Security Camera Installation Tips installing security cameras.

Security Camera Installation Tips  installing security cameras.
Security Camera Installation Tips
Always consult local authorities regarding video surveillance before
installing security cameras.
For business applications, place a camera at every entrance. This allows
you to record and monitor everyone who enters and exits the building.
Outdoor cameras are weatherproof, but their power sources are not. Make
sure that the power adapter is in an area that is free from water and
moisture. If this cannot be accomplished, seal the power connections to
help prevent damage.
Make sure the lighting near your camera is roughly the same brightness
as the area you are monitoring. For example, if you place your camera in
a dark room and aim it towards a well lit room, you will likely get poor
image quality. The lighting needs to be the same to obtain the best
Do not aim your camera towards a bright light source such as the sun.
This may damage the camera or prevent it from displaying images
properly. When installing the camera, before screwing in the mounting
bracket, check the image on the screen to see if the picture is clear from
direct bright light sources.
If your camera’s lens gets dirty, use a soft, lint free cloth to wipe it clean.
Never use an abrasive material as this could scratch the lens.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras should only be used if you have a dedicated
person monitoring your video. Otherwise it is recommended that you use
a fixed position camera.
For night viewing you must have adequate lighting. Consider buying a
night vision camera (one with infrared LEDs) or installing a light near the
camera to illuminate the area.
If you are installing a DVR for recording purposes, make sure it is locked
up and inaccessible by visitors.
Cameras should be installed in a location high enough so that people
cannot tamper with them.
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