Cardiquant electrocardiograph

Cardiquant electrocardiograph
CardiQuant BT
Electrocardiograph with radio data
Compact and attractive design
Independent PC-ECG
Medical technology
CardiQuant BT
independent PC-ECG
BT 3/BT 12 is a compact battery powered
ECG device which is worn on the body with
3, 6 or 12 channels. It has an integrated
electrode contact detector and a heart rate
meter, the results of which are displayed
on an integrated LCD display. Thanks to the
integrated Bluetooth radio data transmission
technology, BT 3/BT 12 is able to transmit
ECG data online over a range of up to 25 m to
a monitor or recording instrument for further
BT 3/BT 12 can be used in all medical
applications where the long, stiff trunk cables
are a problem due to their weight, their
motion artifacts or their EMC susceptibility
or because they limit the patient in his
freedom of motion. BT 3/BT 12 is suitable
as a trunk cable substitute for conventional
ECG monitors or ECG recorders. Especially
signifi cant are the applications in which it
is necessary for the patient to move around
freely, for example when the patient is
undergoing a stress electrocardiogram.
Together with the visualization software,
BT 3/BT 12 offers an ideal and low-priced
alternative to conventional PC-ECG devices.
The housing distinguishes itself through
its compactness and simple operability. A
removable clip allows the measuring device
to be fixed to clothing, a stretcher or hospital
bed. A small carrying case allows BT 3/BT 12
to be worn on a belt or around the neck. The
operating time of the system is more than
12 hours using two standard AA cells. If the
3-channel version or a lower sampling rate
is used, even longer operating times can be
reached. The front foil, sampling rate and
fi lter properties are adapted to customer
Technical Specifications
3 - channel ECG via 4-pin cable
6 - channel ECG (Einthoven and Goldberger) via 4-pin cable
12 - channel ECG (in addition to Wilson V1 – V6) via 10-pin cable
Basic Functions:
Continuous ECG-Measurement
Calculation of heart-rate with acoustical R-Signal
Electrode contact measurement with optical indication
Technical data
Power supply
2 x AA
Common-mode rejection
> 94 dB
Current consumption
< 200 mA
(without additional options)
< 2.6 μV/Bit ECG, 18 Bit
Operating temperature
0 - 50 °C, < 95% RH
(non condensing)
Storage temperature
-20 – 70 °C, < 95% RH
(non condensing)
Dimensions (H x B x T)
100 x 60 x 23 mm
Integrated defi brillation protection
Sampling rate per channel
100 Hz, 500 Hz,
optional 1000 Hz
0 Hz – 150 Hz digital,
software filtering on PC
Fulfi lled Standards and Regulations
• EN 60601-1: Medical electrical devices – Part 1: General safety defi nitions
• EN 60601-1-2: Medical electrical devices – Part 1: General safety defi nitions; Supplemental standard:
Electromagnetic compatibility; Requirements and tests
• EN 60601-2-25: Medical electrical devices – Part 2-25: Special definitions for the safety of electrocardiographs
• EN 60601-2-27: Medical electrical devices – Part 2-27: Special definitions for the safety of electrocardiographical monitoring devices
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