Microsoft Research
1288 Pear Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
Net: [email protected],
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. (Computer Science), Feb 1993.
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, M.S. (Computer Studies), Aug 1983.
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, B.Tech (Electrical Engineering), Aug 1981.
Aug 2012 - present: Partner and Principal Researcher. Microsoft Research. Network Verification,
Geo-distributed analytics
Aug 2011 - June 2012: Academic Visitor, Yahoo! Research, Santa Clara Designing a content
markeplace, coordination tools.
Aug 2010 - July 2011: Distinguished Visitor, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University. Network Verification, Abstractions for Genomics.
Aug 2000 - Dec 2012: Full Professor of Computer Science, ending at Step 6 Measurement
Algorithmics, Security Algorithmics
Sept 1993 - Aug 99: Associate Professor/Full Professor of Computer Science, Washington University at St. Louis. Network Algorithmics, Self-stabilization
May 2005 - Aug 2012: Technical Leader, ISBU for 1 year, then Consultant, Cisco Systems Inc.
Helped transition the NetSift technology to a 20 Gbps chip called Hawkeye
May 2004 - May 2004: President, CTO, and Co-Founder of NetSift Inc. NetSift was a UCSD
spinoff that developed automated techniques for learning and detecting attack signatures. NetSift was acquired by Cisco in May 2005
Aug 1983 - Aug 1993: DECNET Architecture and Development, Digital, Littleton, MA. Various
positions, ending as a Principal Engineer. Network Architect for DEC’s Corporate DEC’s next
generation network and wrote specification for DEC’s Bridge Architecture, later adopted by
the IEEE 802.1 committee
Technical Advisory Boards:
Memoir Memory Systems (acquired by Cisco); Sanera (acquired by McData), Jibe (acquired by
Citrix), and SwitchOn (acquired by PMC-Sierra).
Industry Visits:
May 2011(5 weeks) and June (2009, 6 weeks): Microsoft Research, Bangalore. Fast VM Migration,
Algorithms for end host de-duplication, Revenue debugging ( NSDI 2012, Mobicom 2012, Usenix
ATC 2013,, NSDI 2014)
May 2007 (4 weeks): Thompson Labs, Paris. Mobile social networks (Mobiclique, WOSN 2009).
Consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation, America Online, Microsoft Corporation, Cascade
Corporation, Procket Corporation. Fujitsu, ST MicroElectronics, Greenfield Networks, Chiaro Networks.
2015 IIT Bombay Distinguished Alumnus Award
2015 Best of CCR Award, SIGCOMM (P4 paper)
2014 SIGCOMM Lifetime Award “for sustained and diverse contributions to network algorithmics,
with far reaching impact in both research and industry”
2014 Koji Kobayashi Award for Computers and Communications for “contributions to the field of
network algorithmics and its applications to high-speed packet networks”
Best Paper Award, SIGCOMM 2014, for “Distributed Congestion Aware Load Balancing” with
coauthors from Cisco
IETF Applied Networking Research Prize 2014 for “Header Space Analysis” with coauthors from
Best Paper Award, ANCS 2013, for “Design Principles for Packet Parsers” with coauthors from
Distinguished Visitor, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, 2010-2011
Best Paper Award, OSDI 2008 for “Harnessing Memory Redundancy” with coauthors from UCSD
ACM Fellow, 2002
Best Teacher Award in Computer Science, UCSD, 2001, voted by graduating undergraduate students
Best Tutorial Award, SIGMETRICS 98.
Big Fish, Mentor of the Year Award, Association for Graduate Engineering Students (AGES),
Washington University 1997.
ONR Young Investigator Award 1996 (34 awarded out of 416 applications across the sciences,
among 2 computer scientists chosen in 1996)
Best Student Paper, PODC 96, for “Crash Faulures can drive Systems to arbitrary states”, jointly
written with student Mahesh Jayaram.
Joint winner of the Sproull Prize for best MIT Thesis in Computer Science (1993) and nominated
by MIT for ACM Thesis Prize.
DEC Graduate Education Program (GEEP) Scholar, 1989-1991.
