Ei168RC RadioLINK interconnect mounting base with rechargeable Lithium cell back-up
For use with Ei161RC, Ei164RC and Ei166RC smoke and heat alarms only
Allows Ei Professional Mains Easi–Fit alarms, Ei161RC, Ei164RC & Ei166RC only, to be installed without the use of a
hard wired interconnect, instead using a radio signal to operate the interconnect feature.
Requires 230V AC Mains Power Supply.
Features built-in tamper proof Rechargeable Vanadium Pentoxide Lithium standby cells, capable of lasting at least 10
years and powering the base initially for at least 2 months in the event of mains power failure.
The cell manufacturer endorses a minimum 10-year life expectation for the rechargeable cells.
The product is CE marked to indicate conformance to BS EN 60065:1998 (Electrical Safety), EN300220-1 V1.3.1 (200009) (RF Performance), EN301489 V1.4.1 (2002-08) (EMC) and has been 3rd party tested for electrical safety in
accordance with Annex K of BS 5446: Pt.1: 2000.
Radio frequency: 868.499 MHz in accordance with R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC – this band has been designated for use
with security products and only allows a 1% duty cycle, so continuous transmission and interference from external
sources is extremely remote, and would be illegal.
Range: the type of building will be the major limiting factor e.g. the number and type of walls/ceilings that the radio signal
has to pass through. As a guide, 30m should be the maximum distance between any of the alarms in the system. Also
see section 14.
Up to 20 units can be used in one system. For larger systems contact our Technical Service Department for guidance.
Also see sections 7 &14.
Low battery warning signal – LED indicator flashes every 10 seconds to indicate depleted battery.
10. Ambient Temperature Range: 4°C to 40°C. Humidity Range: 0 to 90 % relative humidity.
11. External alarm RF signal: operates sounder on smoke alarm (without red LED flash) until it receives an alarm cancel
signal. Receiver remains on for additional 11 seconds to check for further signals. This ensures integrity of the
interconnect function.
12. Units are in factory code when received (they will all communicate with each other). They must be ‘House Coded’ to
eliminate the risk of adjacent properties communicating with each other. After house coding they will only communicate
with other bases coded at the same time.
13. House code: operate the ‘House Code’ switch on all bases in the system. An Amber LED on the side of each base will
flash. Each base will ‘learn’ the serial numbers of all units in the system. The units will return to normal standby mode
automatically after 30 minutes. Pressing the ‘House Code’ switch again on any alarm in the system will return all alarms in
range to normal standby immediately. Separate zones can be created within blocks of flats and other large buildings.
These zones will not communicate with other ‘House Coded’ zones in the same building, eliminating problems of
nuisance alarm affecting all dwellings. If interconnection is required between dwellings, the need to cross property
boundaries with mains/interconnect cables is eliminated.
14. Repeater function: where distance or obstructions cause range restrictions, the Ei168RC has a built-in multi-level
repeater. On receiving an RF signal from another alarm, the unit will automatically re-transmit the signal to other alarms in
the system. This provides multiple signal paths to give a strong and robust system.
15. Unique Easi-Fit design with integral terminal block for connection of mains supply (and hard wired interconnect option).
The chosen Smoke/Heat alarm slides into position on the mounting plate automatically operating the back-up cells ‘on’
switch. The switch can be operated manually if preferred. A ‘Knock out’ in the side of the base is provided to allow
standard or mini trunking to be used.
16. The Ei168RC can be used with the Ei410 and Ei411H RadioLink Remote Control to allow remote test, hush and locate
features with Ei161RC, Ei164RC and Ei166RC alarms. A RadioLink Manual Call Point, Ei407 and a Remote Relay
Module, Ei428 are also available for use in the system. See separate specification sheets for further information.
17. Dimensions: 140 diameter x 20mm depth. Weight inclusive of packaging: 230g.
18. 5 year guarantee.
19. Manufactured in the EC.
Aico Ltd.,
Mile End Business Park, Maesbury Rd, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8NN
Tel: 0870 758 4000 Fax: 0870 758 4012
E&OE - As our policy is one of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to vary details without prior notice
Ei168RC Issue 2 (29.03.07))
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