PH508 110db Power Horn Remote Siren

PH508 110db Power Horn Remote Siren
Power Horn Remote Siren (110dB) Receiver
Plugs Into
Description: This is a plug-in X10 PRO "Rise/Fall" Siren sounding at levels of 110dB. This unit is very loud and will scare the bad guys for sure.
It has a screw-down hole to secure it to the wall outlet so it cannot be easily removed during alarm conditions.
Specific Requirements: 120VAC
Excites with Continuous ON/OFF cycle of a matching House and Number Code (4 cycles minimum), 4 Second delay on startup and shutdown.
Excites with Continuous ALL Lights ON/ALL Units OFF cycle (4 cycles minimum), 4 Second delay on startup and shutdown.
Optional / Supplementary Devices & Modules:
Works with X10 Security Systems/Voice Dialers/Personal Assistants such as: PRO2000 Digital Security Console, PSV067/DS7000 Voice Dialer
Security Console, PA5800/PPC01Personal Assistant Console.
Works with PSC01 PowerFlash Security Interface Module.
Numerious commercial Security Systems which have X10 Command Capability buit in.
X10 Protocol:
House Code Dial - Letters A-P, Default "A" Unit Number Dial - Numbers 1-16, Default "1"
Each X10 Receiver Module is set to a unique Unit Number or to an identical Unit Number as desired.
Each X10 Controller operating a specific set of Receiver Modules must be set to the same House Code as the Receivers they are controlling.
Electrical Protocol:
Nearly all residential homes are wired SPLIT-PHASE. Each 120V Phase is NOT directly connected with the other 120V phase. If after installation,
an X10 Receiver does not respond to a Remote Controller, then check to ensure that the breaker serving the X10 Receiver is on the same phase
as the Controller. If not, the breaker can be changed to the opposite phase. An alternative solution is recommended, to install a Phase Coupler for
improving remote communications throughout the home. See, then select Technical Support and PLC Troubleshooting.
1. Plug-in the Siren to the desired 120VAC wall outlet. Multiple Siren devices can be used simultaneously, set at the same X10 Address,
i.e. - "A1".
2. Determine your system type, which will be exciting the Siren:
a. Commercial Security Panel with X10 Command Capability:
I. Program in the House Code "A" and Unit Number "1" per Panel instructions.
II. Program the Panel, when in Alarm condition, to send an X10 ON & OFF Command-cycle, continuously.
III. Siren will excite 4 seconds after cycle starts. Siren will quiet, 4 seconds after cycle ceases.
b. Non-X10 capable Security Panel, uses the PSC01 PowerFlash Security Interface Module.
I. Program Panel to emit a Voltage (max 18VDC) or a Contact Closure during an Alarm condition.
II. Plug-in the PSC01 to a wall outlet and connect the PSC01 to the security panel appropriately. See PSC01 Instructions.
III. Set PSC01 to "A" for Voltage, "B" for Contact Closure, Mode "2" for Flashing ON/OFF Mode. (Paragraph 2.a.III. applies.)
c. X10 PRO Security System.
I. Refer to the X10 PRO Security System Installation Instructions for proper use of an X10 Siren.
II. An X10 Siren can be excited by either a continuous ON/OFF or All Lights ON/All Units OFF cycle.
d. Manual Excitation.
I. Using any X10 Controller, perform two ON/OFF cycles with the control button pertaining to the siren's set Address.
II. As long as the manual ON/OFF cycle is maintained, the siren will continue sounding.
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Technical Support: (800) 832-4003
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