Technical S pecification - R as cal Frontier S cooter

Technical S pecification - R as cal Frontier S cooter
Tec hnic al S pec ific ation - R as c al Frontier S c ooter
Wheelchair type C lass
C lass A, B or C
C lass C
Department of Transport C lass
C lass 1 2 or 3
C lass 3
Overall dimensions fully assembled
length x width x height mm (in)
1430 (56) x 650 (26) x 1020 (40)
Dimensions seat removed tiller folded
length x width x height mm (in)
1430 (56) x 650 (26) x 730 (29)
Maximum carrying capacity at 7˚ incline*
kg (lb)
136 (300)
Maximum carrying capacity at 10˚ incline*
kg (lb)
106.5 (235)
Mass (weight) including batteries (55Ah)
kg (lb)
99.5 (219.3)
B attery voltage and maximum capacity
volts and ampere hours
12V 55Ah x 2
Type of seat
C aptain (regular)
S wivel, folding back & arms
with width adjustment.
Mass (weight) of seat
kg (lb)
14.5 (32)
Wheel size
front/rear mm (in)
Front wheel 260 x 76 (10 x 3)
R ear wheel 291 x 76 (11 x 3)
Type of tyres
Tyre Pressures normal
front/rear p.s.i. (bar)
36 (2.48) / 36 (2.48)
Maximum speed
km/h (m.p.h.)
12.9 (8)
Minimum braking distance from maximum speed metres (feet)
3.2 (10.5)
R ange on full charge and flat ground
km (miles)
Up to 40 (25)
The turn-around width
m (ft)
1.4 (4.6)
The maximum safe slope
degrees of slope
10˚ & 7˚- see carrying capacity* - Do not
exceed - the scooter may topple
The maximum climbing ability facing upwards
degrees of slope
10˚ at 235lbs - see max carrying capacity*
7˚ at 300lbs - see max carrying capacity*
Ground clearance
mm (in)
90 (3.5)
Maximum obstacle climbing ability
mm (in)
100 (4)
Maximum safe descendable kerb height
mm (in)
100 (4)
Ambient operating temperature range
°C (°F)
2 (35.6) to 40 (104)
Force to operate Accelerator control
Newtons (lbs)
2 (0.45)
Force to operate Freewheel lever
Newtons (lbs)
45 (10.1)
This scooter meets the relevant requirements of IS O 7176:14 2008. Due to a policy of continual improvement,
E lectric Mobility E uro Ltd. reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.
Rascal Frontier Scooter Owner’s Manual & Service Record
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