Black Neck Loop Instructions
Sarabec Neck Loops
(201-11x Series)
The neck loop is for use with hearing aids that have the "T"
(Loop pickup) facility. The neck loop can be used with
most TVs, Radios or other equipment that have a 3.5mm
mono or stereo headphone socket that is intended for low
impedance headphones.
The neck loop can also be used with our Crescendo 20
plus range systems.
It is not suitable for use with the Crescendo 10 or
Crescendo 20 (grey/blue) range.
Your Neck Loop is supplied ready for use.
Instructions for use
Plug the lead from the neck loop into the headphone or
earphone socket on the Amplifier, TV or Radio. On some
TV & Radio models this will automatically turn off the
internal loudspeaker. On other models there is a switch or
separate socket which allows the internal speaker to be
left on. Check the equipment handbook for more specific
Adjust the volume of the equipment to the normal listening
level. Switch your hearing aid to the "T" or "MT" position
and adjust your hearing aid volume control for best results.
During use of the neck loop you may find that as you move
your head the sound level goes up and down. This is
found with some hearing aids that have a very directional
loop pickup. Wearing the neck loop “off the shoulder” or
putting the neck loop on the back of the chair on which you
are sitting may reduce this effect. If you are using a body
worn aid the best signal will be received when the plastic
moulding is placed on or near the aid itself.
This neck loop can also be plugged into the extension
speaker socket of a TV or Radio, but care should be taken
not to overload the neck loop. The maximum continuous
power input should not exceed 0.5 watt. Too high an input
will damage the neck loop and also overload the hearing
aid causing distortion.
Adaptors are widely available to connect the neck loop to
other types of output sockets.
Sarabec Neck Loops
(201-11x Series)
Impedance: 60 ohms @ 1KHz nominal
Maximum Power: 0.5 watts
is a mark of Sarabec Ltd.
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