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Emerging Technologies and Industry trends
Technologies and
Industry trends
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour,
All Access 2010 Show version, January 28th & 29th Halifax, NS
Presented by Pierre Louis Landry
Eastern Regional Sales, Incospec Communications
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Who we are?
From your content to its distribution, we deliver solutions.
Delivering simple and specific
solutions to complete turnkey
systems with integration
As a trusted value added
reseller since 1978, Incospec
Communications provides the
latest video, audio and data
technology for
• terrestrial broadcast
• satellite,
• wireless,
• cable,
• business,
• education,
• webcasting, and
• presentation applications.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
We focus on implementing signal distribution
to new media
We concentrate on
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
We focus on implementing signal distribution
to new media
• More recently:
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
All Access 2010 Show
Incospec Industry Trend Makers
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Executive Summary
1) Trends in Broadcast TV
and Corporate
• What they have in common
2) HD reality
• AVC HD (H.264)
3)TV station in a box
4) Audio Loudness
5) 3D or Stereoscopic
6) AV & PC switching
7) News sharing-Pooling
9) Unlocking Proprietary
10) Viewership trends
11) On-line content
12) Digital Signage
13) Streaming
14) Netbooks vs Laptops
Mobilty TV
Shooting on a budget
HDMI v1.4
New Gadgets
Trends in Broadcast
TV & Corporate
What they have in common?
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
What does Broadcast and Corporate
communications have in common?
• The end-user (consumer) experience is sketching our
• We now live in an IP-based world and an ever-changing
• If your not thinking IT, it’s time you do
• Mass marketed products are driving
• Quality Improvements
• Price competitiveness
• HD is now a norm
• Inter-connect: Residential AV and Smart buildings
• Entertainment rather than information management
• Processing power makes many of our products a reality
with real-time access and results
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
What does Broadcast and Corporate
communications have in common?
• Managing bandwidth and Network control have become
a main concern
• Work with file based workflows
(Check out 14h30 Connecting Content to Opportunity)
• Need tools to find, indentify and move files
• Unlocking the value of your archive content will be key in 2010
• Disaster recovery is now becoming a planned reality
• Have content intended to a target audience to deliver
• The delivery method, which was far apart in the early days, are
more closely related today
• Embrace technologies for delivery, before the
competition does it.
HD Reality
AVC HD (H.264)
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
ATSC now a reality
As of June 12th 2009 in the US
• Canada August 31st, 2011
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Pansonic solid-state gear to capture 2010
Olympic winter games
• All video delivered from the International
Broadcast Center (IBC) to the rights-holding
broadcasters around the world will be
produced and distributed in the 1080i HD
format using P2.
• Vancouver 2010 will be the first Winter Olympic
Games captured entirely with HD equipment.
• The company said it will provide P2 HD series
camcorders and related equipment incorporating AVC
Intra, its latest video codec.
Feb. 12-28,
in British Columbia
• At in the Beijing Games last summer — the first HD
Summer Games — Panasonic’s DVCPRO HD was
used as the official recording format.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Talking about AVC H.264
A Quick course
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Better Signal to noise
AVC H.264 @ 10 bits
Courtesy of ATEME
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
New lower cost products:
Example AVC HD encoding
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Finally a Blu-Ray disc recorder
• Record and author professional BDMV (with menu) or BDAV discs.
• Advanced MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H.264) encoding provides support for
HD and SD sources,
• Built-in format converter can downconvert HD content for recording to a
standard DVD.
• The units support BD-R or BD-RE (erasable) Blu-ray discs.
SR-HD1500 $2550
• 500GB drive,
• RS-232C terminal
• Support for .MOV files
SR-HD1250 $1995
• 250GB hard drive
• No RS-232C and .MOV support.
TV station in a box
And does both MPEG-2 &
AVC H.264
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Electra 8000
• 1080p50 Ready with 3 Gbps Input
• Foundation for SVC 720p + 1080p
• 3D ready with dual frame synchronized encoding paths
• Turn on ancillary services for Web/Mobile TV when need comes
• All from the same box, no need for transcoders
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
28-36 RU’s
Baseband Audio
1RU - 300W
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Main Encode Path Up/Down
Conversion *
Secondary Encode Path *
Conversion *
* Electra 8200 hardware only
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Collapse headend complexity
Up to 4 inputs, baseband or compressed over ASI / IP
Multiple output profiles for each input: encode it once!
Outputs are fully independent, can be in different VBR pools and/or
Any-to-any support
1RU <300W
Ch 1
HD Ch1
Ch 2
HD Ch2
HD Ch3
Ch 3
Ch 4
HD Ch4
Mobile (H.264)
Mobile (H.264)
Mobile (H.264)
Mobile (H.264)
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Audio Loudness
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
• Incoming source levels vary widely between channels
• Ex: loudness doubles when switching from HBO to Fox
• Subscribers constantly have to play with volume knob when
changing channels (wake up the kids syndrome)
• Transient audio changes within the same channel
• Sound level seems to double when program goes to commercial
• Dynamic range: explosions or music way sound way too loud, and
audience can’t hear the dialog
Note: ATSC Loudness Seminar in DC, Nov 4th, 2009
ATSC membership approved its Recommended Practice: Techniques for
Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness for Digital Television.
-Adheres to the broadcast loudness control ITU-1770
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Audio Loudness correction
• File based
• Dolby LM100
• Colbalt
• Live (Black boxes)
• Junger
• C8086-8 8ch Level Magic Surround
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Target Operating Level
• Partnered with industry leading Jünger Audio of Germany
Proven solution deployed by many broadcasters
• Integrated in encoder chassis: works with Compressed (FLEX) or Baseband
• Solves jumps in loudness between channels and within a channel (transient)
• Set and forget: user selects target level per channel or for entire headend
Level Magic takes care of the rest
• Preserves audio quality, no clipping or distortion
3D or Stereoscopic
Quantel 10h30
Recent DreamWorks animation feature "Monsters
vs. Aliens" showed in 3D on just
28 percent of the 7,300 release screens but
grossed 56 percent of total box office receipts.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
SMPTE announced the requirements for
a stereoscopic 3D Home Master standard
The SMPTE 3D Home Master provides high-level image formatting
requirements for the source materials authored and delivered by
content developers.
