pp9030sJ GE Profile Series 30" Built-In Touch-Control Electric Cooktop

pp9030sJ  GE Profile Series 30" Built-In Touch-Control Electric Cooktop
GE Profile™ Series 30" Built-In Touch-Control Electric Cooktop
Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches)
Important: Requires a 5" free area between
the bottom of the cooktop to any combustible
material, i.e., shelving. Free area not required
when installing wall oven underneath cooktop.
Refer to installation instructions. Requires a 15"
minimum from cooktop to adjacent overhead
cabinets. Units are furnished with a 48" flexible
armored cable.
Note: 30" Ribbon cooktops are approved for use
over select GE 27" and GE 30" Single Wall Ovens
and Warming Drawers. Refer to cooktop and wall
oven/warming drawer installation instructions
packed with product for current dimensional
data. If installed with a GE Telescopic Downdraft
System, consult both the cooktop and downdraft
installation instructions packed with product
before installing. Cooktop gas/electric supply
may need to be re-routed to install downdraft.
The countertop cutout requires 23-1/2" minimum
flat countertop surface and 25" minimum total
countertop depth. In addition, other clearances
to front edge of the countertop must be
considered. Before installing, consult installation
instructions packed with product for ­current
dimensional data.
Cutout filler trim kit: A filler trim kit
is available for use if your countertop cutout is
larger than the dimension shown, up to 29-13/16" x
20-7/16". Order JXTR32B for black or JXTR32W
for white, to reduce the cutout opening for
installation of this cooktop. These kits may be
ordered from your GE Appliances Dealer.
PP9030SJ, PP7030SJ, JP5030SJ
Approximate Cooking Dimensions
3-1/4" at front of unit and
6" at conduit location
13" MAX. depth of unprotected
overhead cabinets (when no
hood or microwave is installed)
19-5/8" to
28-1/2" to
1-3/4" MIN.
to rear wall
30" MIN. from countertop to
unprotected cabinet (when
no hood or microwave is
15" MIN. height from countertop
to nearest cabinet (including
light rails) on both sides of
2-1/2" MIN.
Electrical junction box 16" MIN.
below countertop
To insure accuracy, it is best to make a
template when cutting the opening in the counter
2" MIN. clearance
to side wall from cut-out
on left sides of unit and
1-1/2" clearance on
right side of unit
KW Rating
39.6 Amps†
39.6 Amps†
Note: Check local codes
for required breaker size
For answers to your Monogram, GE Profile™ Series
or GE® Series appliance questions, visit our website
at geappliances.com or call GE Answer Center
service, 800.626.2000.
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Specification Revised 11/15
GE Profile™ Series 30" Built-In Touch-Control Electric Cooktop
Features and Benefits
Five radiant cooking elements - Cook foods quickly and evenly on
this sleek, glass surface
lide touch controls - Precisely control heat instantly and easily
with one swipe
"/9" Power Boil element - Use different pan sizes on this single,
3,100-watt flexible element that produces rapid powerful heat
5"/8" dual element - Use different pan sizes on this single,
2,200-watt flexible element
SyncBurners - Control two 7" elements simultaneously to evenly heat
large cookware or griddles*
Multi-element timer - Manage up to five pans at once with individual
timers for each element
Control lock capability - Protects against unintended activation
ustom Settings - Personalize your cooktop settings to fit your
cooking style
Red LED display with black glass surface and stainless steel trim
- Achieve a modern look that complements the entire kitchen and
other stainless steel appliances
*Optional Stainless Steel Clad
Aluminum Griddle
Achieve even results with this lightweight griddle,
tailored to fit GE SyncBurners. Order part number
JXGRIDL1 from your GE Dealer.
ot surface indicator lights - Know when elements are too hot to
touch with a quick glance
Model PP9030SJSS - Stainless steel
Specification Revised 11/15
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