Directed Electronics 9405T Specifications

Directed Electronics 9405T Specifications
9405T Back Up
ticular installation. If this equipment does cause
harmful interference to radio or television reception,
which can be determined by turning the equipment off
and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the
interference by one or more of the following measures:
Congratulations on your purchase of the 9405T
back up sensor, designed to aid operation when
backing up your vehicle. Simple to operate and
use, the 9405T back up sensor notifies you with a
series of beeps, voice announcements, and incorporates an LED display to notify you when the
rear of your vehicle approaches an object or
Before using the 9405T back up sensor, be sure to
practice and test the product in order to familiarize yourself with the display, beep indicators, and
detection zones as they vary by vehicle.
Warning: Improper use of the back up
sensor could result in injury or death!
This back up sensor is strictly a drive
assist device. It is not a substitute of
driver's responsibilities when backing up
the vehicle. Please drive carefully and follow all local
and federal laws when backing up your vehicle.
Directed Electronics does not guarantee or assume any
liability for injuries or damage that occur while backing
your vehicle. This product should not be considered a
safety device for any purpose. Proper driving skills,
including slowing down, using your mirrors, and having
another person as a visual assist are all proper precautions to be taken in order to safely back your vehicle.
--Re-orient or relocate the receiving antenna.
--Increase the separation between the equipment and
the receiver.
--Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit
different from that to which the receiver is connected.
--Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
1. Detection distance: 1~ 8.4 feet
2. Wireless from ECU to Digital Matrix LED
3. Self-test function activated by reverse gear
4. 3–Color matrix LED dashboard display shows
the object's location
5. Anti-false alert technology
6. All weather design (water resistant)
7. Volume switch (low/medium/high)
Operating Voltage: 9V to 16V
Display current required: less than 200mA
Buzzer: 70–90dB
Note: Changes or modifications to this unit not
expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance will void the user's authority to operate the
equipment. Any change(s) to the equipment will void
FCC compliance.
Temperature: -40° to 176° F (-40° to +80° C)
What is Included
Note: This equipment has been tested and found to
comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are
designed to provide reasonable protection against
harmful interference in a residential installation. This
equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in
accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful
interference to radio communications. However, there
is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a par-
ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
Digital Matrix LED Display
4–ultrasonic sensors
4–ultrasonic sensor connecting cables
3–sheet metal screws
18.5mm hole saw
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N9405T 11-05
Tools Required
Tools Required
Tape measure
Electric Drill
Digital Multi-Meter
Wire stripper
Electrical tape
The following illustrations show the general reaction of the backup system sensing and display
b. The object distance is—8.4–1Ft:
The system will first test all the sensors when the
reversing gear is engaged (see Self-Test
Function), and then the system starts sensing
objects to the rear of your vehicle.
a. The object distance is—greater than 8.5Ft:
The display will show the distance by the
digital number displayed and show the
object's location in the Matrix LED Display.
When the object distance is—less than 1Ft:
Zone 1 Green LED of display will flash.
"-P" will be displayed and "Stop" will flash.
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N9405T 11-05
Digital Matrix LED Display
The illustrations below show the LED display
when detecting different shaped objects.
The volume switch located at the top left of the
display has three settings. This switch has the
following options.
Beeps only, low volume
Beeps with voice, low volume
Beeps with voice, high volume
Volume switch
1Ft, Zone 5 (Red LED)
1.0–1.9Ft, Zone 4 (Red LED)
2.0–2.8Ft, Zone 3 (Orange LED)
2.9–4.8Ft, Zone 2 (Orange LED)
4.9–8.4Ft, Zone 1 (Green LED)
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N9405T 11-05
Digital Matrix Numeric Display
As your vehicle backs up towards an object, the
beep warning will first be none when the object
is beyond 8.4 feet away. Then, it will start
beeping at short intervals. As you get closer to
becomes a constant tone. Stop the vehicle, you
are now at less than 1 foot from the object. If the
volume switch is on a voice support position, the
distance and stop command will also be
the object the beeps will lengthen until it
announced as you back up.
Audio warning
Distance on display LED matrix display
1.0 ft
Zone 5
Zone 5 Zone 4
1.0~2.8 ft
Zone 3 Zone 2
8.4ft~1.0 ft
2.9~4.8 ft
4.9~8.4 ft
The digital number
on display will show
every 0.1M change
of distance
Zone 1
NOTE : Initially the system will beep when the vehicle is
put into reverse.
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N9405T 11-05
False Readings
Self-Test Function
Detection errors may occur due to the following
Smooth sloping surface
The back-up system only activates when the
vehicle is placed in reverse gear. When placed in
reverse gear the system first does a diagnostic
check to ensure the system is fully functional and
reports any sensor malfunctions within the backup system.
If all the sensors are normal, the system will beep
once and the LED display will flash once.
If there is any malfunction with the sensors, the
system will beep 3-times to indicate that one or
more sensors have problems. The flashing red
LED(s) will indicate which sensor(s) is malfunctioning.
Smooth round object
Items absorbing sound, e.g. cotton
The flashing LED indicates the problem sensor
The total number of the problem sensors
1. Heavy rain or snow, a contaminated or
damaged sensor(s) could result in detection
2. Check to ensure the system is in order before
3. Clean sensors of any mud or debris.
Immediately replace any damaged sensor
Sensor A has problem (E1: 1 problem sensor)
Sensor A,D have problem (E2: 2 problem sensors)
when detected by the system.