• It also spells out requirements for the delivery of those materials to all
distribution channels--from physical media to terrestrial, satellite, cable
and other streaming service providers.
The SMPTE task force recommends a mastering standard based on
1920x1080 pixel resolution at 60 frames per second and per eye.
More than 200 people from 13 countries, representing Hollywood,
broadcasters, cable and DTH service providers as well as consumer
electronics manufacturers and semiconductor companies
collaborated on the SMPTE 3D Home Entertainment Task Force.
Technology, May 4, 2009, 8:25 AM ET
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
3D the art and technology to create magic
Mark Zoradi, President of Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures Group
• 3D has evolved from an interesting innovation to
a viable business
• Showed exerts from ‘’Tron 2.0’’, ‘’Beauty and the
Beast’’ and ‘’Toy Story 3’’
• To move beyond a fad, it must meet 3 criteria
• 1) The technology must ignite an audience response
• 2) Must be widely available
• 3) Must demonstrate a solid commercial success
• Currently there are 2,200 3D-capable screens in
1,500 theaters worldwide
• Between now and 2012, Disney to release 17 3D
• 3D is here to stay
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Eight 3D Movies We're Looking Forward To
The Adventures Of
Tintin: Secret Of
The Unicorn
Alice in Wonderland A Christmas Carol
Toy Story 3
Up • Master Mind
DreamWorks' head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg has
decreed that, from now on, all DreamWorks Animation
films will be shot in eyeball-caressing 3D. That
includes Shrek Goes Fourth, How To Train Your
Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda 2, but the one that's
floating our boat is this intriguing comedy. We'd be
going ga-ga over it for the voice cast alone - Robert
Downey Jr., Ben Stiller and Tina Fey are all lending
their pipes
3D events
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
"We definitely see 2009 as a breakthrough year,"
says Mark Hartney, managing director of the 3D@Home Consortium.
NBA All Star Saturday Night 3D presentation
The multi-day, multi-artist Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan and the Mile High Music Festival in
Denver, Colo.
TV Globo Network in Brazil. Dias will show a short video of the largest Brazilian parade, the
spectacular Carnival 2009, using stereoscopic 3D.
Sky HD
Sky has already captured content in 3D including coverage of the Ricky Hatton versus Juan Lazcano boxing
match in May. It was shot using different rigs - a mirrored rig for close-ups and a “side by side” for longer
shots - both using Sony HD cameras.
The Keane concert is amongst a growing list of Sky’s recently broadcasted 3D content which includes:
England vs New Zealand Rugby Union Test Match
Liverpool FC vs Marseille Champions League match
Sky1’s Gladiators
Ricky Hatton vs Juan Lazcano boxing match May 2008
Pop concert film "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" and the animated hit "Monsters vs.
January 8 live Fox Sports presentation the FedEx Bowl Championship Series National
Championship Game between the University of Florida and University of Oklahoma,
Director James Cameron's $300 million sci-fi epic "Avatar" (December 18) is perhaps the most
highly anticipated
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
• 3D satellite channels
• DirecTV 3D,
• Blu-ray 3D
• Blu-ray 3D is by far the highest-quality 3D content
consumers are apt to see at home
• Panasonic DMP-BDT350
• Sony BDP-S770
• Sony soon be releasing a firmware update for the Playstation
3 (PS3) which would make the gaming console Blu-ray 3Dcompatible
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Stereoscopic imaging
Coming Soon to a Home Near You -Predictions
In-Stat projects worldwide
3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014.
3D Blu-ray player shipments will track closely
with 3D TVs.
Pricing is a major barrier, as survey
respondents are not willing to pay much of a
premium for 3D TV sets and Blu-ray players.
Many pay-TV operators will use half-resolution
3D as a stepping-stone and learning
opportunity for full HD 3D in the future.
On a regional basis, North America will be the
largest market.
AV & PC Switchers
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
AV Switchers
More and More AV and PC related switchers hit the market
Key Features
Live seamless switching of video, audio, and computer sources
Mix digital and analog sources
Upconvert/downconvert multiple video channels between HD and SD*
SD/HD simulcast output*
Pre-programmable video layouts with keyers for picture-in-picture and other effects
Digital effects with 2D and 3D transformations, including page turns, ripples, and swirls
Luminance and chroma keyers
Integrated control of Grass Valley Turbo™ and T2™ intelligent digital disk recorders (iDDRs),
Acappella™ router, and other devices
Stereo analog and AES/EBU audio
SD-SDI audio de-embedding and re-embedding
Four-band parametric equalizer and motor-driven audio faders
Simple audio-follow-video mode
Intelligent audio-delay management for live production lip sync
News sharing /
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
News Sharing: One For All, All For
Local TV coverage of President Obama's
commencement address at Arizona State University
KSAZ (Fox-owned) , Scripps' KNXV (ABC) and Meredith's
KPHO (CBS) relied on their recently formed
newsgathering partnership to supply footage of the
president's arrival and his motorcade through the city.
• The pooling arrangement allowed each of the stations to
assign freed-up crews to stories that might distinguish them
from the others.
• KPHO reporters and photographers, for instance, fanned out
to get more personal stories.
The sharing movement began last November when the
Fox and NBC station groups announced that they would
be establishing news sharing partnerships in all the
markets where they compete, starting in Philadelphia in
• Fox and NBC have launched what they are calling the Local
News Service in Chicago and Dallas earlier this month and
• To come: New York, Los Angeles and Washington — by the
end of the year.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
News Sharing: One For All, All For
Other Fox-centric sharing arrangements:
• Detroit,
• Fox's WJBK and Scripps' WXYZ (ABC) starting last month.
