Pushrod Installation

Pushrod Installation
Installation Instructions
Cam And Pushrod
Installation Kit
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The 9-0020 tool package was developed by
Crane to aid the mechanic in the installation of cams, tappets and pushrods in "Big
Twin®" engines. With the aid of these tools,
it is not necessary to remove the rocker
boxes for changing cams, pushrods, tappets or while performing work within the
timing case.
As with any mechanical work on your
motorcycle, you must have the knowledge
and experience to perform the job, or seek
qualified assistance. Always have a service manual for your model when performing mechanical work.
1. Disconnect the battery. Secure the
motorcycle on a suitable stand with the
rear wheel off the ground if no kick
starter is on your model. Remove all
components necessary for easy
access to pushrod covers and gear
case cover. Remove spark plugs.
2. Remove pushrod cover keepers, then
lift covers, exposing the pushrod
adjusting hex nuts. Hold each cover
up by placing a Crane pushrod clip on
the pushrod above the hexes and
allowing the cover to rest on it (Fig. 1).
With kick starter, or rear wheel with
transmission in high gear, turn the
engine over until both front tappets are
in their down position (top of the compression stroke). Loosen the lock nuts
on the front pushrods, then turn them
and the lower portion of the pushrods
up until no thread shows. Holding
each pushrod up into the rocker arm
pushrod seat, move the clip to the lowest point possible on the pushrod.
Keeping the pushrod centered over the
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
tappet pushrod seat, allow the pushrod
cover to rest on the clip (Fig. 2).
3. Slowly turn the engine over until the
rear cylinder is on top of the compression stroke where tappets are in their
lowest positions. Be sure to keep the
front cylinder pushrods centered and
lined up with the pushrod seats in the
tappets and rocker arms to avoid damage. Shorten pushrods and hold them
centered as you did with the front cylinder pushrods.
Fig. 3
4. Remove the ignition cover, adjusting
plate, and rotor as necessary to
remove gear case cover. While removing gear case cover, hold the end of
the camshaft in so that it does not
pull out with the cover, and allow the
tappets to fall out.
5. Turn the engine over until timing marks
on the cam gear are aligned on the
pinion and breather gears. Rotate
engine backwards until pinion gear
timing mark is approximately 3 teeth to
left of the crank gear (Fig. 3).
6. Insert Crane installation tools through
slots of the tappet guide and into the
tappets, just above the rollers. Hold
tappets up as high as possible, being
sure that the pushrod ends are in their
tappet seats and rocker arms. Now
with an allen wrench, turn the
adjustable clamping screw in to lock
the tools onto the tappet blocks.
Again, be sure pushrods are centered
and tappets are up as high as possible
in guides (Fig. 4 & 5).
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
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7. Now remove cam. It will pull out easily and the tappets and pushrods will
stay in place (Fig. 6).
8. Install new cam and spacers; recheck
timing marks. Remove Crane tappet
tools; replace breather and washer
and replace timing cover and gasket.
Check camshaft end play.
9. Take up the slack in the pushrods,
making sure that both ends are in their
seats. Slowly bump the engine around
while continually taking up slack in the
loose pushrods. After all slack is taken
out, adjust lifters as described in your
pushrod or lifter kit instructions.
1. Disconnect the battery. Secure the
bike on a suitable stand with the rear
wheel off the ground. Remove components necessary for easy access to
pushrod covers and gear case.
Remove spark plugs, ignition cover,
and sensor plate and rotor.
2. Remove pushrod cover keepers and
lift covers. Place Crane pushrod clips
on pushrods to hold covers up (Fig. 1).
Rotate engine forward and watch front
intake tappet as it raises and falls;
stop rotating as it reaches bottom.
Protect the tappets from chips while
cutting the front exhaust pushrod with
a saw, bolt cutter or cutting wheel (fig.
7). Remove it from the engine.
3. Rotate engine until rear intake tappet
raises and falls; stop at bottom. Now
you can remove the gear case cover.
Slide the cam out and remove the tappet guides, pushrods, and breather.
4. Clean and inspect gear case and loose
parts. Do not wash oil out of lifters.
1. Shorten the pushrods by turning in
lower portion until no threads show.
Remember that the short pushrods are
intakes and long pushrods are
2. Set the rear tappet guide and gasket in
place without screws. With covers and
O-rings in place, insert the intake
pushrod in the guide by lifting it
enough for the pushrod to clear the
head (Fig. 8). Hold pushrod up and
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
centered with the Crane pushrod clip
(Fig. 9). Lift tappet block again just
enough to insert the tappet from the
bottom. Release the tappet and then
screw the guide into place.
3. Insert rear exhaust pushrod with covers and O-rings into the tappet guide.
Hold it up and centered with pushrod
clip. Insert the rear exhaust tappet
from the bottom.
4. While holding both rear tappets up,
insert tangs of the rear tappet tool
through the slots of the tappet block
into tappets just above rollers. Hold
tappets up as high as possible while
snugging the adjustable swivel foot of
tool against tappet guide with allen
wrench. Be sure pushrods are in rocker arms. Rear tappets and pushrods
are now held in place (Fig. 10).
5. Set front tappet guide in place without
Insert front intake and
exhaust pushrods, covers, and Orings. Hold up and centered with clips.
Lift tappet block slightly to insert tappets from bottom. Screw down the
tappet guide. Hold tappets up with tappet tool while locking it in place. Be
sure pushrods are in rocker arms.
6. Turn the engine until the pinion gear
timing mark is approximately three
teeth left of top center. Insert cam with
thrust plate and spacer washer in position, timing mark 3 teeth to left.
Remove tappet tools from blocks. Turn
engine until pinion gear timing mark is
straight up and insert breather.
Recheck timing marks (Fig. 11).
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Fig. 10
7. Replace breather spacer and gear
case cover, and tighten screws.
Slowly turn engine over two revolutions while stopping frequently to take
up the slack in the pushrods by lengthening them, making them finger tight.
8. Turn engine over until front cylinder is
on the top of its compression stroke.
(Both front tappets in down position.)
Now, follow the instructions for
"Adjustment Procedure" in your Crane
Adjustable Pushrod Instructions supplied with the pushrods.
Fig. 11
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