• P4 (CCR 2014) standards body founded with support from several companies including Cisco
and Dell (2015)
• Multistage filter algorithm (SIGCOMM 2002) added to Linux via kernel patch (net-qdisc-hhf)
by Dukkipatti, Dumazet, and Lam to reduce latency for small flows (2014)
• Load Balancing using Remote Congestion, implemented in Enseme/Nexus 9000 Switches via
Alizadeh, Edsall, et al (2014)
• Grey box testing for Load Balanced Networks using Probabilistic Covers via James Zeng; in
Microsoft’s Autopilot framework used across all the company’s Data Centers (2013)
• LR(T) counter algorithm (SIGMETRICS 2003) used to implement counters in TI/Barefoot
chip by Pat Bosshart (2012)
• Genomic Compression using Slimgene (Recomb 2010) being used at Illumina via Semyon
Kruglyak (2011)
• NetSift technology (OSDI 2004) introduced automated signature extraction to Cisco resulting
in the Hawkeye chip via John Huber, Sushil Singh (2005)
• Hypercuts for packet classification (SIGCOMM 2003) used in Cisco routers including CRS-1
via Florin Baboescu. (2005)
• Tree bitmap algorithm IP lookup (CCR 2003) used in Cisco’s fastest routers (CRS-1, CRS-3)
via Will Eatherton (2003)
• Router Lookup Engine: With Tony Li, Bill Lynch and others, designed the lookup architecture
for Procket Networks (2002)
• Lookup and classification algorithms for SwitchOn with Iyer, Kompella, Shelat, acquired by
PMC (2000)
• IP Route Lookup patents (P12, P13) licensed to five major vendors (Microsoft, GTE, BBN,
Ascend, NEC) and three startups (Quarry, Chiaro, Onex) (1998)
• Timing wheels (SOSP 87) used in Linux and FreeBSD via Justin Gibbs (1997)
• Threaded Indices idea (SIGCOMM 95) predates Cisco tag switching and used in patent suits
by Juniper and Cisco to defend MPLS (1997)
• Deficit Round Robin (SIGCOMM 95) for fair queuing used in most routers (called MDRR by
Cisco) and Microsoft in Windows NT (1996)
• Load Balancing algorithms implemented (SIGCOMM 96) in Cisco’s IOS 11.3(1) by Dana Blair
• Update Process for OSI Routing Protocol (Patent P3): essentially similar algorithm used by
all OSPF routers (1992)
• Author of first Bridge architecture specification: became 802.1 Spanning Tree Bridge Specification and basis for commercial Ethernet and FDDI bridges (1987)
• Lookup and striping algorithms for Sanera Systems, acquired by McData
• Packet classification algorithms (P14, P15) patented and licensed by Onex
• Compressed Tries for Router Lookups (Patent P6): Implemented in DEC’s DECnis and other
Routers (1985)
• Fast string matching for Intrusion Detection algorithm (Fisk-Varghese) added to the Snort
open-source Intrusion Detection tool in Branch 1.9
Keynotes and Distinguished Lectures: UC Berkeley Distinguished Lecture Sept 2015,
SIGCOMM 2014 Keynote, Aug 2014, Northwestern University, Distinguished Lecture, April 2013,
COMSOCS Keynote in Bangalore, Jan 2012, High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR)
Keynote, July 2010, University of California Irvine Distinguished Lecture in CS (May 2009), University of Wisconsin Madison, Distinguished Lecture in Computer Science, Dec 2007, Texas A &M
Distinguished Lecture (March 2002).
Tutorials: Network Verification (SIGCOMM 2015), Network Algorithmics (Summer School at
Indian Institute of Science, 2009), Detecting Packet Patterns at High Speeds (SIGCOMM 2002),
Self-stabilization and the Internet (IPAM workshop, July 2002), Designing Practical Protocols using
Techniques used in Distributed algorithms (SIGCOMM 95), Efficient Protocol Implementation Techniques (SIGCOMM 96, SIGMETRICS 98), Algorithmic Problems in Internet Research (PODC/SPAA
joint conference 98)
Microsoft Faculty Summits: Organized two Microsoft Faculty Summit sessions on ”The
Coming Software Revolution in Genomics” (with David Heckerman and Bill Bolosky in 2014) and
”Network Design Automation” (with Nikolaj Bjorner and Ratul Mahajan in 2015)
Conference Chair: ACM SIGCOMM 2012 (Finland), TPC Chair, joint with Venkat Padmanabhan, ACM SIGCOMM 2001 (San Diego), General chair, joint with Rene Cruz
Program Committees: ACM Special Interest Group on Communication (SIGCOMM) Annual
Conference 2008, 1996, 1997, 1999. 2000, 2002. ACM Conference on Principles of Distributed
Computing (PODC) 1995. IEEE INFOCOM 1995. 3rd and 4th Workshop on Self-stabilizing systems
(WSS 97, 99). NSF Networking Review Panels: Nov 95, July 98, July 2005, July 2009
Reviewer: ACM Trans. on Computer Systems (TOCS), Journal of the ACM, IEEE Trans.