• Austin,
• Fox's KTBC, LIN's KXAN (NBC), Belo's KVUE (ABC) and Four Points Media
Group's KEYE (CBS) starting in February.
• Atlanta,
• Fox's WAGA, Gannett's WXIA (NBC) and Meredith's WGCL (CBS) starting
last Monday. (A Fox spokesperson says that arrangement is still in a trial
• Tampa,
• Fox's WTVT, Gannett's WTSP (CBS) and Scripps' WFTS (ABC) starting
later this month.
• Boston,
• Fox's WFXT and CBS-owned WBZ starting June 1.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
More on the news coop issues
WFOR-CBS4 and WPLG-ABC 10 (South Florida) recently agreed to
share a news helicopter.
• Also combining resources is ABC in Phoenix
Budget cuts ground Channel 11 KNTV San Francisco helicopter
• It costs about $1 million a year for a station to have a helicopter
• Purchased the Bell 206 L4 LongRanger in early 2006.
• Chopper 11 is equipped with four cameras.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
More on the news coop issues
• Trend also for shared control rooms
• Master control is much easier to consolidate.
• At least you're not competing with the other guy when it
comes down to that. That's just engineering. It's getting the
signal out.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Talking about the news
Sneak Preview
New at NAB 2010
Portable broadcast encoder
IP & DVB-ASI i/f
H.264 codec/decoder with adaptative
32GBytes removable storage
Foldable 2 x 4” monitor
Menu touchpad
Flat control panel with rotary knobs
Ruggerized for outside use
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Operational modes
Base Station
V + 2A
V + 2A
32GBytes = 30 hours of H.264
broadcast quality recording
Removable storage
Local storage
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV Sees Widespread Consumer Adoption
Enrique Rodriguez, Microsoft's corporate vice president for TV, Video and Music Business
Just a few short years ago, Internet Protocol television, or IPTV
for short, was the new kid on the block and didn't get much
attention. That's certainly the case no longer, as this technology
has proven it's here to stay
The key trends in the IPTV industry are scale and service
More than 2.5 million global subscribers to TV services powered by
its Mediaroom platform.
Attributed this spike in interest to IPTV's superior ability to offer more
"quality of experience" services.
AT&T's U-verse IPTV service, which launched Total Home DVR last
IPTV is no longer a telecom-only proposition.
Innovative applications such as AT&T's U-bar for customizable weather,
stock, sports and traffic information," he said.
Cable's move to DOCSIS standards enabled it to launch IPTV services, he
China-based Guangzhou Digital Media Group as the first cable
service provider to use Mediaroom to deploy an IPTV service
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV Norway
One example of a broad integration
• TV 2, the largest commercial
broadcaster in Norway.
• Using Silverlight, FAST, PlayReady, chat
and traffic sharing with MSN for its
innovative live and on-demand video
• Provides access to a full lineup of TV
programming, including premium live
sports, and is one of the most successful
online TV services in Scandinavia.
• TV 2 is making use of Windows Live ID and
FAST to introduce a new statistics service
and a new community for its football fans.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Create a ‘community of interest’ around a given topic,
product, locality, service or set of services.
Government departments will be able to reach constituents and stakeholders,
laying out new policies,
official meetings, and
governmental changes at both a local and national level.
the benefits of IPTV have long been recognized.
MIT identified the opportunity of marketing its courses to students around the world back in 2001, when it
embraced IP for distance-based learning.
Across the US, Universities and private Training Companies now have a platform that enables them to sell
their courses worldwide.
IPTV, and access to web-based services, provided by the AmiNET product range offer the healthcare
market solutions for
Patient Entertainment Services
Visitor Information
Staff training and Information Systems
Patient Care Systems
IP in HD out (HDMI-only)
Amino A130M
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV commercial applications
• Benefits of digital guest-room entertainment
• Eliminates VCR-based systems - fewer
• Digital content securely up-loadable to each hotel
• Update content more frequently.
• Remotely monitor, diagnose, and repair systems
• Reduce maintenance costs.
• Improved digital quality pictures.
• Real Video on Demand.
• Interactive services, including internet browsing
(on-screen, or via guest's own lap-top).
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
“Telus TV” in Western Canada
Launched an updated version of its IPTV service 'Telus TV' in Western Canada,
powered by Microsoft Mediaroom and offering a number of new features.
The new version of Telus TV offers:
PVR Anywhere, enabling users to record and watch a show on any connected television
within the home; the ability to record up to three shows simultaneously from any room; the
ability to pause a show in one room and pick it up in another; the ability to connect Telus TV
to up to six TVs in a home, with multiple HD streams; instant channel change; improved
search capability; picture-in-picture; and the ability to set series recordings for all favourite
“The new Telus TV service will revolutionise how Albertans watch television,” said Ibrahim
Gedeon, CTO at Telus. “With so many great shows and events airing at the same time, it
can be a challenge to decide what to watch, what to record to watch later, and what to
miss. Telus TV's HD PVR brings an end to this constraint, offering next generation
functionality and the best PVR experience available in the marketplace.”
The new version of Telus TV is available to most clients in and around Edmonton and in over
40 communities in British Colombia and Alberta, effective immediately, to be expanded over
time. The telco is thought to currently have over 100,000 subscribers for Telus TV.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Commercial IPTV deployments
Pentagon headquarters of the United
States Department of Defense.
News and information access are critical to
daily operations for the more than 23,000
users at the Pentagon.
• The project included an upgrade of the entire
video headend and expansion of the
transport infrastructure to support more
standard definition (SD) and high definition
(HD) video channels as well as on-demand
video applications.
