SLC-1049C Camera
Color 3 Axis Dome Camera
User’s Manual
Imager Type
Light Sensitivity
Video Format
White Balance
Gain Control
Operating Temp
1/3” Super HAD CCD imager
420 Lines
.2 LUX
NTSC Comp 1V p-p
Auto Electronics
3 axis
12VDC, 200 mA
140-1220 F
2.5”H x 3.5”D
SLC-1049C Dome Camera Installation:
Loosen the top ridged dome of the camera by gently twisting. The interior camera can be adjusted for
the proper viewing angle. Hand tighten after adjustments and prior to mounting.
Select a mounting location where the camera can be mounted securely. If an outdoor location is
selected, make sure that the camera is mounted under an eave or awning and has a clear view of the
area to be monitored. After confirming that the mounting location is free from electrical wires or other
hazards, mount the camera securely using the hardware supplied. Connect the video/power cable to the
camera as shown in the connection diagram.
Route the 50’ video/power cable from the camera (supplied) to the recording device (DVR), monitor, or
TV. Connect the BNC yellow video plug to the video in jack on the monitoring or recording device.
Connect the 2.1mm red power plug to the power adapter included with the camera. Observe that one
end of the 50’ video power cable has a power connection for the camera; the other end connects to the
power supply (different connectors). Refer to the connection diagram on the back of this page for cable
connections to your system.
The power adapter supplied with your camera is intended for indoor installation only. Use only the power
supply provided for camera power. To avoid possible shock hazards or product damage, do not alter the
connections or wiring. Use caution when connecting the adapter to AC voltage. Avoid exposure to
electrical wires or other hazards when routing AV or power cables through walls, ceilings, etc. Securely
mount the product to avoid possible damage or physical injury. Use the camera in a well ventilated area.
Do NOT allow camera to become submerged in any liquid.
Certain laws prohibit the recording of audio & video or monitoring of individuals without their consent.
The user of this product assumes full responsibility for any and all violations of an individual’s rights
regarding privacy laws. Check with your local, and state authorities regarding video and audio
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