Communications, Distributed Computing, IEEE Trans. Software Engg., IEEE Journal of Parallel
and Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, PODC, SIGCOMM and INFOCOM
h-index of 67 (from Google Scholar accessed October 12th 2015).
6 best paper awards: SIGCOMM (2015) for Best of CCR, SIGCOMM (2014), ANCS (2013), IETF
Applied Networking (2013), OSDI (2008) and PODC (1996).
Erdos number of 2 via Ron Graham
Two fields: self-stabilization and networking. Early career in network algorithmics (speeding up
network bottlenecks) with a mid-career focus on algorithmic measurement and algorithmic security.
Recent thrusts in network verification.
1 Book (Network Algorithmics) and 4 Book Chapters.
105 papers in refereed conferences, most being in highly refereed conferences (21 SIGCOMM, 6
ISCA, STOC, WWW, HPCA, MICRO, DCS, NOSSDAV, PADS, CCS). Papers in a variety of areas
of Computer Science besides networking including Theory (FOCS, STOC, PODC), Architecture
and Systems (ISCA, SOSP, OSDI, MICRO, HPCA), modeling and Measurement (SIGMETRICS),
Simulation (PADS), Biology (RECOMB), Databases (CIDR), Programming Languages (POPL)
Web Protocols (WWW), and Security (CCS). 42 journal papers (4 ACM TOCS, 12 ACM/IEEE
Transactions on Computer Systems, 2 IEEE JSAC, 1 JACM, 1 SIAM J of Computation, 1 IEEE
Trans Software Engineering. 1 Bioinformatics).
22 patents granted. Roughly 6 million in research funding (3.7 million from NSF, 900,000 from
NIST, 310,000 ONR Young Investigator Award, 2 grants from Cisco). Licensing revenue of 700,000
dollars for lookup inventions at Washington University, and 3 million dollars for NetSift patent.
1. George Varghese. Network Algorithmics, Morgan Kaufman 2004 (Reviewed in Slashdot, 3500
copies sold. Used as a textbook for 12 course adoptions: Georgia Tech, Wisconsin (Madison),
University of Chicago, Purdue, UMKC, University of Kansas, University of Kentucky, University
of Luxembourg, University of Ljubljana, University of New South Wales, National Cheng Kung
University, IDC (Israel). Used as a reference for several other courses and often found in
industry shelves.
2. George Varghese. Network Algorithmics. Chapter 29 in Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook: Second Edition: Special Topics and Techniques. M. Attalah and Marina
Blanton editors, Taylor and Francis, May 2010. (1 chapter summary of book)
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5. V. Srinivasan and G. Varghese. A Survery of Recent IP Look Algorithms. Algorithms for High
Speed Networks. Springer, J. Touch and J. Sterbenz eds. p9, 2000.
1. On Technology Transfer, CCR to appear (invited paper), October 2015
2. Life in the Fast Lane: A View from the Confluence Lens, Computer Communications Review,
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Issued July 2015. Microsoft.
(3 more patents filed while at Microsoft for geo-distributed analytics, Virtual Machine QoS, and
packet classification)
13 graduated Ph.D. students (7 co-advised), 2 graduated students as unofficial co-advisor, and
6 graduated M.S. students. Currently working closely with Ph.D.students from Stanford (Lavanya
Jose, Lisa Yan: advisor N. McKeown), and Berkeley (P. Gao: advisor Scott Shenker, Garvit Juniwal:
advisor S. Seshia).
A. Vulimiri: Ph.D. 2015 UIUC expected (coadvised with Brighten Godfrey). Accepted position at
Samsung Research
G. Gibb: Ph.D. 2014, Stanford (co-advised with Nick McKeown). Currently at Barefoot Networks
J. Zheng: Ph.D. 2014, Stanford (co-advised with Nick McKeown). Currently at Facebook
C. Kozanitis: Ph.D 2013, UCSD (co-advised with Vineet Bafna). Was a postdoc at Berkeley with
Patterson, Stoica and Franklin working on Genomic Databases; has just taken up a research position
in Crete.
