DenialsIQ Advanced Analytics

DenialsIQ Advanced Analytics
GE Healthcare
Advanced Analytics
DenialsIQ™ advanced analytics from GE Healthcare uses a
powerful statistical algorithm developed by GE’s Global Research
Center that uncovers unseen trends from within claims denials
to help provider organizations improve financial performance by
accelerating revenues and by avoiding denials before they occur.
Provider networks are facing an increasingly
complex reimbursement environment,
characterized by changing requirements,
inconsistent guidelines and rising costs,
challenging their ability to collect the full
amount of revenue that is owed to them.
Denied claims represent extraordinary
costs to heath systems and are a primary
contributor to bad debt, which represents
millions in lost net patient revenue every year.
DenialsIQ helps accelerate the revenue
cycle by empowering managers with
actionable insights about patterns of root
cause factors within their claims denials.
DenialsIQ helps take the guess work and
research out of the denials appeals process
while providing the level of granularity and
direction to make workflow improvements to
help reduce future denials before they occur.
Reduce cost to collect by focusing
resources on your most valuable
Re-working denied claims is estimated
to cost $25 per claim, these costs can
quickly add up and erode margin. Dynamic
visualizations in DenialsIQ display denials
trends based on value, so managers can
identify their most costly issues and assign
them to specific personnel or subject
matter experts as soon as they arise. Task
owners can then work denials in bulk,
reducing the amount of costly re work it
takes to capture denied claims.
Accelerate Cash Without
Time Consuming Research
DenialsIQ identifies hidden patterns within
denials based on root cause factors, helping
staff avoid time consuming research that
often yields mixed results. Searching for
statistically significant trends across a
universe of denials should not be a human
task, yet in many cases it is. The powerful
algorithm within DenialsIQ identifies
common factors that are driving denials
so that humans don’t have to, which helps
resolve issues more quickly, accelerating
adjudication and avoiding costly delays.
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Make meaningful workflow
improvements to help reduce
bad debt
Denials are a primary driver of bad debt,
which represents millions in lost revenue
and negatively impacts critical financial
metrics every year. The median bad debt
to net patient revenue for non-for profit
hospitals in 2013 was 5.8%. DenialsIQ
surfaces prevailing denials trends as soon
as they become meaningful, enabling
managers to make informed workflow
adjustments to help avoid denied claims
from turning into bad debt and from
reoccurring in the future.
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