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P r o n t o M 5 1  ®
I n va c a r e ®
Pronto® M51™
Power Wheelchair
Versatility comes standard with the Invacare® Pronto® M51™ Power Wheelchair with Invacare® SureStep® Suspension. The
M51 Wheelchair boasts true center-wheel drive performance for exceptional maneuverability and intuitive driving. The M51
Wheelchair comes standard with a center-post captain’s seat with plush contoured foam cushions and vinyl seating surfaces. The
M51-R Wheelchair comes with a four-post adjustable rehab seat for consumers with moderate seating and positioning needs.
The M51-CG Wheelchair comes with a standard center-of-gravity power tilt system. The patented Invacare SureStep Suspension
system provides a smooth ride over transitions and thresholds up to 2" while maintaining stability. The M51 Wheelchair design
offers sleek styling and comfort while optimizing maneuverability and accessibility.
Captain's Seat Features
Medium back captain's seat with flip-up,
adjustable width arms
Semi-recline office-style seat with
standard flip-up, height and width
adjustable arms
Invacare® Formula™ CG Powered
Seating Features
55° of tilt with 300 lb. weight capacity
Starting seat-to-floor height 17.5"
(additional options available)
Semi-recline captain's seat with standard
flip-up, adjustable width arms
Fully programmable Invacare® MK6i™
electronics for maximum function and
actuator controls available
Rehab Seat Features
Standard adjustable ASBA rehab seat
can expand in both width and depth
Adjustable seat slope
Can be easily retrofitted with a power tilt
Fully programmable Invacare® MK5™
NX™ Electronics for precise driver control
Choice of light grey vinyl, charcoal grey
vinyl, tan vinyl or grey cloth upholstery
16", 18" and 20" widths
Fully programmable Invacare® MK5™
NX™ Electronics for precise driver control
HCPCS Code: K0822, K0823, K0835
Invacare Corporation
One Invacare Way
Elyria, Ohio
44035- 4190
(800) 333- 6900
1. True Center-Wheel Drive
2. Invacare ® SureStep ® Suspension
3. Optional Invacare Transport Tie-Down*
Model #
Overall Dimensions
M51P, M51PR,
38"-40" L**
24.2" W
36.6" H
*TRRO includes four factory-installed brackets and wheelchair anchored pelvic belt. TRRO has been crash-tested in accordance
with ANSI/RESNA WC Vol 1. Section 19 Frontal Impact Test requirements for wheelchairs with a 168 lbs. crash dummy, which
corresponds to a person with a weight of 114 lbs. to 209 lbs. TRBKTS includes four factory-installed wheelchair transport brackets.
TRBKTS has not been crash tested in accordance with WC19. Use these transport brackets only to secure an unoccupied wheelchair
during transport. As of this date, the Department of Transportation has not approved any tie-down systems for transportation of a
user while in a wheelchair, in a moving vehicle of any type. It is Invacare's position that users of wheelchairs should be transferred
into appropriate seating in vehicles for transportation and use be made of the restraints available by the auto industry. Invacare
cannot and does not recommend any wheelchair transportation systems.
Seat Rehab Seat-to-
Dimensions Floor Height**
Drive Wheels
Ground Clearance
16"-20" W
19.5" 16"-20" D
l b.
Total Weight
Motor Capacity
Battery Speed
Range Limited
198 lb.
300 lb.
2 Pole
4.25 mph
Up To
5 Years
10.5 Miles
Base Frame
**Footboard down
3 Years
For other seating option specifications refer to the Invacare Visual Configurator. Do not operate on roads, streets or highways. Seat Frame
1 Year Electronics/
All references to HCPCS codes: Providers are responsible for determining the appropriate billing codes when submitting claims to
the Medicare program, and should consult an attorney or other advisor to discuss specific situations in further detail.
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Unit 8
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 4G4 Canada
(800) 668-5324
Invacare Corporation.
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