• The headend replacement encompassed a
full range of digital video solutions from
Harmonic, including multi-channel DiviCom
Ion MPEG-2 SD encoders, MV 500 MPEG-2
HD encoders, NSG 9116 edgeQAMs, the
ProStream 8000 digital video mosaic solution
and NMX Digital Service Manager.
• The HFC expansion provided by Harmonic
included MAXLink transmitters and
amplifiers, PWRBlazer nodes and digital
return path systems.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
GM Plant Oshawa
• Challenge
• Internal communications has always been a challenge for any
corporation of any size and with new distribution technologies,
GM was looking to improved the delivery of the corporate
• Incospec Solution
• With a long time partner Scopus (now part of Harmonic), MPEG2 encoders were put in place to provide source material to be
distributed in an IPTV network to Amino set top boxes.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Low cost IPTV system
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV companies to watch: VOD
• Logic Innovations
• Also provide VOD solutions for
• Corporate communications
• Education distant learning
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV Network Management
Logic Innovations
• The EMS-1200 supports advanced management and control of
headend and field devices. Operators can quickly organize and manage
individual-, group-, and broadcast-targeted devices by network
segment, geographic location, or device functionality.
Devices can be reconfigured, firmware-updated, time-synchronized and
controlled over-the-air or via ethernet -- across satellite and terrestrial
network topologies, without the need for a backchannel. Where
available, a backchannel connection can return status, versioning,
system and performance data from each device to the EMS-1200. The
inband management channel uses carouseling and block erasure
correction codes to ensure that firmware updates are successful -- even
in the event of data loss. The management agent comes pre-installed
on Logic Innovations' platforms to ease deployment.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IPTV and Panasonic/Skype
• More interesting
announcements from
Panasonic included,
Skype on TV.
• Users will be able to
make HD video calls
using Skype on
Panasonic TVs.
CES 2010
Unlocking the
Network Management
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
BBC outlines long-term technology strategy
• “The BBC must strive for further
standardisation in the technology solutions
it employs to minimise the overall costs
and maximise re-use.
• The use of commercial off the shelf
(COTS) technologies and solutions should
be the preferred option.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Unlocking the Proprietary infrastructure
• Multi-vendor solutions
• One common frame
• Up to 10 cards in the 8310 frame
• Up to 20 cards in the 8321 frame.
• One common remote
• Full control and monitoring
capabilities are available with free
DashBoard™ software
• Hard panel remote
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Unlocking the Proprietary infrastructure
• Best of Breed
Audio Conversion
Control & Monitoring
Embedders & De-embedders
Distribution & Monitoring
HDTV / Multi-Definition
Keyers & Mixers
Logo Inserters
Receiver Decoders
Synchronization & Delay
Video Conversion
Video Networking
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Industry shakers IBC 2008
• “One Price, One Platform, More Choices”
The program lowers the cost of all Algogear applications to one simple
price of $5995.00 USD.
It also gives the customer the power to switch the Algogear hardware to
any of the supported applications as their requirements grow or change
The quickly evolving Algogear series now includes
Downconversion (New)
Line Delay applications (New)
Noise Reduction
Frame Synchronization
Advantages of FPGAbased image processing
versus ASIC
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Wolher Open Gear Captions
HDCC-200 Dual-channel HD/SD-SDI data insertion and extraction.
• Provides a variety of useful captioning tools.
• One card can be configured and reconfigured as needed to convert
captioning from SD to HD formats and back, insert two generated or stored
captioning data streams into two programs, or extract captioning data from
two SDI signals.
HDCC-200A features duplicate video outputs per channel
configurable to render captioning "burnt in" for end-point preview on
any external display.
The card automatically formats the data for insertion into the HDVANC space as set out in, CEA-608B, CEA-708B ITU-TH.222 and
the Australian Free TV OP47 specifications.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Unlocking the Proprietary infrastructure
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Viewership Trends
The consumer experience
Social Networking
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
More households cut the cord on cable
Viewership Trends
• We’re starting to see the beginnings of cord cutting
where people, especially young people, are saying all I
need is broadband, said Glenn Brit, President, Time Warner Cable.
• The number of ‘’cord-cutters’’ remains too small to
threaten the pay-television industry, but Comcast and
Time Warner are starting to notice.
• 1) turning to free over-the-air HD channels
• 2) Video-game consoles such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
• 3) watching Internet-connected TV sets, paying a basic highspeed internet fee of about $45, as well as set-top boxes from
companies like Netflix
• 4) Some are also using media browsers that they can download
free and run on PCs, providing access to TV shows, movies and
other content directly from the web
Ref: Wall Street Journal, May 28th, 2009
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
More households cut the cord on cable
Viewership Trends
• The Cable-cutting trend isn’t just being
driven by pinched personal budgets
• Younger consumers gravitate to popular
and free online video sites such as
• Google’s YouTube
• Hulu, a joint venture between News Corp
and NBC Universal, which is owned by GE
and Vivendi.
• More content producers are also offering
their TV shows and movies online through
services such as Apple’s iTunes and
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Viewership Trends
• Some 900,000 US homes didn’t pay for
TV and relied solely on Web TV last
• Estimates from Park Associates projects
numbers to grow.
• 8% of adults now view television shows
online at least once a week,
• Up from 6% in 2008
• 1 in 10 youths watch TV online
• ("youth" as 18 to 34 year-olds)
On-Line Content
Section 10
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
''Extreme Techies'' Watching 1.5
Hours a Week of Online Video
"Extreme Techies" stream significantly more online
video content,
• watching up to 91 minutes (1.5 hours) per week,
• compared to 44 minutes for all broadband viewers.
• Representing 8% of the total adult 18 and older
broadband population, which equals 4.6 million
viewers, this group is the most advanced of all
segments in consumption of online video.
