The New World of IT Infrastructure Solutions Brochure
The New World of
IT Infrastructure Solutions
Enabling an IT Infrastructure
as Dynamic as Your Business
An Explosion of New IT Requirements
The age of big data is causing an
explosion of new IT deployments, as
well as changing the geographical
distribution and types of locations
where these systems are deployed.
Digital Hub
& Footprint
This new generation of business
requirements is creating new
challenges for the IT organization.
This IT infrastructure, which can now
be located just about anywhere,
needs to be deployed faster than ever
to support business applications in
industries such as banking, healthcare,
education, manufacturing and retail,
as well as many others. Now more
than ever, IT infrastructure needs
to be reliable, flexible, secure and
operationally economical.
The number of
interactions today
is staggering:
Hub A
Hub C
Hub B
devices connected to the Internet
8,868 tweets
per second during the
MTV Music Video Awards
24 million unique users watched 15 million
hours of FIFA World Cup multimedia content
3.6 Zettabytes
consumed every day just in
the US — 5.1 trillion hard drives worth of data
IT Infrastructure — Anytime, Anywhere
Enabling an IT Infrastructure As
Dynamic As Your Business
IT managers are realizing the value of using a single
manufacturer for integrated and complementary
solutions. This approach results in improved
availability, quicker deployments, increased
staff efficiency, better security and reduced cost
whenever and wherever needed. IT infrastructure
solutions from Emerson Network Power deliver
purposefully designed and meaningfully
integrated hardware, software, and services that
enable your IT Infrastructure to be as dynamic as
your business.
& Installation
LCD Tray
KVM Switch
Our solutions enable your IT infrastructure to be:
Resilient and Highly
Rapidly Deployable
and Scalable
Intelligent and
and Safe
Economical and
So you can
rely on your IT
when the business
needs it
In order to
minimize cost and
effort to deploy
new business
In order to spend
less time on
operational issues,
more time on
To control access
to data and ensure
operational safety
To help predict
and manage your
budget in a dynamic
Racks and LCD Console Trays
„„ Industry-standard rack
enclosure systems save time
and money on configuration
and integration
„„ A wide range of rack styles,
sizes and options to meet
every site need
„„ Compact LCD Consoles
provide local rack access
Your rack cabling systems
are the lifelines of your IT
operations. Optimized cable
management can enhance
your operations:
Reduced signal interference
Improved maintenance
and serviceability
Cooler performance
A roadmap for growth
Read the white paper for
more information:
Applying Proper Cable
Management In IT Racks:
A Guide For Planning,
Deployment And Growth at
Infrastructure management products that deliver
protection and secure access to critical IT systems.
Emerson Network Power delivers data center racks, server rack cabinets,
and enclosure solutions. They safeguard and support IT and networking
equipment in computer rooms of all sizes, with rack enclosures that
contain precision cooling, uninterruptible power, rack PDUs, and wiring
management in a sturdy, lockable cabinet.
You need an access point that gives you simplicity, efficiency and ease of
use. The Avocent® Console Server Family is here to help make your job easier.
We offer you quick and easy access to multiple IT devices, making software
upgrades, troubleshooting and system monitoring more convenient and less
time consuming.
Emerson DCF™ Optimized Racks
The DCF optimized 19” data center rack system from Emerson
Network Power integrates your computing hardware, power
management technologies and peripherals. It provides superior
design and flexibility, allowing optimal data center equipment
performance and easy installation.
Emerson DCE™ Rack
The DCE Rack System has been designed to meet the flexibility,
ease of installation, and delivery requirements needed by today’s
data centers. Choose from either the pre-configured rack selections
or choose from our numerous factory installed accessories and
configurations to customize your rack the way you need it, when you
need it.
Avocent® Local Rack Access Consoles
The Avocent LRA KVM Family provides the simplicity, efficiency and
ease of use to make it the perfect data center access point. The LRA
line enables ease of access to multiple IT devices making software
upgrades, troubleshooting and system mo​nitoring convenient and
less time-consuming.
AC Power — Rack Power Distribution
Rack-based power distribution that
puts you in control.
Emerson Network Power’s next generation of rack PDUs provides the
industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power metering and
distribution. Reliable and efficient power distribution units provide basic
distribution, remote monitoring and control at the receptacle level. Simplified
energy management, modular design and cost savings ensure that your data
center — and your business — can operate at peak velocity and resiliency.
„„ Flexible rack power
distribution for a wide variety
of IT applications
„„ High reliability for maximum
availability and uptime
„„ Multiple monitoring options
for high-level visibility
MPX™ Adaptive Rack PDU
MPX is the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available.
This modular approach allows you to purchase only what you
need, when you need it. Respond to rack equipment changes and
dynamic capacities with hot-swappable modular output power,
hot-swappable modular communications and modular input power.​
Rated up to 55°C/131°F for harsh rack environments.
MPH2™ Managed Rack PDU
The most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs.
It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as
environmental input options, with multiple power input selections
and output configurations. Features hot swappable communications
module and a rating of up to 60°C/140°F for high temperature
rack environments.
MPH2™ and MPX™
intelligent rack PDUs can
be managed both locally
and remotely. Metering of
all electrical information
down to the outlet, phase,
bank or rack PDU level as
well as integration with
environmental sensors
makes these rack PDUs
the backbone of rack level
power consumption and
environmental information.
DI-STRIP® Basic and High Power Rack PDU
The most robust and comprehensive line of basic rack PDUs in easy
to use configurations. Designed to meet a broad range of power
distribution requirements for IT and other applications.
