5. Install the cylinder liner installation tool, J 35597–A, over the liner to be installed.
See Figure 1-265.
It is necessary to leave the cylinder liner installation tool in place until after the liner
protrusion is measured.
Figure 1-265
Cylinder Liner Installation Tools
6. Thread three cylinder head bolts through the tool and into a head bolt hole, so that the
round shoe of the tool is centered over the liner.
7. Tighten the bolts.
It is not necessary to torque the bolts.
8. Turn the threaded center bolt in a clockwise direction. As the round shoe of the tool
reaches the liner, ensure that the shoe is properly positioned into the cylinder liner.
9. Continue turning the bolt until the liner bottoms in the cylinder counterbore. Apply a
tightening torque of 60 N·m (44 lb·ft) to the installation tool center bolt.
10. Install a dial indicator sled gage. See Figure 1-265.
11. Measure the distance from the top of the liner flange to the top of the block.
See Figure 1-266.
Allowable liner protrusion is -0.0127-0.0762 mm (-0.0005-0.003 in.) with no more
than 0.05 mm (0.002 in.) variation between any two adjacent cylinders.
All information subject to change without notice.
(Rev. 06/03)
6SE50 0305 Copyright © 2003 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
From Bulletin 4-50-03
If the liner protrusion exceeds the maximum allowable, remove the liner and check
for debris under the liner flange.
Figure 1-266
Cylinder Liner Protrusion
12. Remove the cylinder liner tool.
13. With all of the cylinder liners installed and the liner protrusion measurements within
specifications, install the piston and connecting rod assemblies. Refer to Section 1.18.5.
14. Refer to Section 11.8 for verification of proper cylinder liner installation.
(Rev. 06/03)
From Bulletin 4-50-03
All information subject to change without notice.
6SE50 0305 Copyright © 2003 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
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