User’s Manual 601
User’s Manual
Thank for your use of the mini-DVR unit of our company. This
user’s manual will describe function, installation and operation of
this unit so that you could quickly and deeply understand it. The unit
supports the operation system Windows xp 32bit
windows vista
Windows7 64bit. The main menu of the software consists of Capture,
Edit and Burn. The software supports input of two signals, i.e.
external AV input and Wireless video Signal input. If your computer
has other video input devices, you should select wireless video
signal device AKR8001 in the video dialog box in the menu option
of the software. In this software, you can select audio encoder format
of input signal and can also select file recording format. These files
can be played with Windows media player or Real player. The
software supports photography and the photography files are in the
format of JPEG.
No use in high temperature and/or high humidity.
Avoid exposure of this unit to direct sunlight.
No use of thinner or other chemical detergents for cleaning the unit.
No disassembly of this unit without permission. Contact your local
dealer or our company if you have any question.
2.Main functions
Time, date display and position setting
Support photography
Manual transformation of input channel
Video setting (optional video format)
Replay and replay editing
Support external AVI input
Receiving sensitivity -85db/mv
Receiving frequency
CH1 2.414Ghz
CH3 2.450Ghz
CH2 2.432Ghz
CH4 2.468Ghz
Audio frequency 6.0M (or 6.5M) optional
Support signal of PAL/NTSC system
3. Schematic diagram of panel
Channel switching
Power indicator
USB2.0 interface
A/V IN input
I. Installation environment of software
CPU speed: 2.4GHZ or higher
Minimum memory: over 512M
Space of hard disk: over 10GB
- Operating system: winXP, WinVista
Interface: USB2.0
II. Installation of software
(1)Install drive:
Put the CD accompanied with the unit into the CD drive, insert the unit into a computer and install
USB2.0 drive program according to the relevant steps
Click Next
Click Next
Click Finish after the rolling bar finishes
2 . Find APP folder in the drive disk, open the folder and click the following icon to install.
Double click the icon
Click Next
Click Next
Click install
Click yes
Click Finish after installation is completed
3、Use method
(1) Open application software, click icon on desk, a dialog box appears.
(2) Find the notepad of product key in the CD, input the serial number into the
dialog box and click OK.
(3) Use method: open the software, click Capture to enter the function of search.
(4)Click option to select the inputted video encoder and audio encoder, select
file format, file type, file section size and file storage position, and click OK
after setting is completed.
(5) Click Record to start recording. Recording starts when the Record indicator turns green. Click
stop to stop recording.
( 6)Click Edit to enter the file editing status.
V. Package and parts
1. Antenna, 1 PC
2. Installation DC for 601, 1PC
3. A/V cable, 1 PC
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