Power Chain Management Solutions

Power Chain Management Solutions
Power Chain Management™ Solutions
Product Focus
Commitment to Environmental
Sustainable Building Solutions
Optimize Energy Usage
Improve Power Quality
Increase Reliability
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The Energy
of Innovation
The world is growing. Construction activity is surging
in the United States and is reaching unprecedented
levels in China, India and other rapidly developing
countries. The world needs energy to power this
progress and even on a planet as bountiful as ours,
resources are finite.
As the designers, stewards and conscience of this global
building boom, contemporary architects are at the forefront of a sustainable building movement that focuses
on creating beautiful and functional structures for human
work and habitation, while establishing building principles and practices that preserve, sustain and protect
the environment.
At Eaton, we are here to help. We offer a comprehensive
array of electrical products, technologies and services
that allow architects and building owners to take a
holistic, life-cycle-oriented approach to their electrical
generation and distribution systems.
The result is an unparalleled collection of Power Chain
Management Solutions that optimize energy usage,
reduce energy consumption and enhance the comfort
and sustainability of the office buildings, plants, schools,
homes and hospitals for which they are specified.
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This brochure provides an abbreviated look at a select
group of Eaton Electrical products and describes how
they can be employed as part of a Power Chain
Management Solution that promotes environmental
sustainability and delivers bottom-line benefits throughout the life-cycle of a building.
PowerChain Management™
Solutions from Eaton
EATON CORPORATION Power Chain Management Solutions • www.EatonElectrical.com • 1-800-525-2000
EATON CORPORATION Power Chain Management Solutions • www.EatonElectrical.com • 1-800-525-2000
The Power Chain.
The Case for Power Chain Management Solutions
The power chain is the complete electrical power system
contained within a manufacturing facility, university
campus, retail chain, health care center, military base,
home or any other entity where electricity must
function without interruption. It consists of the power
infrastructure – the design of each electrical system, in
its individual parts and components, plus the monitors,
sensors, communications and computers that monitor
analyze and run them.
Integrated Facility
System™ (IFS)
The Cutler-Hammer Integrated
Facility System™ (IFS) is the
latest innovation for electrical
distribution equipment from
Eaton Electrical Corporation.
This unique solution integrates
Cutler-Hammer electrical distribution equipment into one spacesaving switchboard structure
while maintaining or expanding
the available wiring space.
By incorporating Cutler-Hammer
Smart BreakerTM technology into
Pow-R-Command TM lighting
control products, the IFS provides
a high-performance controller
that can be used in all major
lighting areas. Reliable load control is achieved by integrating
the contactor function directly
into the circuit breaker. These
features make the IFS easier to
use and maintain.
Series G® Circuit Breakers
The first true world-class circuit
breaker family. The next generation circuit breaker line builds on
the success of the Series C line
while incorporating numerous
enhancements for improved
performance and value, especially
for MOEM markets. Most notable
of these improvements is the
size, approximately 30-40 percent
smaller than a comparable Series
C breaker. Another important
feature is that the breakers have
global acceptance (UL, CSA, IEC)
plus a Kema-Keur mark (the only
breaker manufacturer to do so).
Lastly, the smaller frames (EG,
JG, and LG) have been designed
to use common accessories that
are field installable.
EATON CORPORATION Power Chain Management Solutions • www.EatonElectrical.com • 1-800-525-2000
The Power Chain.
The Case for Power Chain Management Solutions
High Efficiency
Uninterruptible Power
Supply (UPS)
Metering & Monitoring
Power Factor Correction
Low Temperature Rise Energy
Efficient transformers are
designed with lower than normal
conductor and total losses. As a
result, temperature rise is lower,
which leads to greatly improved
life expectancies and substantial
increases in overload capabilities.
Eaton's Powerware products have
been protecting mission-critical
operations since the days when
mainframes were so big, they
needed their own rooms. That's
over 40 years of experience in
the power quality and backup
power protection industry. The
result is an expansive product
line with advanced solutions for
any application, from desktops
to data centers.
From the moment power enters
your facility to the instant it is
used by a process, tenant or
equipment, Eaton Electrical's
complete family of industryleading Cutler-Hammer power
management products - metering
devices, protective relays, communications hardware and
PowerNet software - will monitor,
analyze, measure and control
your power chain.
Eaton Electrical products for
Power Factor Correction and
Harmonic Mitigation correct
poor power factor, thereby
reducing or eliminating penalties
charged by the utility; increasing
load capacity; and regulating
Powerware solutions include
UPSs ranging from 300 VA to
more than 4,000 kVA. Our
award-winning software and
connectivity devices incorporate
all the features you need to
proactively manage your systems,
from basic monitoring and shutdown to predictive analysis and
power management. Powerware
Integration Services offers complete solutions tailored for the
specific requirements of federal,
telecom, and commercial markets.
