Call Manager How to Assign Wireless Devices

Call Manager How to Assign Wireless Devices
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Call Manager Software
Call Manager Software: Assign Window
For Wireless Call Devices
Click on the “Assign” Button to View the Assign Wireless Call Devices Screen
This Feature is to allow a “User” the Ability to “Assign” and to “Un-Assign” or “Re-Assign” a Room to a Call
Device, without the need of having Access to the Main Configuration Screens.
This Protects the System from becoming Corrupt by an Accidental Change to Important Settings/Configurations.
NOTE: You Must use the Password Feature in General Settings Step 14 (Page 37) for this to be Effective.
You Do Not have to use Passwords, but it is Strongly Suggested that you do so.
Assign Window Continues on Next Page…
Assign Window - Continued
For Wireless Call Devices
In this Screen, you have the Ability to Change the Room Assignment.
You may “Un-Assign” or “Re-Assign” the Call Device to another Room Number / Resident.
Click on the “Room” Field and use the Drop down List to choose a “Room Number / Resident”.
Rooms and Residents are Configured in Step 8 (Page 22).
If you leave a Room “Un-Assigned” you get this Warning Window. It is just a “Reminder”, you can Click “OK”.
To Add a New Pendant or other Call Device, you would need to Use the Call Manager User Manual.
See Step 9, of the Main Configuration Screens.
Please Contact your “Software Dealer” for Assistance or Questions.
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