Zephyr ZPY-E36 (B Installation guide

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Zephyr ZPY-E36 (B Installation guide | Manualzz


Read all Instructions before Installing and operating this appliance

MODELS: ZPY-E30 (B,W,S), ZPY-E36 (B,W,S) Pyramid




The installation in this manual is intended for qualified installers, service technicians or persons with similar qualified background. DO NOT attempt to install this appliance yourself. Injury could result from installing the unit due to lack of appropriate electrical and technical background.

All electrical wiring must be properly installed, insulated and grounded. Overly accumulated grease in old duct work should be cleaned out or duct work should be replaced if necessary to avoid the possibility of a grease fire. Check all joints on duct work to insure proper connection and all joints should be properly taped.


Read all instructions in this manual before operating the appliance. Save these instructions for future reference.

Always leave safety grills and filters in place. Without these components, operating blowers could catch on to hair, fingers and loose clothing.

NEVER dispose cigarette ashes, ignitable substances, or any foreign objects into blowers.

NEVER leave cooking unattended. When frying, oil in the pan can easily overheat and catch fire.

The risk of self combustion is higher when the oil has been used several times.


The saturation of greasy residue in the blower and filters may cause increased inflammability.

Keep unit clean and free of grease and residue build-up at all times to prevent possible fires.

Filters must be cleaned periodically and free from accumulation of cooking residue (see cleaning instructions inside). Old and worn filters must be replaced immediately. Do not operated blowers when filters are removed. Never disassemble parts to clean without proper instructions.

Disassembly is recommended to be performed by qualified personnel only. Call our service center for removal instructions.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of failure to observe the instructions given here for installation, maintenance and suitable use of the product. The manufacturer further declines all responsibility for injury due to negligence and the warranty of the unit automatically expires due to improper maintenance.

* Please check for latest specification revisions before any custom work or cutouts.



Mount heights & clearance



Mounting the hood & electrical


Controls & features



Lights replacement


Coverage & exceptions












Min 24"-Max 32"


Minimum mount height between range top to hood bottom should be no less than 24".

Maximum mount height should be no higher than 32".

It is important to install the hood at the proper mounting height. Hoods mounted too low could result in heat damage and fire hazard; while hoods mounted too high will be hard to reach and will loose its performance and efficiency.

If available, also refer range manufacturer's height clearance requirements and recommended hood mounting height above range.


*Minimum clearance of 24”hood above range height.

** Maximum clearance 32" hood above range height.


A minimum of 5" round or 3-1/4” x 10"rectangular duct must be used to maintain maximum air flow efficiency.

Always use rigid type metal ducts only.

Flexible ducts could restrict air flow by up to 50%.

Also use calculation (on right) to compute total available duct run when using elbows, transitions and caps.

ALWAYS, when possible, reduce the number or transitions and turns. If long duct run is required, increase duct size from 6" to 7 or 8". If a reducer is used, install a long reducer instead of a pancake reducer. Reduce duct size as far away from opening as possible.

If turns or transitions are required:

Install as far away from opening and as far apart, between 2, as possible.

Minimum Duct Size:


5" minimum


Requires an adaptor. Readily available at most hardware stores.

Duct Run Calculation:

Maximum run

5" or 3-1/4” x 10" duct 100 FT

Deduct: each 90 Elbow used each 45 elbow used each 6" to 3/14 x 10" transition used each 3/14 x 10" to 6" each 3/14 x 10" to 6" transition used

Side Wall Cap w/ damper

Roof Cap

15 FT

9 FT

1 FT

5 FT

30 FT

30 FT e.g.- 1 roof cap, 2x90 elbows, 1 45 elbow used:

=30' + 30' + 9' =69' used, 31' available for straight duct runs.




NEVER exhaust air or terminate duct work into spaces between walls, crawl spaces, ceiling,attics or garages. All exhaust must be ducted to the outside.

Use Metal ductwork only.

Fasten all connections with sheet metal screws and tape all joints w/ certified Silver Tape or DuctTape.

Some Ducting Options: side wall cap w/ gravity damper

Soffit or crawl space side wall cap w/ gravity damper

Roof Pitch w/

Flashing & Cap





3" (6" on 36" models)



1/2" Elec. K.O.




30"or 36"





1/4" to 4"







All Electrical work must by performed by qualified electrician or person with similar technical know how and background.

For personal safety, remove house fuse or open circuit breaker before beginning installation.

Do not use extension cord or adapter plug with this appliance.

Follow National electrical codes or prevailing local codes and ordinances.

Electrical Supply:

This appliance requires a 120V 60Hz electrical supply., and connected to an individual, properly grounded branch circuit, protected by a 15 or 20 ampere circuit breaker or time delay fuse. Wiring must be 2 wire w/ ground. Please also refer Electrical Diagram labeled on product.

Cable Lock:

A cable locking connector (not supplied) might also required by local codes. Check with local requirements and codes, purchase and install appropriate connector if necessary.

Cable Lock



1. This range hood is mounted under a kitchen cabinet unit.

2. Select preferred duct location on rear or top of unit. For ductless conversion, no ducting is required.

3. An optional spacer plate is provided to cover the gap between the back of the hood and the wall. If using this plate, screw it onto the hood prior to installation.

4. Begin installation by temporarily removing the filter panels.

5. Temporarily position the range hood in the desired mounting location.

6. Mark the mounting holes, duct and electrical access locations with a pencil.

For ductless conversion, no hole is required for a duct.

7. Drill/cut out the required openings for duct and electrical access.

8. Install duct work and electrical.




9. Fasten mounting screws into underside of mounting location, and reposition hood into place.

10. Hang hood onto mounting screws and hand tighten.

11. For ductless conversion, the interior cover plate must be unscrewed, repositioned and re-screwed into alternate position as shown.