Eaton Electrical’s power management products put you in
charge, enabling you to take
control and make the informed
decisions that will improve
operational efficiency, locate
problems before they develop
and avert them before they
grow. Cutler-Hammer power
management products also help
you manage energy usage, control
energy costs, increase reliability
and decrease downtime.
Both 80°C- and 115°C-rise
transformers can help cut operating expenses for systems
requiring unit loading at 80 to
100 percent of the nameplate
rating, 24 hours a day, or where
load growth is expected. A
115°C-rise transformer can carry
a continuous 15 percent overload,
and the 80°C-rise can sustain a
30 percent overload, without
exceeding the insulation rating
or seriously reducing the life
expectancy of the transformer.
• NEMA® TP-1-1996, ENERGY
STAR Compliant
Whatever your industry,
Powerware provides answers
with customized power management solutions backed with
7/24 Global Services support.
Eaton's Foreseer system proactively monitors and manages your
critical facilities infrastructure,
including HVAC, UPS, power
distribution, generator, firedetection, and security systems
from hundreds of manufacturers.
Cutler-Hammer Power Factor
Correction Capacitor Banks and
Passive Harmonic Filters are
available in a wide array of applications, from 240 V AC-115 kV
and kvar ratings of 1-15,000.
Because each facility is different
and has its unique needs, Eaton
Electrical can custom design the
most appropriate solution that
will help you safely reduce energy
consumption and diminish or
even eliminate power factor
penalties. In most cases, the
payback is less than two years.
Often, it is less than six months,
making our Power Factor
Correction products one of your
best investments in power quality.
With an intuitive graphical interface, Web enabled, multiple views
from global to individual components, multi-level alarm thresholds,
and complete asset management
capabilities, the Foreseer system
provides a much-needed window
into the operational state of critical
EATON CORPORATION Power Chain Management Solutions • www.EatonElectrical.com • 1-800-525-2000
Our Vision.
Environmental Sustainability
A Company-Wide Commitment
At Eaton, our commitment to environmental sustainability
extends beyond the manufacture of energy-saving
electrical equipment. It is central to the vision of our
entire organization.
Variable Frequency Drives
Eaton's expanded drive offering
now covers a complete line of
PWM adjustable frequency drives
with a full range of options and
enclosure types. Drive applications
include simple variable torque to
more complex industrial applications such as conveyors, mixers,
machine controls, HVAC and Oil
& Gas.
Intelligent Technology (IT)
Soft Starters
Eaton Electrical offers some of
the most innovative soft starting
solutions in the industry. Whether
it's a new installation or a retrofit,
we have the answer.
The Intelligent Technologies IT.
Line of Reduced Voltage Soft
Starters is very compact, multifunctional, easy to install, and easy
to program. Designed to control
acceleration and deceleration of
3-phase motors, the line is available for current ranges from 12
amp all the way through 1000
amp applications, and is suitable
for mounting in motor control
centers or in enclosed control
(NEMA 1, 4, 4 X, and 12) applications. The Intelligent Technology
IT. Line of Reduced Voltage Soft
Starters includes the Medium
Voltage MV801, the S801, and
the S752 soft starters - each
comes standard with a control
interface module.
For example, Eaton recently teamed with FedEx
Corporation and Environmental Defense to create a
hybrid delivery truck that reduces particulate emissions
by 96 percent and increases fuel efficiency by 50 percent.
The first 18 production models of the vehicle are now
in service, and FedEx plans to add another 75 hybrid
vehicles to its fleet in the first year.
In addition, Eaton Corporation’s Heavy Duty Truck
transmission plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has been
inducted into the Mexican government’s prestigious
Industria Limpia (Clean Industries) environmental
program. In order to receive this honor, Eaton had to
demonstrate, through a series of rigorous audits,
significant results in reducing and eliminating waste,
and to prove that the plant conserves and is respectful
of natural resources including water, fuel and energy.
Through these and similar initiatives, including membership in the United States Green Building Council (USGBC),
vigorously pursues the protection and preservation of
a healthy global environment.
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems provide upfront analysis and
design prior to project implementation. Through a Power Chain
Management audit, our power system engineers will help you
quickly diagnose problems or proactively identify ways to improve
your electrical system’s performance and operation through ...
• System design engineering
• Power audits and studies
• Arc flash and safety studies
• Energy management
• Consulting support
To learn more about Eaton’s energy-saving power chain solutions,
or to find an authorized dealer near you, call 1-800-525-2000 or
visit www.eatonelectrical.com.
EATON CORPORATION Power Chain Management Solutions • www.EatonElectrical.com • 1-800-525-2000
Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer
with 2004 sales of $9.8 billion. Eaton is a global leader in
fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and
aircraft equipment; electrical systems and components for
power quality, distribution and control; automotive engine air
management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty
controls for performance, fuel economy and safety; and
intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel
economy. Eaton has 57,000 employees and sells products to
customers in more than 125 countries. For more information,
visit www.eaton.com.
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