MLS NEWS – Semi-Annual Pr

MLS NEWS – Semi-Annual Pr
MLS NEWS – Semi-Annual Profile Sheet Updates – Effective February 11
Major Change in Representation of Bathrooms on MLS
Currently, your MLS represents total bathrooms as a four digit number. For example, if a home is listed as having 2110 baths, it has 2 full
baths, 1 three quarter bath, and one half bath. The first digit is for full baths, the second digit is for three-quarter baths, the third digit is for
half baths, and the last digit is for quarter baths. This was set up many years ago to better represent baths that at the time were listed as
a summed number (2.5 for instance) which could have been translated to many different combinations.
Over the last few years, we have found that our way of representing baths is very different than most MLSs. When we send our bathroom
data to national websites, our baths often are mishandled with the biggest problem being that three-quarter baths are ignored. Over the
last few months, the MLS Committee and the MLS Board of Directors have discussed this issue, and after much debate have decided that
a three-quarter bath (no tub, shower only) should be considered a full bath. On Thursday, February 11 we will begin a conversion that will
impact every single family, condo, and multi-family listing of every status in our database (almost 330,000 listings). The conversion will do
the following:
• Three-quarter baths will be combined with full baths under each level (upper, main, lower), and as a total. All three-quarter bath fields
will be deleted.
• Under Single Family and Condo, a new feature will be added under Interior Features for "At Least 1 Tub". If a listing has at least one
full bath, before the conversion, this feature will be selected.
• Under Single Family and Condo, the Master Bedroom Bath feature will be modified to include: Full; Half; None; Walk through;
Tub/Shower combo; Walk-in Shower; Tub,No Shower. Listings with three-quarter selected under Master Bedroom Bath will be modified
to reflect a full bath. Please modify your current listings to indicate the type of tub/shower present in the master bedroom bath.
• The search screens will be updated to reflect separate search fields for Full Baths and for Half Baths.
• All standard MLS reports will be modified to remove the three-quarter bath field. If you have created any custom reports within
Paragon™, you will need to modify them.
Important: Total bathroom count will be removed from saved searches. If you have a prospect that has specified a certain number of bathrooms, you will need to update the criteria for that prospect. If you do not add a bath limitation to your prospect’s search, they will still get
emails, but listings with all bath counts will be included.
If you have a website that breaks out three-quarter baths, you will need to have your webmaster make a change to eliminate three-quarter
baths. All IDX vendors will be notified of this change, but we recommend you mention it to them as well.
New MLS Profile Sheets will be available from the Paragon™ home page beginning February 4.
Addition of New Field for Mailing City
Along with the bathroom conversion on February 11, we will be adding a new required field called Mailing City. This field will be included with listings sent to all website vendors so that the public can more easily find properties that are located in townships outside cities/villages. Currently, if a property is located in a township, it is often hard to find that listing by address on some national public websites. The
public is familiar with mailing city names, but not with township names. Some national websites use the zip code translated to city name,
which helps with this problem, but not all do. On February 11, Mailing City will be added to all active, pending and withdrawn listings
based on the following:
• For properties located in a City or a Village, the data in the Municipality field will be copied to the new Mailing City field.
• For properties located in a Township, the zip code will be translated to its corresponding city/village name and entered into the new
Mailing City field.
The new MLS Profile Sheets available February 4 will include the new Mailing City field.
Other February 11 Profile Sheet Changes
In addition to the two significant changes above, the following new features will also be added to the database and profile sheets on
February 11:
• Under Interior Features for Single Family and Condo – Integrated Audio System will be added.
• Under Interior Features for Single Family and Condo – Wood Trim will be deleted.
• Under Terms/Misc for Single Family and Condo – Zoned Multi-Family will be added.
• Under Improvements for Lots & Acreage – Residential Structure w/ Little or No Value will be added. See rule change below regarding
• A new feature group for Farm Features will be added to Lots and Acreage. This list will include: Dairy Farm; Livestock Farm; Horse
Farm; Crop Farm; Tree Farm; Organic Farm; Currently non-working.
What Can Be Included under the Lots & Acreage Category
The Lots & Acreage category is limited to vacant land, and land with buildings other than residential structures. An exception is made for
properties that have a residential structure with little or no value. For Lots & Acreage listings that include a residential structure with little or
no value, the listing agent must select the new feature, Residential Structure w/ Little or No Value, under the Improvements feature. So this
means if the residential structure on the land is not considered to have little value, the land cannot be marketed under Lots & Acreage.
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