• They are technology innovators, with 38% connecting
their computers to their televisions via devices such
as a Media Center PC or direct connection to view TV
and movie content.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
CBS News to Let a Web Site Pick Up
Its Live Coverage
Seeking a younger audience more accustomed to watching the news on the
Internet than on television, CBS News said Monday that it had joined with a live
video Web site to simulcast its newscasts and special reports.
The Web site, Ustream, will show the “CBS Evening News With Katie Couric,”
breaking news coverage and unfiltered news conferences and speeches.
While already shows many of those live streams, the news division says it
hopes to expand its audience by providing video to third-party Web sites.
Ustream, makes the video more interactive by allowing users to chat beside the live
coverage and embed the video player on other sites.
CBS News’s Internet sites were visited by 10.8 million people in April, according to
Nielsen Online, up 9 percent from April 2008 but paling in comparison to news sites
owned by MSNBC, Yahoo and CNN, which each draw 35 million to 40 million visitors a
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Hope For Haiti Now
Google-owned YouTube and MTV said it will also be shown live on
Hulu, MySpace, Fancast, AOL, MSN, Yahoo!,,,,, and Rhapsody.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
NBC Olympics 2008...Pivotal Internet Video Points
NBC Olympics 2008 Beijing
• Hotspots in Video
• In Video Navigation
• Multiple Live Cameras (as in 4 or
5!) showing on your screen
• Picture in Picture - where you
can actually see and enjoy the
small and large screen
• Extensive search database alerts of breaking news you want
in video based on your
preferences, and more.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Follow Olympics on-line @CTV
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Creating in the New Media Landscape
Josh Schwartz, creator of the hit series' Chuck, Gossip Girl, The O.C.
Producing "Rockville, CA,"
• a Web-only series dealing with a Los Angeles
nightclub called Echo Park and the sexy young musicindustry hopefuls whose dreams revolve around it.
• The six-minute episodes can be seen streaming from
the WB online network at
• He talked a lot about how hard it is to stay afloat if you
are doing shows that don’t have a traditional
• Younger viewers are turning to different delivery
platforms to get this entertainment fix.
• That doesn’t necessarily show up in the ratings, and
without the ratings you aren’t going to be on the air for
long. He did give some hope in that some people are
starting to get into web programming. Not much pay
there yet, but there is a lot of freedom.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Power of online
• When Susan Boyle (the 48-year-old
singing sensation) first appeared on
Britain's Got Talent, 11 million
people watched her on ITV.
• But within a day or so, far more
had viewed her on YouTube, and
a fortnight on, her various clips
online have given her a bigger
audience than even Barack
Obama achieved.
• 12 million people on YouTube
after first weekend
• over 100 million have seen her on
Youtube since then.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
IAB Reports Internet Advertising
Newspaper ads ($34.4
National and local TV
ads ($29.8 billion)
Internet advertising
$23.4 billion in annual
Exceeded advertising
on cable TV for the first
time ($21.4 billion)
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On-Line presence
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
On-Line presence
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
On-Line presence
Digital Signage
Check John Velone’s presentation at
14h00 Studio E
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Mobile TV in buses
Raleigh, WRAL and the CBC New Media
Group launched the first public
deployment of mobile digital TV in a
Capital Area Transit bus.
• The monitors include a simulcast of
WRAL's programming, as well as a
Doppler radar image showing the region's
weather, a seven-day weather forecast
and space for advertising and city and
CAT news
• LG Electronics Inc. and Harris Corp.
supply the cutting-edge technology for the
system. LG will provide mobile DTV
receivers, flat-screen monitors and project
development and support. Harris will
provide mobile transmission equipment,
the digital signage systems and
development and support services.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Signage Helps Soldier Retention
Ever since the military became an
all-volunteer force, soldier
retention has been a major issue.
• The team decided to install one
flatpanel screen in the commons
area of each armory.
• The primary information to be
carried would be open job postings
to encourage the soldiers to
advance their careers within the
National Guard.
• The system would also provide
National Guard news, motivational
posters and videos and general
Signage at the Colorado National Guard
•The solution was to connect the
signage network through the
Verizon Express Network wireless
data service
•The Guard selected the Tightrope
Carousel Pro server and 14 Carousel
Solo 220 players, each of which feeds a
42-inch Sharp 42SB45U LCD display,
which has 1080p capability. The players
connect to the network via a Verizon Air
Check Brent Ross presentation from
Digital Rapids at 15h00 Studio F
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Adds HD Streaming
with Digital Rapids' StreamZHD
New live HD streaming capabilities from
Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall.
The center's 12 resident organizations combine
to present thousands of performances,
educational programs, tours and other events
each year on the Lincoln Center campus.
Encodes content in real time for external
distribution as live streams or on-demand files.
• Supported the concurrent worldwide debut
performances of "The Laramie Project: Ten Years
Later", the epilogue to the acclaimed Tectonic
Theater Project play.
• On-stage pre-show and post-performance events - including an interactive question and answer
session with questions submitted via Twitter -were streamed through StreamZHD to audiences
in over 150 theaters worldwide, supporting local
live readings of the new play at each location.
• Three live streams and three on-demand archives
at varying bit rates were created in the H.264
format for Web viewing through Adobe Flash
technology, with StreamZHD producing all six
outputs simultaneously in real time.