T. Lam: Ph.D 2013, UCSD. Currently at Google. His work on flow rebalancing is used in Cisco’s
Nexus 9000 switches
Sumeet Singh: Ph.D. Candidate, UCSD: Co-founded NetSift and winner of MIT TR-35 Award for
2006, Currently at Cisco
M. Motoyama: Ph.D. 2011, UCSD (co-advised with Savage and Voelker). Currently at a startup
F. Uyeda: Ph.D 2011, UCSD. Currently at Google
Ramana Kompella, Ph.D. 2007, UCSD (co-advised with Snoeren): Associate Professor with tenure
at Purdue University
Cristi Estan, Ph.D. 2004, UCSD: Formerly Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin CSE,
currently at Google
Florin Baboescu, Ph.D. 2003, UCSD: Worked at Cisco, Qualcomm. Currently at Huawei
Lili Qiu, Ph.D. 1999, Cornell (co-advised with Robert Van Renesse): Worked at Microsoft Research.
Currently Associate Professor (with tenure) at UT Austin, CSE
V. Srinivasan, Ph.D. 1999, Washington University: Worked at Microsoft Research then co-founded
Sahasra Networks, later acquired by NetLogic. Currently at Google.
Marcel Waldvogel Ph.D. 1999, ETH (co-advised with B. Plattner). Worked as Associate Professor
at Washington University CSE. Currently a Full Professor at the University of Konstantz.
Girish Chandranmemon, Ph.D. 99, Washington University: Currently Distinguished Member of
Technical Staff, Lucent Bell Labs.
Two other students I was the unofficial co-advisor for and worked closely with on their thesis:
Peyman Kazemian, Ph.D 2012, Stanford (unofficial coadvisor with N. McKeown), Currently at
Forward Networks
C. Papadopolous, D.Sc. 1999, Washington University (unofficial coadvisor with G. Parulkar). Was
Assistant Professor at University of South Carolina, currently Associate Professor (with tenure) at
Colorado State University
Network Verification Strategtic Intern Proposal, Jan 2013, top ranked proposal in Microsoft Research for Interdisciplinary work between the Programming Languages and Networking groups.
Data Center Networking, Research Grant, Aug 2010, National Science Foundation, $750,000 Principal Investigator: Amin Vahdat with co-PI George Varghese
Randomized Admission Control, Cisco University Research Program, $100,000 Principal Investigator: George Varghese, Sept 2008 — Sept, 2009.
Fast Parsing, Cisco University Research Program, $100,000 Principal Investigator: George Varghese, Sept 2007 — Sept, 2008.
NSF Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defense, 6 million over 5 years with Stefan Savage and
Vern Paxon PIs, George Varghese as co-PI, 2004-2010 (with extension)
New Directions in Traffic Measurement and Accounting, $650,000, NSF Special Projects, recommended for funding in July 2002 Principal Investigator: George Varghese with David Moore as
co-PI, Oct 2002 -Sept 2005
Real time Intrusion Detection, NIST Grant, $909,951 Principal Investigator: George Varghese with
Stefan Savage as co-PI, Oct 1 2001 — Oct 1, 2004.
Terabit Lookups, Research Grant ANI 0074004, National Science Foundation, $300,000 Principal
Investigator: George Varghese, Oct 1 2000 — Sept 30, 2003.
Fast Scalable Level Four Switching, Research Grant NCR 9813723, National Science Foundation,
$965,353 Principal Investigator: George Varghese with co-PIs Subash Suri and Jon Turner, Oct 1
1998 — Sept 30, 2001.
Reconsidering Fragmentation and Reassembly, Research Grant NCR-9612853, National Science
Foundation, $163,716, Principal Investigator: George Varghese. May 1,1997 — May 1st, 2000.
Efficient Fair Queuing and Load Balancing, Research Grant NCR-9628145, National Science Foundation, $275,000, Principal Investigator: George Varghese, with Subash Suri as co-PI. Sept 1,1996
— Aug 31, 1999.
Compilation and Automatic Optimization of Network Protocol Implementations, Research Grant
NCR-9628218, National Science Foundation, $410,000, Principal Investigator: Ron Cytron with
co-PIs: Doug Schmidt and George Varghese, Sept 1,1996 — Aug 31, 1999.
