Technical Sheet: eduroam Wireless Configuration - (Mac OS™ Edition) rev 02 24/04/2015
Before connecting to the network, you must familiarise yourself with the regulations for computing use at
the University of Greenwich. You are reminded that when using the computing facilities you are bound by
the Regulations for the Use of Computing Facilities at your home institution.
The full set of regulations can be viewed at:
The Janet Acceptable Use Policy at:
Initial setup
Check that the AirPort (wireless network
card) is enabled
Open the AirPort menu, and select eduroam
If eduroam is not listed then select
Join Other Network…
Next a login box will appear. If you selected
other, type eduroam in the network name box
Enter your university computer account
details (i.e. [email protected] followed by
your computer account password
When the Verify Certificate box appears, click
on Continue
If you have problems connecting to eduroam try turning Airport off and then turn it
back on from the Airport menu
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