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Your Audience at Your Fingertips
• is ideal for on-location live
streaming of events such as
concerts and sporting matches;
remote news coverage; courtroom
proceedings; PEG (public,
education and government)
applications; corporate
communications; worship; and
• Application-targeted models let you
choose the right configuration for
your format needs, from Flash,
Silverlight and QuickTime (Darwin
server) powered web experiences
to IPTV set-top boxes and mobile
Netbook’s vs
The Apple big release
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Released Wednesday January 27th
• iPad
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Released Wednesday January 27th
• iPad
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Released Wednesday January 27th
• iPad
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Released Wednesday January 27th
• iPad
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Released Wednesday January 27th
• iPad
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Great but…
no camera
No removable battery
No multitasking
No Adobe (ADBE) Flash
No Skype
No USB or Firewire ports
Storage capacity is limited to a maximum 64GB
flash drive
• IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD
Up Next
Mobility TV
Shooting on a Budget
HDMI v1,4
Extras: New gadgets
Mobile TV
or ATSC Mobile DTV
"By 2012 we expect 130 million phones and 25 million
media players will be able to receive mobile television,"
said NAB’s David Rehr in opening speech
"An NAB study concluded that TV broadcasters could see
incremental revenue of more than $2 billion after 2012 with
mobile DTV
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
ATSC Sees Mobile DTV Standard by 3Q
The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ASTC) has
approved the Candidate ATSC-Mobile/Handheld (M/H)
Standard for the technology, which provides television
broadcasters a technical scheme to deliver TV content and
data to mobile and handheld devices utilizing a small
portion of their 6 MHz DTV channel.
The new standard supports over-the-air delivery of digital
broadcast content to next-generation devices such as cell
phones, laptop computers, notetbooks, handheld PDAs,
portable media players and gaming devices.
is based on the MPH (Mobile Pedestrian Handheld) mobile
DTV transmission system jointly developed by consumer
electronics giant LG Electronics and transmitter manufacturer
Harris Broadcast. It is also now supported by Samsung
By using a new digital exciter that is backward-compatible with
the existing 8-VSB (vestigial sideband) transmission system
currently used for DTV, ATSC-M/H will allow a mobile DTV
stream to be broadcast within a station's digital channel
without interfering with existing standard- or high-definition
program services.
The cost to implement mobile DTV is relatively low, running
$250,000 or less per station for the new exciter and supporting
encoders and multiplexing gear.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Mobile DTV should be a bright spot for
broadcasters' seeking growth and opportunity.
• "We're at the beginning of a new era where we reach the
consumer where they are rather… says Ardell Hill, president,
broadcast services, Media General Broadcast.
• "I believe this is the opportunity that makes our future
clear. This gives us the tools to reconnect with the
Twitter and Facebook generation that has left us."
• According to OMVC (Open Mobile Video Coalition with more than 800
members) , more than 70 stations in more than 28 markets,
covering more than 39% of U.S. television households,
are already committed to delivering mobile DTV services
this year.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Mobile DTV should be a bright spot for
broadcasters' seeking growth and opportunity.
• Industry excitement over mobile DTV is based
on two easy-to-understand realities.
• First, research indicates that mobile has the potential
of generating more than $2 million in annual ad
• What's more, subscription-based business models suggest
the revenue could go as high as $5 billion a year.
• The second reality is the relatively low cost of entry,
between $75,000 and $150,000 per station.
According to Open Mobile Video Coalition Executive Director Anne Schelle.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Mobile DTV should be a bright spot for
broadcasters' seeking growth and opportunity.
• Mobile DTV will not cannibalize terrestrial viewership, but
instead will add some 10 percent to existing audiences.
• "This taps into what's unique to broadcast — the one-tomany model that only we can do," says Sterling Davis, vice president of
engineering for Cox Broadcasting.
• "Satellite, telcos, cable and the Internet can't touch this.
• It's something that is going to catch on. It will start slow, but then
take off."
According to Open Mobile Video Coalition Executive Director Anne Schelle.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
There are only 114 million American living rooms but
up to 500 million more sites where people can watch
mobile TV
• Fox Business Channel anchor Liz
• Holding a DTV-enabled LG mobile
phone displaying Fox News Channel
Announced commitments to roll out
trial consumer mobile DTV service
in three major cities:
• in Atlanta on Ganett's WAGA,
• in Seattle on Belo's KING, and
• in Washington on NBC O&O WRC.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
LG commits to mobile DTV chips
LG Electronics showed its new LG2160A ATSC Mobile TV chip in
several different prototype devices, including:
• LG ATSC Mobile DTV MP3 player with a 3in touch-screen display
• LG portable DVD player with a 7in LCD swivel screen and
integrated ATSC Mobile DTV tuner
• LG mobile phone with a 3in touch-screen display with electronic
service guide functions, including program guide
• LG mobile phone with a 2.8in dual touch screen with QWERTY
• A USB “dongle” receiver for laptop PCs
• Dell Inspiron mini 10 netbook priced under $450.
• Kenwood automotive rear-seat entertainment system
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Mobile DTV Has Finally Arrived
NAB President and CEO David Rehr
"Consumers want to utilize mobile devices to follow news and sports, as well as local,
regional and national emergency announcements and other content that they have
come to expect from their local television stations" . "The roll-out of mobile DTV will
give them the opportunity to experience all of those benefits.“
Supports a variety of business models offering limitless convenience opportunities
based on interactivity potential like:
location-based services,
advertising and sell-through transactions, and
advanced subscriber features such as
Push On Demand,
Digital Video Recorder,
programming guide,
interaction channel support
extensible storage.
Through application software specifications, the candidate standard also includes
support for new interactive TV applications, such as audience voting, through an
optional Internet connection on the mobile receiver. It will also allow stations to deploy
new data broadcasting services such as providing real-time navigation data for invehicle use and providing news and sports highlights in on-demand form to
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Qualcomm wants to bring FLO TV to masses
Shooting on a
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Independent filmmakers can effectively create
"a million-dollar look on a thousand-dollar budget."
• The session featured lots of anecdotal
notes on
• how digital special effects software and
favored hardware — such as the RED
Camera and Canon's EOS 5D Mark II
Digital SRA — are revolutionizing the way
indie films, short films and TV commercials
are lit, shot and edited.
• Opened the session with a clip consisting
of chases, hand-to-hand combat and other
typical action fare that appeared to the
casual observer to have required far more
expensive and sophisticated equipment
than was actually deployed for the shoot:
simply the 5D Mark II and a skateboard!
