A 1520
A 1520 R
Power amplifier - PULSAR A 1520 R
The ICA technology incorporated in our amplifiers was developed by T+A with the aim of
de-coupling the amplifier’s input stage from the current amplifier stage. The result has been
a clear improvement in the overall sound and in the spatial characteristics. The new pushpull class A mirror current stage is designed to cope with high-level signal processing, and
features transistors with a transient frequency of more than 300 MHz. The result is virtually
bottomless dynamic reserves, a vast bandwidth and tremendous speed. Naturally the A
1520 R can be used as a normal stereo power amplifier, but it can also be employed in
other modes, e.g. for bi-wiring, or bi-amping in conjunction with other T+A power
amplifiers. To protect the amplifier and the speakers connected to it an electronic circuit
monitors the signals in the amplifier. This protective circuit is not located in the signal path,
so it has absolutely no influence of any kind on the sound image. The circuit monitors the
input signal before the output stage, and compares it with the output signal. If the slightest
deviation occurs (clipping, distortion etc.) the circuit switches off the output relays. The
protective circuit also trips if the outputs are shorted, or if the unit overheats.
Internal view of the A 1520 R
Connection elements
Asymmetrical amplifier input with an input sensitivity of 1 Veff.
Symmetrical amplifier input (XLR) with an input sensitivity of 1.55
Two pairs of loudspeakers can be connected (SPEAKER A and
T+A - Produktarchiv
A 1520 R
SPEAKER B). The impedance of each speaker must not fall below 4
Ohm (DIN rating).
If the power amplifier is operated with an (optional) remote-controlled
pre-amplifier (e.g. P 1220 R), then the CTRL IN socket should be
connected to the pre-amplifier’s OUT CTRL socket via the RZ 001
remote control lead.
Interface for future system expansions
Stereo operation
Nominal output 8 Ohms
180 Watts
per channel, both 4 Ohms
260 Watts
Peak output 8 Ohms
200 Watts
4 Ohms
300 Watts
Nominal output 8 Ohms
500 Watts
4 Ohms
600 Watts
Peak output 8 Ohms
700 Watts
4 Ohms
900 Watts
Bridged mono operation
Power bandwidth
Frequency response + 0 – 3 dB
Slew rate, stereo
1 Hz – 300 kHz
0,5 Hz – 350 kHz
60 V/us
Slew rate, mono
120 V/us
Damping factor
> 500
Signal: noise ratio (A-weighted)
Total harmonic distortion
> 144 dB
< 0,001 %
XLR, Cinch
Reservoir capacity
120000 uF
Mains supply, 110 V or 220 / 240 V, 50 Hz
Remote control
We reserve the right to alter technical specifications.
650 VA
15 x 44 x 39 cm
18,5 kg
Black (9005), Silver aluminium,
Chrome (Non-standard version)
Via R system
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