Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Bypass Tube
1. Remove pressure hose from out-put of pressure gun (mounted on extension
2. Loosely install valve mounting clamp, approximately 1 ft. away from trigger
gun on extension pole (use mounting plate, nuts & bolts provided)
3. Attach pressure hose from valve mounting clamp, to out-put of trigger gun
(tighten bolts on mounting plate to secure).
4. Reattach original pressure hose, from the trigger gun out-put, to the street elbow
located on valve mounting clamp.
5. Make sure bypass tube is facing away from extension pole. Secure bypass tube
to extension pole, using the zip-tie provided.
6. Mount the 1 ft. wand with the quick couplers at the end of the extension pole.
This wand has a greater bend than the one that comes from the manufacturer.
Valve assembly comes pre-assembled with grip handle set-up on left
hand side of pole, facing outward. Grip handle can be set up on the
right hand side of pole facing outward by:
a) Remove 1 ft. bypass tube from valve assembly clamp
b) Remove street elbow from valve assembly clamp
c) Remove hose from assembly clamp
d) Install valve through the other side of assembly clamp
e) Reverse directions a, b & c (Street elbow should always be installed
on opposite side of grip handle).
Ultimate Washer, Inc.
Takes no responsibility for damages caused by miss-use or
miss-handling of this product. Follow all assembly instructions.
For Professional Use Only
Valve Mounting Clamp
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