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Swearing by 5D Mark II
Panelist Stu Maschwitz of The Orphanage, a production
house, swears by the 5D Mark II, which he also uses for
producing commercials. The digital still-and-not-so-still
camera — which is being exhibited at the Canon Booth —
couples a full-frame CMOS sensor with the ability to
capture 1080p video.
Maschwitz said because it appears to most onlookers
outside the industry as basically a still camera, he is able
to shoot video footage on location where larger, more
traditional-looking HD cams might be frowned upon.
While the 5D Mark II also features a 21.1-megapixel, 24 x
36mm CMOS sensor and an expanded sensitivity range
from ISO 50 to ISO 25,600, Maschwitz would like to see
Canon offer middleware (or some other conversion
method) to make a 5D unit with a more film-friendly 24 fps,
not just TV-friendly 30 fps.
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
EOS 5D Mark II
The image sensor size being a whopping
36x24 mm. Let me put that another way.
• It's twice the size of the sensor in the Red
1080p 30
Audio 1/8’’
HDMI out
.mov & Quicktime 35 Mbps
• That means glorious sharpness and depth
of field to thrill the cockles of a director's
heart. And looking like a still camera can
appeal to news shooters in anti-TV areas
who are feeling a little yellow.
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Canon MKII 5D support
Redrock Micro DSLR rig.
Zacuto DSLR rig with Canon
5D camera
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
XLR Audio for MKII 5D
• Beachtek DXA-5D
• Sends 20k Hz to
trick auto gain
• Use FCP to
equalise that
frequency in Post
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Sea&Sea Waterproof Housing for 5D MKII
That's what I call the ULTIMATE combo
for nice swimsuit shots at pools and the
beach… With Sea&Sea's latest Canon 5D
MKII waterproof housing/casing, you can
capture both stunning pictures and Full
HD Video of the gorgeous “naiad”
surrounding you this summer… Just make
sure to spend your time at hi-class
beaches or pools otherwise you may catch
some whales and other jumbo fish.
For those interested in this housing, you
should know than you can swim to a
maximum of 60m below the surface and it
will cost around the same price as a 5D
MKII Body… Around 280,000 Yen
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12.1-megapixel high speed Live MOS sensor,
Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds System
standard, the new LUMIX GH1 features advanced
video photography functions, such as
the ability to record full HD (1920 x 1080) video at 24
fps or smooth HD video (1280 x 720) movie at 60 fps
using an AVCHD format (MPEG-4/H.264).
records audio in high-quality stereo sound via Dolby
Digital Stereo Creator, the global standard of audio
In addition, the new LUMIX GH1 comes with a newly
developed long-zoom interchangeable lens – the
LUMIX G VARIO HD 14-140mm (28-280mm (35mm camera
equivalent)) /F4.0-5.8 ASPH./MEGA O.I.S.
This lens was specifically designed to support HD
movie recording and features a silent motor and
continuous auto focusing (AF) capability;
two features which distinguish the LUMIX GH1 from
DSLRs that offer HD video recording capabilities.
Pricing close to Nikon’s D90
HDMI 1.4
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
HDMI v1.4 3DTV signaling
HDMI Licensing announced in late December several developments
regarding 3D formats and the HDMI Specification Version 1.4.
• 1.3
• the HDMI v1.3 output then available to deliver the digital audio stream to
your A/V receiver for soundtrack decoding. Since all current A/V receivers
are only HDMI v1.3-compatible
• 1.4
• HDMI v1.4 includes a new command protocol for 3D content that reportedly
helps a compatible display to configure itself when a 3D signal is detected.
• Since this feature is not available with HDMI v1.3, it's assumed that the setup
process there may require additional manual intervention.
•The first 3-D enabled Blu-ray player is Panasonic's DMPBDT350, supports v1.4, also offers an enhanced version of
VIERA Cast that can stream content from Netflix and
Pandora in addition to YouTube, Picasa, Amazon Video on
Demand and other services available on the VIERA Cast
platform last year.
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HDMI 1.4: 10 things you need to know
1. HDMI 1.4 features an integrated Ethernet channel
2. There's support for dual-stream 1080p 3D
The new version of HDMI adds a bi-directional IP data channel to allow devices to send and receive data at full Ethernet speeds
(ie up to 100Mbps). This basically eliminates the need for a separate Ethernet cable and enables web-capable devices (with HDMI
1.4 connectors) to share their internet connection with other HDMI gadgets. For example, an HDMI 1.4-equipped amp could act as
the internet hub of a home cinema system, sharing its broadband access with a connected TV or set-top box.
HDMI 1.4 defines several 3D formats for HDMI-enabled devices, including 'frame alternative', 'line alternative' and 'field alternative'
methods, 'Side by side' methods (full and half) and '2D plus depth' methods. The new specification is also capable of handling
dual-stream 3D resolutions up to 1080p. Having already made an impact on the big screen, 3D TV is arguably the 'next big thing'
in home entertainment. Sky has recently announced its intention to launch a 3D channel, while 3D gaming experiments have
already been conducted on the PC and PS3.
3. HDMI 1.4 supports "extremely high HD resolutions"
Specifically, HDMI 1.4 provides support for 4K x 2K resolutions, which is effectively four times the pixel-perfection of a current
1080p device. This allows HDMI 1.4 to handle digital video in the same resolution as current digital cinema systems. Formats
supported by HDMI 1.4 include: 3840 x 2160 pixels at 24Hz, 25Hz and 30Hz; and 4096 x 2160 pixels at 24Hz.
HIGHER DEF: HDMI 1.4 provides support for 4K resolution TVs. That's 4096 x 2160 pixels at 24Hz
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HDMI 1.4: 10 things you need to know
4. There's a new Audio Return Channel...
5. … And extended support for color spaces
It's all very well providing support for 4K x 2K resolutions and 3D, but this means that your current 1080p telly just won't cut it in
tomorrow's Ultra HD/3D future.
