Residential solutions

Residential solutions
A smart home is a brilliant idea
“The automated life used to be the
exclusive realm of the rich. Now
home automation is coming to a
subdivision near you.”
— WIRED Issue 13.01
What is home control?
With more and more smart electronics
Control4® solutions are:
playing a central role in our everyday
• Very affordable and cost effective
lives, you’d think they’d be making
• Easy to install, no major
life easier. But with so many different
technology formats—Blu-ray, Bluetooth,
MP3, WMV, HD, 3D, iWhatever and
whatever’s-coming-next—things are
getting more cluttered and complicated,
construction required
• Simple to use, right from a TV, touch
screen or remote control
• Flexible, start small and add more
control as time and budget allow
De-clutter your
not more convenient. Wouldn’t life be
• Compatible in new and older homes
coffee table. Use
better if everything worked together?
• Limited only by your imagination
one remote for
multiple devices.
At Control4, we’re making it simple and
affordable for you to intelligently control
virtually any device in your home—from
TVs to thermostats, door locks to DVRs—
no matter where you are, using one
easy-to-use interface. This is intelligent
home control. A genius idea, indeed.
Through our easy-to-use
interface you can intelligently
control and automate virtually
any home function.
That’s genius!
This is your home with a brain
Imagine. In one touch, the movie starts,
Watch—Browse cover art and start
your shades close and the surround sound
the movie from your smart phone.
kicks in at the perfect volume. When the
sun goes down, your porch light goes
Listen—Orchestrate whole-home
on. And the whole house locks at 11 pm.
audio with a slide of your finger.
You rush out with the kids to drop them
off at school. By the time you get to the
Lighting—Enjoy lighting scenes or
turn off all house lights in one touch.
office you wonder, “Did I close the garage
Comfort—Kick-start your home
door?” Check from your phone and relax.
thermostat before you leave the office.
Now, live the green life without sacrificing
comfort. It’s easy to control your house
and reduce energy use.
Security—Arm the security system or
see who’s at the door from your laptop.
More—Control pools, sprinklers, and
much more. Dream big. Start small.
With Control4, you can design the
home automation system of your
dreams on a very real budget.
We offer a variety of intuitive
Control4® interfaces to drive your
system: TV remote, tabletop, inwall, and portable touch screens.
Even your smart phone and iPad
can put you in control.
Dwell in possibility
Residential control possibilities are limited only by your
imagination. Control4 customers all over the world are
experiencing the ultimate in home automation.
A few examples:
Having it all in Colorado
• Automated lighting illuminates walkways at night
• Play music while sharing photo slideshows
• Access playlists, Internet radio and more from any room
in the house
• Turn everything off and lock up with a single button by
the bedside
Energy efficient in Ontario
• Pre-set temperature, lighting and motorized shades for
optimum energy savings
• Set automatic email alerts when the garage door is left
open—and close it remotely
• Energy usage information is displayed right on the TV
• “Goodbye” button automatically turns off lights as the
homeowner runs out the door
Safe and sleeping sound in California
• 24/7 video surveillance accessible on any TV or touch screen in the house
• Affordable touch screens and keypads throughout help keep the home safe
and secure
• Intercom allows the family to easily screen or greet visitors
One-touch easy living in London
• Commence the day by tuning into the BBC and triggering lights in the
bathroom, closet, and kitchen
• Everything turns to “off” mode when the family leaves for the day
• Access the library of movies and music from a TV screen any time
The ultimate man cave in Florida
• A single remote controls everything from lighting, video games, movies,
music, and more
• One touch dims the lights and turns on the surround sound as the big
game begins
• With on-screen notifications, never miss the pizza delivery, even when
the music is cranked during half-time
Control that grows with you
Dream big.
Start small.
Got your dream concept of control?
We’ll make it a reality. Because Control4®
solutions are entirely modular, it’s easy
to add more control to your home
over time.
• Start simply with just one control
solution, like home theater control in a
family room
• Experience smart lighting and climate
solutions to save energy—and money
• Add peace of mind with door locks and
security control
You can always add more features and
functionality when time and budget
allow. There’s no such thing as starting
from scratch.
