Technical Bulletin
107784 Rev. B
Motor Shield Screws
Tools Required:
No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips screwdrivers
5/32” Allen Wrench
Wrist strap (or similar device) for ESD grounding
Feed Motor Replacement:
1. Verify that all replacement parts and tools are present.
2. Turn off the power switch, unplug the AC power cord, and
disconnect all communication and interface cables.
3. Unlock and remove the Bin 1 Access Cover by rotating the cover
to the 11 O’clock position and lifting it up and off. Remove eight
#8-32 Phillips screws and the Service Cover from the mechanical Figure 1
4. IMPORTANT: Properly ground yourself using an ESD
wrist strap (or similar device) to prevent static discharge
damage to the electronics.
Wire Routing
5. Remove the (2) Motor Shield Screws and remove the shield
(Figure 1).
6. Disconnect all connections from main controller board assembly
(Figure 2). Loosen the (4) main controller board Mounting
Screws and remove the main controller board assembly.
7. Remove the feed motor cable from the wire restraints (Note:
Removing the U-shaped solenoid bracket will make it easier to
route the wires). Note the cable routing from the motor to the
main controller board.
Figure 2
8. Remove (3) Motor Screws (Figure 3) and the feed motor.
9. Mount replacement feed motor (with wires exiting toward the
front of printer) with (3) Motor Screws (Note: Replace the top
screw first).
10. Route wires through Grommet (Figure 1) near Motor Shield and
route through grommet (not shown) near output bin and behind
U-shaped bracket. Restrain wires using existing wire clips.
Figure 3
Motor Screws
11. Replace the main controller board and plug all connections to corresponding board locations (see tags for
board locations). Restrain wires using existing wire clips.
12. Replace shield using the (2) Motor Shield Screws (and any other components that were removed).
13. Replace both covers and close and lock the Bin 1 Access cover. Reconnect all communication and
interface cables, plug in the AC power cord and turn on the power switch.
14. Verify proper functionality by printing a test coupon from Bin 1 (refer to the Operations and/or
Maintenance Manuals if you need additional information).
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