CASIO gives you
up to 2,800 ANSI lumens light intensity.
Fully automatic keystone correction in all
For projection during daylight hours or in brightly-lit rooms, people
With the new CASIO projectors, distorted images are a thing of the past.
are used to closing the blinds. But here, too, CASIO has made a
When the room layout doesn’t permit straight projection, you can set up
breakthrough. Thanks to our ARC technology, our new projectors
the XJ-450 at an angle of up to 30° to the projection surface. The projector
offer exceptional high intensity despite their extremely compact size: the
corrects the keystone distortion immediately and automatically. A sensor
XJ-350 is 2,200 ANSI lumens bright, and the XJ-450 sheds even more
system does the work for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your
light on your presentation, with as much as 2,800 ANSI lumens. You can
presentation! The XJ-350 likewise features automatic vertical correction
present yourself in a friendly light and don’t lose eye contact with your
while horizontal keystone correction is performed manually, using the
interested audience – quite a difference! CASIO turns a monologue in
operating menu.
the dark into a discussion in daylight.
Projector, laptop and our multi-functional
camera system work in perfect harmony.
A perfect fit: optimum adjustment to
suit your projection surface.
Both models have a video signal input (composite and S-video) to enable you to hook
up a video recorder or a DVD player. It goes without saying that our
projectors are also optimally coordinated with our multifunctional camera
The zoom shows its advantages particularly in rooms with a
system the YC-400. An all-round solution from one source.
fixed projection surface. In such surroundings, the ideal projector position rarely allows format-filling projection. But with the
CASIO 2x wide-angle zoom, you can adjust the image
size progressively to fit the projection surface, so that you have
a perfect picture at all times – especially at short distances.
The XJ-450 even adjusts the image size at the touch of a button – it is equipped with a power-driven zoom lens with auto focus.
IMC and ACR systems from CASIO
The remarkably compact size of our new projectors is made
possible by CASIO’s own inventions. Thus a newly-developed IMC
condenser lens (IMC = Inverse Meniscus Condenser) is used in
combination with a completely new form of bulb reflector (ACR:
Acornic Reflector). These two features enable total size to be
reduced by some 30 %, while making approx. 20 % better use of
the light emitted by the lamp.
Correction of a document with slanted edges
XJ-450: ultra-portable XGA projector
• 2,800 ANSI lumens
• 2x optical wide-angle zoom lens
• DLPTM technology
• XGA resolution (1,024 x 768 pixels)
• Weighs only 5.29 lbs
• Size (W x H x D): 10.94 x 2.52 x 7.76 in
• Automatic horizontal and vertical
keystone correction
• Power Zoom
• Autofocus
• Whisper mode
• 3 years warranty
• Delivered with carrying case and infrared
remote control with laser pointer
A brilliant outlook for your presentation:
2,800 ANSI lumens in a micro portable.
What you’ve been waiting for:
the XJ-450 has everything on board for
perfect presentations.
Unbelievable, what a small space you can pack 2,800 ANSI
Auto-focus button
Automatic setup
Zoom control
lumens into! CASIO provides impressive proof that it can be done
The XJ-450 projector really is fully equipped to cope with all the
with the XJ-450. The amazing brightness level guarantees brilliant
demands of your hard working day. The integrated lens cover slides
presentations. And with its remarkably compact size (10.94 x 2.52 x
elegantly to one side to reveal the coated quality lens, which ensures
7.76 in – W x H x D) and a weight of a mere 5.29 lbs, the XJ-450
even illumination over the entire image surface, and guarantees that
shows what is technically possible nowadays. Size is the only
your data is reproduced exactly as the original. Maximum investment
parameter where we have economized: the XJ-450 wins instant
security and a long life for the light bulb are ensured by the
popularity with a whole number of useful additional functions such
use of high performance bulbs and by the robust outer case of
as fully automatic keystone correction of horizontal and vertical
magnesium alloy. In addition to the necessary cables (RGB, video
distortion by a built-in optical
and USB-mouse), the XJ-450 is supplied
differential sensor, and an autofocus
complete with a high-quality carrying
zoom lens that deals with the entire
case and an infrared remote control with
focus adjustment for you. With all
a practical laser pointer: plug it in and
these user-friendly features, you’re
you’re ready to go! In case you want to
ready to go at the drop of a hat, and
use the projector at a fixed location, a
can direct your own focus where it
ceiling mount is available as an optional
belongs: on your presentation!