4. Do not paint over the sensors as this will
affect the systems performance and accuracy.
5. Heavy smoke or vapor from exhaust, due to a
cold start or a poorly running engine can also
result is a false reading.
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N9405T 11-05
Installation Diagram
The following illustration shows the general location of the components of the back up system.
Note: Before installing system let the
components of the exhaust system cool
down. This will make the installation safer
and preclude heat damage to the back up
sensor wiring or components.
Connect to
reversing light(+)
Connect to
ignition wire (+)
Sensor Installation
1 foot 8 inches~2 feet 3 inches
1. Verify that the size of the supplied hole saw
is compatible to the diameter of the sensor
before drilling your bumper. Use a scrap piece
of wood for this test.
Note: Before drilling any holes in the vehicle ensure
that the the area behind is clear of any electrical,
hydraulic, or support members, etc.
2. Install the sensor vertically, the "up" arrow
5~8 inches
5~8 inches
must be pointing up.
3. Each sensor is numbered, ensure that they are
installed as shown on the illustration.0
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N9405T 11-05
Example Sensor Placement Calculation:
ECU Installation
1. Measure the mounting distance between the
proposed locations for sensor A and sensor D.
For this example (not to be used for your
sensor A
vehicle) let’s say that measures 48”.
2. Then 0.3L is 0.3 X 48” = 14.4”
and 0.4L is 0.4 X 48” = 19.2”
3. Hence, the distance that sensor B is from
sensor A is 14.4 inches, and the distance that
sendor C is from sensor D is 14.4 inches. The
distance between sensor B and C will be
sensor B
sensor C
sensor D
reversing lingt(+)
NOTE: These distances are approximate as mounting
locations have to be selected based on clearance behind
the bumper and any obstructions or bumper curvatures
on the surface of the bumper.
Mount ECU in trunk
for a truck in as much
of a protected
area as possible
1. Verify that the size of the
supplied hole saw (18.5mm)
is compatible to the diameter
of the sensor by first drilling
a test hole in a scrap piece of
Connect the white wire
to reversing light(+)
2. Install the sensor vertically,
the "up" sign must be on
4. Drill the holes in the bumper as indicated in
the diagrams above and install the sensors.
Sensors A and D should NOT be mounted on
the curve of the bumper.
Note: Before drilling any holes ensure the the area
behind is clear of any electrical, hydraulic, or support
members, etc.
Note: Wiring is shown and described is for a positive
reverse indicator system.
The ECU is water resistant, however, it is recommended that the module be mounted in the trunk
compartment or for a truck in as much of a protected area as possible.
1. Use the 3-sheet metal screws to mount the
2. Connect the white wire to reversing light(+)
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N9405T 11-05
3. Clean the area of the dashboard where the
display is going to be mounted.
Sensor to ECU cabling
1. Each of the four sensor interconnecting
cables are numbered to match with the
number on the sensor cable.
2. To ensure a water resistant connection at the
sensors, the connectors should be seated so
that the O-ring on the connector is snug
against the collar of the jack before tightening the connector.
4. Remove the 3M sticker off the bottom of the
3. Run the sensor interconnecting cables up into
the trunk (or to the location of the ECU for a
truck) and connect to the ECU module. Ensure
that you connect the correct numbered sensor
lead to match the connector jack on the ECU
module (see illustration).
4. Connect the White wire to the reverse indicator wire (refer to previous illustration).
5. Connect the Black wire to the vehicle’s
chassis (refer to previous illustration).
5. Mount the display on the dashboard by firmly
pressing down on the display.
Digital Matrix LED Display
Note: Discuss with the vehicle owner the placement of
the display.
Input (+)
After Installation Test
Use the following illustration to test and verify
the operation of the backup system.
1. Connect the White wire to the (+) ignition
2. Connect the Black wire to the vehicle’s
Warning: Do not stand behind a moving
vehicle death or injury could occur. Prior
to testing, set the parking brake On,
ignition key On (not start), step foot on
brake and shift the vehicle into reverse.
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N9405T 11-05
Ensure that the engine is not running while proceeding
with the following tests.
2. Are sensors properly plugged into the correct
Test the system operation with a piece of wood
(8 inches wide x 3 feet, 3 inches high) after the
installation. Start with the wood more than 8.4
feet away from the vehicle. Then move the wood
closer to the vehicle and ensure that both the
If the problem persists, please follow these steps:
audible, LED, and distance indicators display correctly.
1. For consumers: Contact your dealer
2. For Installer or dealer:
a. Replace the ECU and re-check the system.
b. Test the sensors with a known operative
ECU and retest using the flat wooden
c. Plug the known operative sensors into the
ECU and re-check.
d. Contact Directed tech support.
No beep at power up or no LEDs flashing
1. Is power wire connected to ECU correctly?
2. Verify (+)12V at ECU when vehicle is in
3. Verify the ground connection
4. Have you connected to the correct reversing
indicator wire?
5. Do you have a minimum of (+)12V and ground
at the display?
False warning tone or false LED flashing
1. Is the sensor mounted too low or pointing to
the ground?
Sensors do not detect any objects
1. Is the vehicle’s exhaust smoking? Correct or
allow it to clear before proceeding with
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N9405T 11-05
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