Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort CASE SUMMARY Location:

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort CASE SUMMARY Location:
Marina Bay Sands
Integrated Resort
Marina Bay Waterfront, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (MBSIR) is one of the world’s
most challenging construction projects and the most expensive
stand-alone integrated resort property ever built. The £4 billion
development will change the face of Singapore’s tourism industry.
To secure this impressive site, Marina Bay Sands chose the CEM
AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) security management system.
The powerful and fully integrated access control system will allow
visitors, staff and tourists to feel secure while enjoying the
atmosphere of the newly built resort. The CEM AC2000 SE
system was installed by CEM Approved Resellers, Certis Cisco.
Marina Bay Sands...
MBSIR is one of the most remarkable leisure destinations ever
created. Located along the Marina Bay waterfront in Singapore,
the MBSIR includes 2500 rooms, two theatres, a nightclub, a Las
Vegas style casino and a museum which will be showcasing
international exhibitions. The hotel which is made up of three
AC2000 SE
S610e IP Card Readers
S610f Fingerprint Readers
DIU 230 (PoE+ Door Interface Unit)
fifty-five story towers boasts a spectacular landscaped
biometric layer of security is required e.g. entrance into
roof garden with swimming pool.
casino vault. The LCD will display predefined messages
such as ‘Place Finger’ and ‘Bad Biometric’.
Resort security...
The £4 billion project required a high end security
Cost savings with PoE+ DIU 230...
system and opted for the CEM AC2000 SE system.
PoE+ technology was used throughout Marina Bay
AC2000 SE offers a flexible and versatile solution,
Sands. Where a high level of security is required and
providing a powerful and fully integrated access control,
cabling must be kept to a minimum, the CEM DIU 230
alarm processing and photo badging system. AC2000
(PoE+ Door Interface Unit) offers the ideal solution. It is
SE is continuously developed to meet the most difficult
the first controller in the industry to reliably supply power
of security needs, providing a highly stable solution for
and communications to a complete door set via one
installations where security is of paramount importance.
Cat 5e/ 6 cable. The key benefit of the DIU 230 PoE+
AC2000 SE is relied upon to secure access to important
is that it eliminates the need for both a mains connection
areas such as the casino vault and specialised security
and a local power supply to the door; therefore there
departments used to survey the casino floor. AC2000
are no door supplies anywhere within the resort.
SE utilized CEM’s advanced range of hardware products
Fully integrated...
including intelligent IP card readers. The CEM S610e
The MBSIR project required integration with a number
and S610f fingerprint readers have been installed in high
of external systems. CEM was required to integrate with
security areas with 3rd party readers installed at less
the Central Control and Monitoring System, (CCMS)
secure areas.
the Key Management System, the CCTV system and
CEM IP card readers...
the HR system amongst others.
MBSIR had over 500 S610e access control readers.
BacNet protocol was used for HLI (High Level Interface)
The S610e reader supports all card technologies and
to the CCMS system. The HLI allowed CEM to send
has a large graphical LCD which is used to display a
water leak state to the CCMS. If a water leak is detected
number of messages to cardholders depending on their
the CEM system would send alarms to the CCMS.
privileges e.g. ‘Access Denied’, ‘Wrong Time Zone’,
This was an important issue due to the fact that the
‘Card Expired’. The reader, which has on-board Ethernet
hotel has a roof top pool therefore any water leaks
connection, communicates directly with the AC2000
could result in serious consequences.
host server removing the need for an intelligent control
pane in the system design. With an internal database
The security team at MBSIR requested an XML interface
the S610e gives full off-line card validation and decision
from the HR system to the CEM access control system
making at the point of entry, even when host
in order to populate basic staff information. It was
communication is not available.
important for the MBSIR security team to be able to
efficiently manage employee details. The interface
The project also used over 100 S610f fingerprint readers
fields can be used for collecting uniforms, fast food
to control access to restricted areas where an additional
access and ID badging. The CEM Visual Imaging Pass
Production System (VIPPS) allows users to produce
permanent and temporary ID badges. Security staff
can enrol users and capture fingerprint templates using
a user friendly ID badging application.
The Key Management System increases security around
significant areas of the resort. CEM Systems developed
an interface to automatically transmit card data from the
AC2000 system to this Management System. A file which
contains the full list of key safe users is sent to the key
system and the necessary user records are created.
The AC2000 SE system at MBSIR was also integrated
with the CCTV System. The AC2000 external interface
enables the administrator to specify that when a
particular alarm occurs on a CEM device, a message/
command is sent to the 3rd party. For every alarm of
interest the following data is sent by AC2000 to the
CCTV system; the alarm name e.g. ‘Door Forced’,
the location of the alarm e.g. Door A, Main Entrance
and the date/ time at which the alarm occurred.
CEM Systems have provided MBSIR with a future proof
and fully integrated security solution that has been
designed to grow along with the resort.
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