Manual input selection
IR remote control
RGB input
USB mouse control
Video input
Audio input
AC connection
S-video input
Operating Panel
XJ-350: ultra-portable XGA projector
• 2,200 ANSI lumens
• 2x optical wide-angle zoom lens
• DLPTM technology
• XGA resolution (1,024 x 768 pixels)
• Weighs only 3.97 lbs
• Size (W x H x D): 9.06 x 2.17 x 6.73 in
• Automatic vertical keystone correction
• Whisper mode
• 3 years warranty
• Delivered with carrying case and infrared
remote control with laser pointer
Carry less, see more!
Surprisingly small and convincingly bright: the XJ-350 is as
Fits the smallest space: the optical
double zoom adjusts as necessary.
compact as technology allows, and will make your working life
The XJ-350 can cope with really large conference rooms. But
easier from the word go. Never before
sometimes you find yourself giving a presentation in a more con-
has such bright projection (2,200
fined space. Just as well that the
ANSI lumens) been available in such
XJ-350 has an integrated wide-
a small device! Smaller than a sheet
angle, double zoom lens: this
of B5 paper, the XJ-350 easily fits
ensures that you’ll make a big
into any briefcase, and at a modest
impression even over short pro-
3.97 lbs, it’s the lightweight in its class.
jection distances. For an image
In addition to its unique mobility and
nearly 4 foot wide, the XJ-350 only
sophisticated design, the XJ-350
needs a projection distance of
also offers numerous technical features that will contribute to
5.25 feet! And you can be flexible in your choice of projection
your success: in combination with the brightness of 2,200 ANSI
location, too: the fully automatic vertical keystone correction and
lumens, an impressive contrast of 1,000 : 1 ensures
a manual horizontal correction mean that you just set up the pro-
outstandingly clear and brilliant projection, with sharp and
jector – and you’re good to go.
detailed images thanks to XGA resolution.
Automatic setup
Audio input
Manual input selection
Operating Panel
RGB input
AC connection
USB mouse control
Video input
S-video input
IR remote control
YC-400: multi-functional camera system
The presentation revolution. With the
multifunctional camera system YC-400,
CASIO has managed to integrate a
high-resolution (4 million pixels) digital
camera into a presentation system for
the first time. This opens up
presentation possibilities which have
been inconceivable up until now.
Quick to grasp things: scan and project
whatever crosses your desk.
Does this sound familiar? In the middle of a meeting, someone
brings you the latest information. Not in digital form, of course,
but as handwritten notes, a printout or a newspaper clipping.
Connecting it is child’s play: you hook up the YC-400 to the
USB connection of your PC, which is connected to the XJ-450
or XJ-350 – and you’re all set!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate these documents
into your projector presentation and in high resolution? That’s no
problem with the YC-400: just place the document on the document
tray and hit the button. The software
supplied with the system automatically loads the photo on to your
As small as a sheet of B5 paper, weighing only 3.53 lbs, mobile
computer, corrects the position if
and amazingly flexible: The multi-functional camera system
necessary and saves the data.
A camera for your shirt pocket!
YC-400 puts an end to all restrictions and enables you to
spontaneously integrate documents, up-to-date photos, objects
If you want to record a trade show, a factory or field survey, just remove the
and much more into your presentations. The YC-400 does all
4 million pixel camera from the tripod. Then you can take pictures anywhere and
this incredibly simply and quickly – the PC software supplied
present them to your audience as soon as you get back: connect the camera to
with the camera system deals with everything in the background.
the computer again, and the PC automatically stores your new pictures on the
hard disk. Your new photos are then immediately available as a slide show or they
can be imbedded into reports or presentations.
For perfect photos with really sharp detail, the multi-functional
camera system YC-400 consists of a solid but lightweight
aluminium tripod, a high-quality portable digital camera with a 4
million pixel resolution and an optical triple zoom designed for the
How to document success: photograph and
store your entire presentation.
special needs of presentations. This way, you can be sure that
everything goes together: the camera set, and your new CASIO
XJ-350 or XJ-450 projector.
Do you make notes in the course of your presentation – on the flipchart or
the whiteboard – that you also want to record to be on the safe side? The
We’ll put things straight for you:
keystone correction and white balance.
YC-400 can help you here as well: all you need to do is aim the camera
and hit the shutter release. You want even more creativity? Get interactive!
Whether you “scan in” a document on the document stand, take a photo of
Project diagrams on to the whiteboard and add handwritten notes. Now the
a poster or photograph the whiteboard at an angle: the software of the multifunctional
camera comes into play: the digital photo, including all your notes, is avail-
camera system YC-400 recognizes any distortion automatically and
able to all participants as a picture file, either by e-mail or stored on disk.
corrects it as if by magic. The same applies to adjustment of the white balance.
You can be sure you have your audience’s undivided attention – a com-
This means that you always have rectangular images with accurate colors to
pletely new way of holding meetings!
incorporate into your presentation.
Correction of a document with slanted edges
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