9. You'll need to buy new HDMI cables
The official word from is that "most of the new features introduced in HDMI 1.4 will require a new HDMI chip to enable,
and cannot be upgraded via firmware." That said, with 3D TV in its infancy and 720p/1080p HD TV only just gaining a consumer
foothold, HDMI 1.3 still delivers the goods. You could argue that you don't even need an integrated data channel, as new TVs and
set-top boxes are now including Ethernet jacks as standard.
8. You'll need to buy a new high-def TV
The first new HDMI format is a Micro Connector aimed at bringing HDMI connectivity to dinky devices such as mobile phones,
digital cameras and portable media players. The HDMI Micro Connector (designated Type D) retains the original HDMI
Connector's 19-pin interface. HDMI 1.4 also specifies a Type E Automotive Connection System to be used in distributing HD
content around a vehicle.
7. HDMI 1.4 won't work with your existing HDMI-equipped gear
Specifically, HDMI 1.4 includes support for sYCC601, Adobe RGB, and Adobe YCC601 to enable colours to be more accurately
reproduced when viewing digital photos on your digital telly.
6. HDMI 1.4 boasts two new connection options
According to, "in cases where a TV features an internal content source, such as a built-in tuner or DVD player, the Audio
Return Channel allows the TV to send audio data upstream to the A/V receiver via the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for an
extra cable."
The new HDMI 1.4 spec will muddy the waters with new cables – a Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet (which supports data rates
up to 720p/1080i) and a High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (featuring 1080p support, Deep Color and 3D support). An
Automotive HDMI cable will also be available for in-vehicle video distribution. Oh, and don't expect them to come cheap.
10. We won't see HDMI 1.4 devices until mid-2010
Next year's Consumer Electronics Show should see several HDMI 1.4-compatible devices introduced from the big CE
manufacturers. We might even see HDMI 1.4 on show at IFA in Berlin. Bizarrely, NXG has already announced a Black Pearl
Series HDMI 1.4 cable, despite the fact that there's absolutely nothing to plug it into.
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Teaching Schools go beyond the text book
• College Edouard Mont Petit,
• Challenge
• Teaching broadband technology in an educational setting
can be challenging and text book material can only go so far.
Needed to have a system which gave the students practical
experience on everything in a cable headend.
• Incospec Solution
• Installed a whole cable headend as found in most cable
companies in North America and well as set up a laboratory
ATSC transmission
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Cool Gadgets, Hot Content
• Keep your eye on:
Internet-connected TVs and set-top boxes
Netbooks and notebooks
In-car internet and streaming devices
Twitter and Facebook networking sites
• First step is to gain a greater understanding of
the devices and their interest to the average
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Cool Gadgets, Hot Content
Broadcasters must also let go of the idea of exclusivity.
• TV and radio broadcasters need to instead protect what makes them
unique (branding) and strengthen themselves by embracing so-called
user engagement.
• In short, determine what makes your station unique, and offer that to users.
• Get a clearer understanding of the type and style of content that
appeals to a demographic or psychographic they're trying to reach.
• Today's programming often has a very short shelf life, so content creators
need to think fast and lean when it comes to creating content for new
• One of the biggest mistakes that broadcasters can make when trying to
create content for the next up-and-coming electronic product, is for
broadcasters to attempt to "be something they're not," Cooley said.
• "Good things happen when you keep your brand focused," he said. "Your
station doesn't have to mean all things to all people — few properties online
succeed that way — but it does need to mean something and do so strongly
and authentically."
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
Instantaneous “networking”
The definition of what constitutes a broadcast
or a network, for example, is much different
from it was just a few years ago.
This was never more evident than at a recent
performance of Criss Angel’s “Believe,” the
Cirque du Soleil show at the Luxor.
• Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton used the social
messaging network Twitter to “tweet” (relay) a
scathing review of the in-progress
performance to his followers. The comments
were subsequently relayed to Angel in time for
him to respond with a barrage of insults
directed at Hilton as the show closed.
This type of instantaneous “networking” may
just be the tip of the iceberg.
Cool Gadgets, Hot Content
“Content to Distribution” 2010 Tour
GE Optical disc offers 500GB storage
A disc that can store 500 gigabytes
(GB) of data, equivalent to 100
DVDs, has been unveiled by General
• The Micro-Holograohic disc, which is
the same size as existing DVD discs, is
aimed at the archive industry.
• "The hardware and formats are so
similar to current optical storage
technology that the micro-holographic
players will enable consumers to play
back their CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray
• However, GE will need to work with
hardware manufacturers if it is to bring
the technology to the consumer market
(in labs only for now)
GMT, Monday, 27 April 2009
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Edirol VC-50HD field converter
The VC-50HD converts from HD-SDI to 50/ 35/ 8 Mbps
MPEG-2 TS as well as HDV format (25/19Mbps). The unit
also supports conversion from SD-SDI to DV format
(25Mbps) and 12/ 9/ 2 Mbps MPEG-2 TS.
*Up/Down conversion, I/P conversion, NTSC/PAL
conversion, Frame conversion are not supported.
$3,795.00 US
Bi-directional video conversion between HD/SD-SDI and
Portable and Lightweight with High Performance
HDMI Output for convenient monitoring
External/Internal Battery Support
Unprecedented convenience and flexibility
HDMI Output allows fexible and convenient monitoring
The dedicated HDMI Output port provides display and
monitoring of both the video and audio* signal. The output can
also be used to directly connect to a large display or video
*Audio signal is only available when the source is HD/SD-SDI.
Setup and Control via PC and/or dipswitches
The VC-50HD can be controlled using dedicated PC utility
software via USB. This allows setting up direction, codec type,
SDI audio channels, etc. Presets can be saved to enable quick
and convenient selection via dipswitch settings.
Three different types of power
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