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Control4® Wireless Music Bridge
Quick Reference
Stream music from mobile devices, PCs, or Macs
Turn the Bridge on in a room
Welcome to the exciting world of home automation. Your Control4® Wireless Music Bridge (The
Bridge) can be used with smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and Control4 touch screens.
Stream music to locally-powered speakers or use Control4 audio devices in your system for wholehome distributed audio. Add a Bridge to every room and control separate audio streams of your
family’s favorite Internet radio stations, music services, or music stored on your mobile devices or
computer. Select music tracks, adjust the volume, or turn off music throughout the house without
ever leaving your chair.
If your dealer has set up audio to turn on in a room automatically when streaming audio from a
mobile device or your computer, you can skip this section and proceed to, “Using the Bridge with
your smartphone, tablet or computer.”
Getting started
Install the MyHome® app (except for touch screens) on the devices you want to use with your
2 Connect your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen to the Control4 system.
AirPlay—(iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacOS devices). You must be on the same
network as your device (password and login required). Tap the AirPlay icon in
the lower-right corner, and then select the Bridge you wish to connect to.
Bluetooth—For Bluetooth devices, pair the smartphone within 10 meters of
the Bridge using Simple Secure Pairing (no code is required) when the Bridge
is not connected to another Bluetooth device.
DLNA®—For Windows or Android-based phones, connect the phone using
standard DLNA. The procedure is based on your DLNA-enabled device.
Android and Windows devices can only stream local audio files stored on the
device. Talk to your dealer for instructions.
3 Choose the audio app you want to listen to, and then adjust the volume. Enjoy the flexibility
and convenience of having a Bridge in your home.
To manually turn on the Bridge in a room using MyHome or a Control4 touch screen, change to the
room where the Bridge is located:
Tap or click the room name at the top
of the screen, like ‘Family Room.’
2 Tap or click the floor, and then the
3 Notice that the room name changes
(for example, Office, below).
4 Follow the instructions next to use
the Bridge, and then add zones to play
audio in other rooms if desired.
Using the Bridge with your smartphone, tablet, or
iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using AirPlay
The AirPlay icon is
here. If you do NOT
see this, you are not
connected to your
network. Check with
your dealer.
4 Tap the Bridge’s name.
Note: If your dealer set up the Bridge to start
automatically, you will begin to hear audio in the selected room (zone). If not, go to a Control4
touch screen or the MyHome app, tap the Listen icon and select the Wireless Music Bridge.
5 (Optional) To enable additional Bridges, use the Zones page
on your touch screen.
Bluetooth on your Bluetooth devices
The Bridge uses a Bluetooth Class 2 radio—A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)—to
give you the highest possible audio quality. Ensure that your mobile device supports this
profile. See your device’s specifications for details.
2 Place your device into Bluetooth discovery mode
(pairing mode). Your Bridge will show up with your
Bridge’s name plus “-BT.” If you cannot find your
Bridge, follow the steps in Using the Wireless Music
Bridge on or contact your dealer.
Your Bluetooth can only be used within 15 feet of
the Bridge.
3 Tap the Bridge’s name. Launch the app you wish to
listen to, and then start the audio.
Use iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer to stream your iTunes library to the system. This
option works well if you’re on your computer, and you want to play music while you work.
Helpful tips
• Listen icon
• The Bridge is available as a source under Listen. From Listen, select the Bridge, and then
select the zone to play the Bridge.
• Volume control
In most cases, your room volume and device volume (smartphone, tablet, computer) are
controlled separately.
• Control4 touch screens. Use the buttons in the media bar to change the current room’s
volume, skip forward and back, mute the music, power off, and more.
• Mobile devices, PCs, Macs. Use your device to adjust the volume. If your dealer sets the room
volume to an acceptable level, you can use your mobile device as the main volume control.
It’s best to adjust the device’s volume first (50% to 75%), then the room volume, and finally
adjust the device’s volume again to the desired level. Choose whichever method works best
for you.
• Play/Pause. Always start the audio session on the device. When paused, the Bridge maintains
its connection unless it moves out of its wireless range or if the Auto-Off timer expires (if your
dealer has set the timer).
• Disconnect. To stop audio through the Bridge or to switch devices, just disconnect it.
• Switch smartphones/tablets. Touch screen—In the room where the Bridge is tap Listen
> Now Playing > Disconnect or disconnect the audio from your device in Zones
Smartphone or tablet—Tap the Bridge in Listen to stop playing audio.
• Change to another smartphone/tablet. If another device is connected, disconnect it, and
connect another one. Follow the same instructions as in “Using the Bridge with your device.”
Open iTunes.
2 Click
3 (Optional.) Click the Play To icon in the upper-right
• Last/Previous, Skip/Next (not including DLNA). These functions respond as expected if the app
allows these commands.
iTunes on your computer
Open Windows Media Player and select the audio to play.
2 Right-click Playlists, Artists, Album, or Genre and select
Play To. In the Play To list, select the Bridge.
2 Play the audio (music service, radio, and so on).
on your screen.
To stream audio using Windows Media Player with DLNA, the Control4 system needs to recognize
DLNA. Talk to your dealer or see Using the Wireless Music Bridge for setup instructions. Your dealer
can show you how to play music with the player.
On your device open the app you want to listen to.
3 Tap
Windows Media Player on your computer
on your screen.
3 Select the Bridge you want to connect to.
Recommended Control4 products
4 Click to open and play the audio you want.
• Control4 Audio. Unleash the power of the 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier, 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier, or
Audio Matrix Switch to deliver high-quality audio to four or eight stereo zones for a superior
distributed audio system in your home.
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