Included with all new HC-250 and HC-800 controllers*, TuneIn
gives you free access to 70,000 radio stations and millions of
podcasts and programs—all through the intuitive Control4® User
Interface. The Control4® system makes it easy to enjoy your
favorite artists, songs or radio personalities from either a local
station or from anywhere around the globe!
Get the music you want, where you want it
them show up on all other navigators in your system. Access your
Favorites on other interfaces as well, such as the TuneIn mobile
app and on your computer. You can even have multiple TuneIn
accounts added to your Control4 system so that each family
member can have their own customized TuneIn experience
What’s on TuneIn?
Any and everything audio across the globe:
Hearing the music you love is simple with Control4 and TuneIn.
From any Control4® Navigator interface you can search or browse
for content by genre, artist, song, radio station, podcast, and
more. TuneIn works with every Control4® audio zone within your
home, so each family member can enjoy their own personalized
favorites or listen to the same audio content in all zones at the
same time.
Discover and save your Favorites
Once your TuneIn account is added to the Control4 system, it’s
simple to add Favorites from a Control4® touch screen and have
• New York hip hop to Icelandic indie rock
• World news from BBC to complete sports coverage
from ESPN
• Public radio stations from coast to coast—KQED to
WNYC and any independent radio station in between
• On-demand programs like The Adam Carolla Show
and Fresh Air
Whether you want to hear music, sports, news or current events,
TuneIn offers the world's radio and brings you to where you want
to be.
*Requires OS 2.4 or later. TuneIn can also be activated on legacy systems with an
HC-800, HC-250 or HC-1000 controller when updated to OS 2.4 or later.
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of Control4 Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All specifications subject to change without notice. #101504-A
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