Designing Robust Network Protocols, ONR Young Investigator Award 1996, Office of Naval Research, $310,000, Principal Investigator: George Varghese, May 1996-May 1999.
Reliable Multicast Protocols, Cisco Systems, $75,000 Research Grant from Cisco Systems, Principal
Investigator: George Varghese (was originally with Guru Parulkar), Aug 1998 – Aug 1999.
Reliable Multicast Protocols, NSF Networking, roughly $200,000, Principal Investigator: George
Varghese (replacing Guru Parulkar on leave), Aug 97-Aug 2000.
Trading Packet Headers for Packet Processing, Research Initiation Award NCR-940997, National
Science Foundation, $100,000, Principal Investigator: George Varghese, July 1,1994 — June 30,
Making Network Protocols Simpler and More Robust using Self-stabilization, Research Grant NCR9405444, National Science Foundation, $165,000, Principal Investigator: George Varghese, Sept
1,1994 — Aug 31, 1997.
• Caltech Rigor and Relevance Blog, SIGCOMM Award, July 14, 2014 by Adam Wierman.
• Microsoft Research Blog, Researcher Varghese captures IEEE Kobayashi Award, Aug 5,
2013 by Rob Knies
• ScienceDaily, Aug 20, 2009, Microsecond latency measurements (Refers to work in SIGCOMM 2009)
• ArsTechnica, August 21, 2009, Microsecond latency measurements (Refers to work in SIGCOMM 2009)
• LightReading, July 1st, 2005, NetSift acquisition id=76643”
• Business Week, Feb 7th 1998, Lookup Inventions by Neil Gross (Refers to work in SIGCOMM
97, and Patents P10 and P11)
• USA Today, June 1997, Number 2625m Vol 125, Page 6, Internet Glitches slow smooth
surfing. (Refers to work on crash failures in PODC 96).
• Wired Magazine, April 1998, Lookups looking up, by James Glave. (Refers to work in SIGCOMM 97, and Patents P10 and P11)
• Computers and Medicine, January 1998, Two Inventions to make Internet 10 times
faster,(Refers to work in SIGCOMM 97, and Patents P10 and P11)
• Wired News, January 20, 1998, Router Breakthrough Takes Net Traffic to Task, by Gene
Koprowski. Archived in:
“” (Refers to work in SIGCOMM 97, and Patents P10 and P11)
• St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 4, 1998, WU Inventions Make Data Zip Along the Net,
By William Allen. Archived in:
“” (Refers to work in SIGCOMM 97, and
Patents P10 and P11)
I enjoy inspiring students. While I was a professor, I did this for many graduate students who
were advised by other professors. I received the Big Fish mentoring award at Washington University.
At Microsoft Research, I take mentoring my interns (currently from Stanford, Berkeley, and UIUC)
very seriously, and maintain long term relationships with them, including being part of their thesis
In the Spring of 94, I created a new version of a senior undergraduate course on Networking. I
combined traditional networking content with techniques for designing protocols and recent advances
in communications technology. Traditional networking classes either stress Internet Protocols or
communication technologies or queuing theory, and rarely bridge the gap between these viewpoints.
I have enjoyed and worked on research in all three of these perspectives, and so tried to design a
unique class that would blend all these points of view.
Since no textbook fit these requirements, I made my own lecture notes. The course evolved when
I moved from Washington University to UCSD to fit the quarter system but has consistently high
student ratings including a Best Teacher Award at UCSD.
In the Spring of 97, I developed a new class on Network Algorithmics (which involves hardware
design as much as algorithms) and taught tutorials in SIGCOMM 96 and SIGMETRICS 98. A
book based on the material called Network Algorithmics was published by Morgan- Kaufman). A
set of homeworks and slides were created as a result. I have also taught 8 classes on “Network
Algorithmics” at UCSD using my book. The graduate ratings have been very positive. I co-taught
a portion of this class with Balaji Prabhakar and Tom Edsall during my sabbatical at Stanford in
In Sept 2009, I created a new version of a UCSD Course for Freshmen. The goal of this class was
to convince entering freshmen that Computing was a vibrant discipline that goes well beyond the
perception of merely programming (that appears to be a legacy of High School computer science
classes). In particular, this perception seemed to deter women and minorities; we wished to change
What was perhaps unique in the class we invented, was that we were able to introduce students
to a number of areas of which they knew nothing (e.g., hardware, vision, computational biology,
embedded systems) using a set of homeworks that had to be possible without prior knowledge and
yet introduced them to the field. The new innovations nearly doubled the ratings of the course.
