Poseidon 2250

Poseidon 2250
Poseidon 2250
HW group
Poseidon 2250
Ethernet SNMP monitor of sensors and dry contacts, logging, SMS alerts
Poseidon 2250 logs the values from connected sensors to its
internal Flash memory. Stored values can be periodically
e-mailed, imported to a database, or exported to MS
Excel. Sensors are connected over two bus types.
Alerts to critical situations (value out of range)
are sent by e-mail, SMS, or SNMP trap.
SMS alerts are sent using an external GSM
modem. Computer network is not necessary.
 Supports GSM modem (RS-232) for SMS
 3 dry contact inputs
 1-Wire UNI bus – Up to 10 probes with RJ11 connection, max total distance 10m
 RS-485 bus – Up to 26 industrial sensors with RJ45 connection, max total distance 1,000m
HW group
Poseidon 2250
HW group
Basic features
Built-in web interface
Poseidon 2250
Supports SNMP, SNMP Trap
Supports 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11)
Supports RS-485 industrial bus (RJ45)
Log file e-mailed as CVS attachments in specified
intervals (once every 4 hours by default)
Alarm alerts: Email, SMS, SNMP Trap
Security: Password, IP range, HW protection
IT applications:
 Poseidon is supported by over 60 NMS systems
(Nagios, Zabbix, HP OpenView, MRTG, IBM
Tivoli, SNMPc, LoriotPro, and more)
Inputs (relay contacts):
Outputs (via RS-232):
 1-Wire bus (local area):
 RS-485 bus (up to 1000m):
Alarm alerts by e-mail:
Internal flash logger:
GSM modem (SMS alerts):
 We can help you with the SW for your application – see the Software and Third-party SW
applications sections of our website
 SDK (Software Development Kit): libraries, examples (ActiveX, VB, Delphi, C, C#, .NET)
Food & other industries:
 Works with most SCADA systems (OPC server and I/O server via Modbus/TCP)
 Supported by food industry applications and pharmacy IT systems
Voltage (0..10V, 110/230V)
Air flow
Vibrations and tilt
Current (0...20mA, 0..30A)
Motion and position
Door closed/open
Temperature (indoor / outdoor)
Smoke and gases
Any dry contact
Humidity (optional display)
Water leak
Energy consumption (kWh)
Network communication protocols
Web (HTML)
SNMP (v1 and v2)
NTP (time sync)
SMTP (Email, log with data)
 WEB (Flash Setup)
 TELNET (TCP Setup)
 UDP broadcast (UDP Setup)
Sensors (data input)
 3 digital inputs (dry contacts)
 10 probes for 1-Wire UNI (RJ11)
 26 sensors for RS-485 (RJ45)
Alarm alerts:
 E-mail
 SMS (GSM modem over RS-232)
 SNMP trap
HW group
 2 outputs to control relays (via RS-232)
Poseidon 2250
HW group
Alert redirection to GSM
Transmission of text messages (SMS) does not
depend on LAN, only on power
Alert thresholds can be configured separately for
each probe
Poseidon 2250 logs the values to its internal
memory. The log can be e-mailed every
Control of outputs
RS-232 outputs can be controlled
from a PC over the Web
Outputs can be controlled over
XML, SNMP (write) or
Outputs can control relays or
PowerEgg units
Battery voltage logging
Logs battery voltage (voltage probe connected to –48VDC)
States of inputs and outputs are also logged
Time is synchronized from a NTP server
Values can be retrieved in a .CSV file
Graphs can be plotted e.g. in CapTemp
HWg-PDMS can receive the log by e-mail and
export the data to MS Excel
HW group
Poseidon 2250
HW group
Monitoring of coolers in a pharmacy
To measure temperature in coolers,
we recommend the stainless-steel
“FLAT” probe. The flat cable can be
routed through the cooler door
A complete, pre-configured
Poseidon 2250 system with sensors
can be sent by mail as a package.
Data are e-mailed to a central server
(the device may be located behind
a NAT).
RS-485 sensors, up to 1000m away
RS-485 is suitable for industrial environments
RS-485 can be used to connect a Spider unit (4 binary inputs /
temperature and humidity probes)
We offer a RS-485 temperature and humidity sensor with a display
RS-485 can be used to connect an electrically isolated voltage
(0..15V) and current (0..20mA) probe
Ideal for environment monitoring:
 Telco buildings
 Warehouses
 Supermarkets
Industrial sensors that can be connected to Poseidon 2250
HW group
30A Current probe 1W-UNI
600 437 – Current probe with a
clamp-on transformer
HTemp-485 Box2
600 343 – Wall-mountable
temperature and humidity probe
600 432 – Eight analog inputs
(0..15V) and six dry contact inputs
600 273 – Connects four 1-Wire
probes to the RS-485 bus
Temp-485-Pt100 “Cable”
600 114 – Temperature sensor,
external Pt100 probe on a 2m cable
Temp-485-2xPt100 “DIN”
600 112 – Connects two Pt100
sensors to the RS-485 bus
HWg HTemp-485 T3419
600 369 – Temp and humidity sensor
with display, external probe (1m)
Temp-485-Pt100 “Frost”
600 309 – Probe for extremely low
temperatures, down to –190°C
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