Control4 makes it easy to add more control
to your system when you want, or as
budget allows—even if it’s a year or two
later. Ask your dealer how it works.
We pride ourselves on
innovation and the ability
to not just meet, but
exceed the needs
of our customers.
It just keeps getting better…
You’ve seen what apps can do for your
Experience the convenience of using
smart phone. Imagine what they’ll add to
your smart phone to manage your
your smart home.
Control4® system whether you’re home
Only Control4 offers the 4StoreTM
application marketplace, designed
exclusively for the digital home. Now
you can enhance your Control4® system
or away, including lighting, temperature,
music, video, security, web cameras
and more.
with every download.
Control4 makes it easy to go green
without compromising your lifestyle.
With Control4® 4Sight Internet Service,
you can always keep an eye on things
at home, even when you’re not there:
Receive email or text alerts in case of a
water leak, intrusion, fire or even when
your teenager gets home. And take
action to correct it, from the beach or
the boardroom. It’s easy.
From smart dimmers to intelligent
thermostats, it’s easy to put your house
on “auto-pilot.” You’ll be making an
impact on the environment—and
your wallet.
Knowledge is
empowering. Monitor
and manage your
energy use on a TV
or touch screen.
“I just love the system and simple
interface. Nothing on the market
compares and solves all my
problems. The Control4® solution
exceeded my expectations.”
— Patti H.
Affordable solutions for control
Control4 has it all...
The most powerful Control4® Operating
Controllers are the central hub of every
System to date features new home-
Control4® system. Each model gives you
control functionality, support for exciting
powerful control over your entire home
hardware products, and international
and enables you to build your dream
language support.
home-control system over time.
MyHome™ App
From speaker points to audio switches,
Turn your iPad, iPhone, tablet,* Android-
iPod docks to media players, Control4®
enabled device or PC into a control
products make it easy to design a
interface for your house with one easy-to-
home theater or multi-room
use app. MyHome makes it easy to control
music masterpiece.
just about anything in your house from
just about any screen.
Curb your monthly bills and ease your
A variety of intuitive Control4® interfaces
Control4® dimmers and switches easily
let you control your lights, temperature,
replace existing light switches, or plug
movies, music and much more. You may
into outlets to offer complete control
prefer an elegant in-wall touch screen for
of your lights and electronic equipment
the kitchen and an easy-to-use remote for
without construction hassles. And the
Control4 integrates with your existing
the family room.
energy savings come naturally.
security system and provides you with a
eco-conscience by automating systems to
With 4Store™, the world’s first application
conserve energy.
marketplace designed for the digital
home, you can personalize your control
preferences with each new download.
variety of options to monitor the safety of
your home.
Learn more at
*See complete device compatability detials at
Why Control4?
We’re a proven leader
We work with the world’s largest
always have choices when it comes to the
consumer electronics companies, hotels,
devices, apps, and products you want to
businesses and energy companies to
control. It also ensures you’ll enjoy your
deliver an intelligent, open and affordable
investment well into the future.
control solution. So you can be confident
we’ll be a great addition to your
home, too.
We believe
in choice
We think way
beyond a box
We revolutionized home automation
when we introduced the first affordable
intelligent control solution. Each year we
If 5-star hotels like the
ARIA in Las Vegas choose
Control4 to impress their
guests, you can trust our
solutions will work for you.
Without getting too deep into “geek
innovate some more. With services like
speak,” Control4 is an open platform.
4Sight™ that give you a window into your
That means we embrace standards and
home even when you’re not there, and our
work with the industry’s most innovative
very own app store, you can expect the
third-party developers to ensure you
great ideas to keep on coming.
You should know...
We’re not a product or a technology company. We’re a lifestyle company, inspired
by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, security, safety and just plain fun
for people around the world.
We partner with system designers and installers who share our vision and passion
for excellence. The combination of their professional expertise and our awardwinning solutions is changing the way people live—for the better.
Are you ready?
™ | +1.801.523.3100
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