DK 9050

DK 9050
9 0 5 0 V E HI C U L A R
• Residential
• Electronic magnetic limits eliminate old
style mechanical switches that can wear
out, break or fail
• Automatic self-setting limits mean no
limit switch adjustments – ever
• Safety – built-in mechanical and
electronic reverse system
• Advanced microprocessor control board
features programming switches to set
the mode of operation required and has
ports for DKS plug-in loop detectors to
simplify wiring
• 5-year limited warranty
entrapment detection
reverses gate when obstructed
built in
power switch and reset switch
fail-safe release
never be locked out (or in)
unique design
allows easy access to all mechanical parts
Access Control Solutions
9050 1/2 HP
12” W x 24” H x 11.5” D
(30.5cm W x 61cm H x 29.2cm D)
1/2 HP
Class of
Max Gate Max Gate MOTOR Input
operationLength *
Weight *
16 Ft 500 Lbs. 1/2HP
(4.9 m)
(227 kg)
Continuous Duty
115 VAC, 60 Hz, 5.4A
AC Motor
* A ssumes gate is on level ground, in good condition with properly adjusted hardware.
Other external factors may affect the performance of the gate operator.
Technical Features
Frame: G90 Galvanized steel to prevent rusting
Automatic limit adjustment
Environmental: 10ºF to 140ºF (-12°C to 62°C)
Cover: Steel cover is plated and painted
Auto-close timer 1-23 sec
Primary Reduction: Single cog belt
Selectable stop / reverse loop function
Thermostatically controlled heater kit recommended
for colder environments
Speed: Approximately 10 in/sec (254 mm/sec)
Built in On / Off switch
External entrapment/obstruction sensing devices must
be used with this operator
Chain: Unit is shipped with 20-ft (6M) of #40 roller
chain, chain brackets, hardware
Built in alarm reset switch
Shipping weight approximately 70 Lbs (31.8 kg)
Fail-Safe release standard
Nickel or stainless steel chain
Two 115 VAC convenience outlets for accessory
Automatically assumes fail-safe mode when an
entrapment condition exists
Ports for plug-in open and reverse loop detectors.
DKS plug-in detectors only
Base Plate for post mounting
Fail-Secure release kit
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