As I develop more understanding of the field of Network Verification, my goal is to co-teach
a graduate class on this topic, together with Verification Researchers that have either a CAD or
Programming Languages background, and someday write a book on this emerging area. I have
made a start by coteaching a SIGCOMM tutorial in this area with Nikolaj Bjorner.
From Electronic Design Automation to Network Design Automation, UC Berkeley Sept 2014,
CMU Feb 2015, Caltech March 2015, Princeton June 2015, MSR New York June 2015, Microsoft
Faculty Summit July 2015
Life in the Fast Lane: A View from the Confluence Lens, SIGCOMM 2014 Keynote talk,
Chicago, Aug 2014
Lazy Joins and a Genome Query Language, Stanford Database Infolabs Lunch (Infolunch),
November 2013
Network Verification: When Hoare meets Cerf, Northwestern University, Distinguished Lecture,
April 2013, UC Berkeley Colloqium/Distinguished Lecture, Sept 2015
Querying a Mllion Genomes in a few milliseconds?, Berkeley Cloud Seminar, September 2012,
Stanford PPL Retreat December 2012
The Future of Network Algorithmics, COMSNETS conference, Keynote, Jan 2012, Broadcom,
Dec 2010, University of Sydney, July 2014
Reconciling Differences: Towards a Theory of Cloud Complexity, Microsoft Research Seattle Theory Seminar (2012), Stanford Information Systems Lab Seminar, October 2011, Microsoft
Research Silicon Valley Theory Seminar (2014)
Efficient Set Reconciliation, Berkeley Theory Lunch, March 2011, Google, July 2011. Duke
University, July 2011
Abstractions for Genomics, Stanford Database Infolabs Lunch (Infolunch), Jan 2011.
Getting an Edge: Randomized Algorithms for Networking Hardware, Stanford Networking Seminar, Stanford, Oct 2010. University of California, Irvine, Distinguished Lecture May 2009.
Rethinking Network Security: A Voyage, Distinguished Lecture, University of Wisconson, Madison Dept of Computer Science, Dec 2007, also Stanford Security Seminar, May 2006.
Introspective Networks, MIT Colloquium, July 2006. Berkeley Colloquium, June 2007. Stanford
Networking Seminar, June 2006, CMU Systems Seminar, June 2008
Fun and Games in Hardware with Bloom Filters, Cisco Systems, 2005
Detecting Worms using Introspection, DIMACS Workshop on Large Scale Attacks, 2005
From Fast IP Look to Fast Memory Allocation, Stanford Networking Seminar, March 2001.
Cornell, University of Wisconsin, UCSD, University of Texas at Austin, various dates in 2001.
Fast IP Lookup Techniques: Interop 97 (Atlanta), Hot Interconnects 98 (Stanford), Microsoft
Corporation, Sept 97, DEC Littleton, Oct 97, Fujitsu Corporation, 2001, STMicroelectronics (2001).
The Academic Researcher as Entrepreneur, invited presentation to the Rotary Club of St. Louis,
March 1998.
General Techniques for Self-Stabilization: University of Iowa, April 1995; DEC System’s Research
Center, Palo Alto, Aug 1994; Programming Research Group, Oxford University, Sept 1994.
New Techniques for Congestion Control: UCLA, Aug 1994; Computing Laboratory, Cambridge
University, Sept 1994.
Self-Stabilization by Local Checking and Correction: IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Jan
1993; Bell Labs, Murray Hill Jan 1993; Carnegie-Mellon University, March 1993; Stanford University,
April 1993; Lab for Information and Decisions Sciences, MIT - April 1993; Indian Institute of
Technology, Bombay, May 10th 1993.
Techniques for Self-stabilization: ESSRL Seminar, Washington University, Dec 1993; Industrial
Partners Program, Washington University, Dec 1993, ARPA PI meeting Sept 1993.
Several additional conference talks to present the papers in SIGMETRICS 83, SOSP 87, SIGCOMM
87, SIGCOMM 88, FOCS 91, PODC 92, SIGCOMM 95, PODC 96, PODC 97, Interconnects 98,
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