Online Media Recording Assignments in Moodle

Online Media Recording Assignments in Moodle
How to create an online audio/video/drawing assignment in Moodle
In your Moodle course, turn editing on.
Click Add an activity or resource in the section you want.
Select Assignment and Add.
Give it a name and description. The description is the instructions for the student.
I recommend something like you see in the image below.
You can set availability dates if required.
In the Submission types put a checkmark in Online text, and remove the checkmark
from File submissions.
In Submission settings you might want to change Attempts reopened to Manually.
In the Grade section set a maximum grade for this assignment.
In the Activity completion section set it up to
give students a checkmark on their Moodle
page when they have submitted this
Click the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the screen.
Testing the assignment: (*note: you can’t do this as a teacher because you don’t get
an Add submission button – contact EdTech if you want to enroll a test student)
Click on the assignment.
Read the instructions then click the Add submission button.
Here’s the top left icon your students may need to click to be able to see the
microphone icon in the bottom row of menu buttons.
Once you click it you get this.
the last 6 buttons on the bottom row are
 toggle full screen mode
 record mp3
 record audio
 record video
 draw a picture
 take a picture
You can ask your students to use any of these. For an audio recording select mp3.
You may have to wait a moment while the software finds your
microphone. It will ask you for camera and microphone access.
Click Allow.
Then click Record to start the recording.
Click Stop, and play it back if
you want. Once you’re happy,
click Insert to save it.
You end up with something that looks like this.
Click Save changes at the very
bottom to submit your assignment.
To listen to and grade the
assignment you click on the
assignment, then click View/grade
all submissions.
To use video, have students click the camera icon.
To have them draw a picture, they click the pencil icon.
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