FLUICAL ® Portable calibrator for gas flow and pressure > Introduction

FLUICAL ® Portable calibrator for gas flow and pressure > Introduction
Portable calibrator for gas flow and pressure
> Introduction
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., the European market leader in thermal
Mass Flow Meters/Controllers and Electronic Pressure Controllers,
has 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing precise
and reliable measurement and control devices. With a wide range
of instruments, Bronkhorst High-Tech offers innovative solutions for
many different applications in many different markets. The
instruments are made to customers’ specification, in various styles,
suitable for use in laboratory, industrial environment, hazardous
areas, semiconductor processing or analytical equipment.
> Portable calibrator
Bronkhorst High-Tech have developed a portable calibration
system to meet the increasing number of demands from users of
measurement and control equipment within the ISO-9000 quality
control system. The calibrator offers great flexibility thanks to its
modular design. Its accuracy is traceable to national standards.
The FLUICAL® portable calibrator is a light weight case with a
carrying handle, containing a number of accurately calibrated
digital flow or pressure measuring modules. The number of
channels and the flow or pressure ranges are on customer’s
The calibration data are fed into the Bronkhorst High-Tech series
E-7000 digital readout and control module. This module has a
standard FLOW-BUS connection for digital communication.
As an option, the E-7000 can be equipped with a FLOW-BUS/
RS-232 interface (“40”-module), or a FLOW-BUS/ PROFIBUS-DP
interface (“41”-module).
For calibration of flow meters it may be practical to integrate flow
controller modules instead of flow metering modules. For these
modules the flow ranges are restricted to a maximum of 50 ln/min
N2-equivalent (FS).
To protect the calibration modules Bronkhorst High-Tech
recommends the use of IN-LINE filters at the inlet port.
The portable calibrator enables the user to check the calibration of
flow meters/controllers as well as pressure transducers/controllers
on site. The instrument to be checked is hooked up to the
measuring module selected, and then the actual flow or pressure
of the instrument is compared with the results of this module.
> Features
The flow modules can be selected from 5 mln/min up to 1000 ln/min
N2-equivalent (Full Scale values). The digital pc-board of each
module can store up to 8 calibration curves.
Ideal for in-field calibration check
Great flexibility due to modular design
Best accuracy: ±0,5% Rd plus ±0,1% FS
Accuracy traceable to national standards
> Technical specifications
Material of construction
: Aluminium and Stainless Steel
(wetted parts)
: Viton, other on request
: 1/8”, 1/4” or 1/2”
(on front or back)
> FLUICAL® calibration software
Bronkhorst High-Tech developed the FLUICAL calibration software
for the calibration of Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for gases.
The program is basically a Microsoft Excel worksheet with a fixed
layout, communicating with FLOW-BUS, using FlowDDE
interfacing software. The open structure allows the user to
customize the worksheet layout as well as the certificate layout.
compression type
: 6 mm or 12 mm
There are two options:
compression type
Freeware version
: depending on customer’s
requirements; best accuracy
possible ± 0,5% of reading
It contains a table with fixed conversion factors of nearly 100
gases. Registered users of Fluidat on the Net can use fluid data
and/or conversion data provided by this facility in FLUICAL.
plus ± 0,1% of FS
Licenced version
Flow ranges
: metering modules
smallest 0,1…5 mln/min
highest 50…1000 ln/min
(based on Air)
This version allows the user to calculate fluid data and/or
conversion data for variable operating conditions. To take full
advantage of this version it is recommended to follow a 4-hours
course at Bronkhorst headquarters.
: controlling modules
smallest 0,1…5 mln/min
highest 1…50 ln/min
For higher capacities separate
instruments can be furnished
up to a range of 20…1000 m3n/h.
Pressure rating
: max. 10 bar (for flow modules)
Pressure ranges
: smallest 2…100 mbar
: highest 1…20 bar
: 1/2 19” or 19” table top
housing with carrying handle
Supply voltage
: 100...240 Vac, 24 Vac,
24 Vdc (to be specified)
Technical specifications subject to change without notice.
Nijverheidsstraat 1a, NL-7261 AK Ruurlo The Netherlands
T +31(0)573 45 88 00 F +31(0)573 45 88 08 I www.bronkhorst.com E [email protected]
FLUICAL® portable calibrator
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