12. Reinstall the filter panels.


Cover panel position for duct exhaust

Cover panel position for ductless conversion



Ductless conversion is intended for applications where an exhaust duct work is not possible to be installed. When converted, the hood functions as a "purifying" hood rather than an exhaust hood.

Fumes and exhaust from cooking is drawn and filtered by a set of optional Carbon Filters. The air is then purified and re-circulated back within the home.

We recommend to ALWAYS exhaust air outside of the home by employing existing or installing new duct work, if possible. The hood is most effective and efficient as an Exhaust unit. Only when the exhaust option is not possible should you recourse to converting the hood into a "purifying"unit.

When converted to be a "purifying" unit, a set of Carbon Filters are required on top of its standard

Metal Filter set. Order according to its Part number below. The standard Metal Filters are intended to capture residue from cooking and the optional Carbon Filters help to purify fumes exhausted from cooking for re-circulation.

Carbon Filters (Required)

1. Purchase ductless Charcoal Filters as follow:

Hood Model: Part No. Filters in pkg.

ZPY-E30 (B, W, S) ZOF-CO22

ZPY-E36 (B, W, S) ZOF-CO23



2. Remove metal filters on hood.

3. Install attachment bracket into metal filter.

4. Clip carbon filter onto bracket.

5. Re-install metal filters.

6. Carbon Filters must be replaced after every 120 hours of use (or approximately every 2 to 3 months based on the average of 1-2hrs. of daily cooking time).



1 Lights On/Off 2 Speed Selection


1 Lights On/Off

Turn lights on or off by moving this switch.

2 Speed Selection

This switch controls the speed of the blower. The first position is low speed, the second is medium speed, and the third is high speed.



Surface Maintenance:

Clean periodically with hot soapy water and clean cotton cloth. Do not use corrosive or abrasive detergent (e.g. comet powder scrub, EZ-Off oven cleaner), or steel wool/scoring pads which will scratch and damage surface.

For heavier soil use liquid degreaser such as 'Formula 409' or 'Fantastic' brand cleaner.

After cleaning, you may use non abrasive stainless steel polish/ cleaners such as 3M or

ZEP, to polish and buff out the stainless luster and grain. Always scrub lightly, with clean cotton cloth, and with the grain.


Metal Filters

The Metal Filters fitted by the factory are intended to filter out residue and grease from cooking. It need not be replaced on a regular basis but are required to be kept clean.

Filters should be cleaned after every 30 hours of use.

Remove and clean by hand or in dishwasher. Spray 'Formula 409' or equivalent degreasing detergent and leave to soak if heavily soiled.

Dry filters and re-install before using hood.

Replacing Metal Filters

Should filters wear out due to age and prolonged use, replace with following part number:

Hood Model: Part No. Filters in pkg.

ZPY-E30 (B, W, S) ZOF-MO32

ZPY-E36 (B, W, S) ZOF-MO33



Also replace damaged filter that has punctured or broken mesh, bent or broken frame.



Replacing Light Bulbs

CAUTION: Light bulb becomes extremely hot when turned on.

DO NOT touch bulb until switched off and cooled. Touching hot bulbs could cause serious burns.


Make sure all power is turned off and bulbs are not hot.

Remove by turning bulb counter clockwise.

If bulbs are difficult to turn due to prolonged use, firmly attach a glass suction cup approx. the diameter of the bulb and turn.

Replacement bulbs are available at specialty lighting stores. Purchase type

JDR E27 50W halogen bulbs.

Or to order bulbs, please call our service center: 888-880-8368 or online parts store: www.zephyronline.com



You must present proof of original purchase date.

Please keep a copy of your dated proof of purchase (sales slip) in order to obtain service under warranty.

One Year Service Repair Warranty:

For one year from date of original purchase, we will provide free of charge, service labor to repair any failed parts or components due to manufacturing defects.

Two Years Parts Warranty:

For two years from date of original purchase, we will provide free of charge, nonconsumable replacement parts or components that failed due to manufacturing defects.

Consumable parts not covered by this warranty include: Light Bulbs, Metal and Carbon Filters.

Who is Covered:

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser for products purchased for ordinary home use in the 48 mainland states, Hawaii and Washington D.C.

In Canada and Alaska, this warranty is Limited. There might be costs associated with shipping the products to our designated service locations or you might need to pay service technician's travel costs, to have the appliance repaired in-home.

This Warranty will be Voided when:

Product damaged through negligence, misuse, abuse, accident.

Improper installation and failure to follow installation instructions. When product is used commercially or other than its intended purpose.

Damaged because of improper connection with equipment of other manufacturers.

Repaired or modified by anyone other than Zephyr's Authorized Agents.

What is Not Covered:

Consumable parts such as light bulbs, filters, and fuses.

Services outside of service area and the labor cost incurred in connection with the removal, shipping and reinstallation cost, nor does it cover any other contingent expenses.

The natural wear of finish, and wear due to improper maintenance, use of corrosive and abrasive cleaning products, pads, and oven cleaner products.

Chips, dents or cracks due to abuse, misuse, freight damage, or improper installation.

Service trips to your home to teach you how to use the product.

Damage of product caused by accident, fire, floods or act of God.

This warranty is valid in the United States and Canada. It is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and does not extend to subsequent owners of this product. Any applicable implied warranties, including the warranty of merchantability, are limited in duration to a period of express warranty as provided herein beginning with the date of original purchase at retail and, no warranties, whether express or implied, shall apply to this product thereafter.

TO OBTAIN SERVICE UNDER WARRANTY or any Service Related Questions, please call:


Have your product proof of purchase with date ready for warranty issues.

Or write to:

Zephyr Corporation

Service and Warranty Department

395 Mendell Street

San Francisco, CA 94124


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