041-Downloading a Primetest 3xx into PATGuard 3

041-Downloading a Primetest 3xx into PATGuard 3
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Application Note 0041
Downloading a PrimeTest 3xx into PATGuard 3
The following document is intended to be a troubleshooting guide to ensure you are downloading your PrimeTest 3xx in the
correct manner. Please check all aspects of this before contacting the technical support helpline.
Are you using a straight through Serial connection, or is this via a Serial to USB adaptor. If so we can only guarantee that a
USB adaptor supplied by us will work as this has been tried and tested with our cable. More information and purchase details
for this adapter can be found at http://www.seaward.co.uk/products/portable-appliance-testing-equipment/portableappliance-testing-accessories/leads-adaptors-1/usb-serial-port-adaptor or call our sales team.
Open or create a new database in PATGuard 3 select “Instruments” and then “Add a Test Instrument” using the icon
Rev 1: 15.11.2013
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Application Note 0041
At this point it is also advisable to click the settings button and ensure your options are set as below;
4) Select “Data Transfer” and “Download from Tester”.
Select the instrument from the dropdown box and then select the COM port. Select “Database” and then “OK”, at this point
you will receive a message “Please start your transmission now”;
Rev 1: 15.11.2013
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Application Note 0041
6) You will now need to configure your tester for the download.
At the main menu, scroll down to “Data Transfer”, and press F4 to confirm.
Then select “Download to PC” and confirm by pressing F4.
At this point a screen will pop up, ensure the transfer characteristics are set.
> Format – PATGuard SSS.
> Computer – Either the Computer name if Bluetooth, or RS-232 if using the cable to transfer.
> Baud – 57600.
Once connected you should see the Send option above the F4 key. Press this now to send the information.
A process bar will show up on the screen of the tester, and within the software you should see an indication of data being
received, as shown below.
The software will process the data, and then produce your Sites, Location and Assets within the Database:
Rev 1: 15.11.2013
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Application Note 0041
8) NOTE: If you have problems with the COM port
Please ensure your com port is the correct one, usually for Serial connection this tends to be COM4 to COM14 (COM7 in
example below). You will now need to configure your tester for the download.
In the PC Device Manager look for ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’, click the ‘+’ sign to expand the ports out. From the list double click on
the Communications Port you use.
Another pop up will appear for the COM Port chosen, click the tab at the top ‘Port Settings’. Ensure that your port settings
match those shown in the picture below.
Rev 1: 15.11.2013
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