AC Power — Uninterruptible Power Supplies
„„ Protect against downtime
and data loss due to power
A complete line of UPS that will give you the security of
knowing your IT systems are fully protected from any
power problems.
„„ Flexible monitoring and
communication capabilities
for high level visibility
Emerson Network Power offers Liebert® uninterruptible power supplies
for every size IT application from desktop to enterprise data center — with
capacities from 350VA to 1200kVA.
„„ High efficiency operation for
increased energy savings
Emerson offers a broad selection of UPS with models including desktop and
workstation UPS, rack-mount, network and large facility UPS.
Power Assurance Package: Offers lifecycle
power management for network edge UPS
systems to eliminate the worry surrounding
power performance, installation,
disposal, emergency parts, labor, travel
and maintenance. It helps reduce IT
responsibilities to save time and money.
Your computing
performance depends
on resilient, deployable,
intelligent, economical
POWER at the network edge.
1. Improve Resiliency
2. Deploy Rapidly
3. Utilize
Intelligent Control
5 year protection plan
Installation, startup
Old UPS/battery disposal
Parts, labor, travel
The bottom line is power protection you can always rely on,
no matter what the situation.
„„ Desktop UPS — for workstation and point of sale applications,
desktops and servers.
Liebert® PSP™ UPS (350-650VA)
Economical, full featured UPS that delivers cost-effective
power protection in a compact package. The UPS provides
battery-backed outlets and a surge protection-only outlet.
4. Manage Cost
Liebert PSA™ UPS (500-1500VA)
Economical line-interactive UPS that offers full-featured
power protection for small office computers and electronic
AC Power — Uninterruptible Power Supplies
„„ Rack-based UPS for server, network switching and routing applications.
Liebert® PSI™ UPS (1000-3000VA)
This compact, line-interactive UPS system is designed
especially for IT applications such as network closets and
small data centers.
Six Most Common
Causes of Data Center
UPS battery failure
Liebert GXT4™ UPS (500-10,000VA)
Accidental EPO/human error
Recommended to protect mission-critical equipment, Liebert
GXT4 is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality
AC power with no break when transferring to battery.
UPS capacity exceeded
Cyber attack
„„ Modular Row-based UPS — modular configurations available for
completely redundant system controls, battery modules and monitoring.
Options available for small to mid-size data centers.
Liebert APS™ UPS (5-20kVA)
The Liebert APS UPS is a modular power protection solution
for 5 – 20kVA applications. The UPS can be free-standing or
rackmounted, and provides mission-critical availability while
reducing costs and maintaining flexibility for the future.​
„„ Room and site-based UPS — with best in class availability, and efficiency for
protection of sensitive electronics in large data centers and hosting facilities.
Liebert APM™ UPS (15-90kVA/kW)
The row-based Liebert APM is a transformer-free, on-line UPS that
provides modular hardware scalability and N+1 redundancy.
IT equipment failure
Water incursion
Source: 2013 study of data center
outages, Ponemon Institute
qualified UPS
products use an
average of 35%
less energy than
their standard
The following UPS products have
been tested and qualified to bear
the ENERGY STAR mark: Liebert
GXT4, Liebert APS, Liebert APM.
Liebert eXM™ UPS (10-250kVA/kW)
The Liebert eXM UPS promises efficient and economical
operation with a flexible power system that is optimized to
meet the unique demands of midsize IT applications.
Remote Management
and Control Room Solutions
„„ Secure in-band/out-of-band
access and management of
systems through serial, KVM
and service processor ports.
„„ Centralized management of
IT systems and infrastructure
through a single interface.
„„ Standardizes infrastructure
management and offers
scalability to meet growing
business needs.
Avocent DSView™ 4.5
DSView™ management
software delivers the complete
data center control necessary for
the 24/7 data center.
Remote Management and Access Solutions
Remote management solutions provide IT professionals with
centralized, secure access and control of multi-vendor systems and
from any location at any time.
Avocent® Universal Management Gateway
The Avocent Universal Management Gateway is the first
converged data center appliance that enables true, realtime, integrated monitoring, access and control across IT
and facilities systems in a secure and centralized manner.
Avocent MergePoint Unity™ KVM over IP Switch
and Serial Console Switch
​ he Avocent MergePoint Unity switch enables remote
access to KVM, USB and Serial connections, and provides IT
administrators a complete remote management solution
to access and control servers, networking equipment and
other connected devices.
Avocent ACS Advanced Console Server
The Avocent ACS provides the out-of-band performance
and reliability necessary to remotely manage IT assets such
as servers, routers, switches and serial power devices even
during network outages.
Control Room Solutions
Learn more about Avocent
Access and Control Solutions at:
Control Room solutions enable users with instant, high-definition access to
critical systems from extended distance. Avocent products are designed to
deliver an “at the box” experience for demanding high-resolution and no
latency applications in the broadcast, industrial, government, health care and
finance industries.
The Avocent Matrix High Performance KVM is a
solution for environments where security and quality
are paramount. The Matrix solution is a self contained
high performance switching system, that supports
both digital and analog video input, as well as
switching of USB devices, audio and microphone.
The Avocent HMX High Performance KVM delivers
industry-leading image quality and flexibility. Avocent
HMX is a digital system that utilizes standard IP
network switching for extension.
Smart Solutions Integrated Infrastructure
Data center Infrastructure solutions combine rapid
deployment, energy savings and proven design.
All data centers, regardless of size, have distinct operational and business
objectives. Until now, balancing data center best practices for capacity, space
utilization, availability and efficiency has been difficult without making sacrifices.
Intelligent, integrated infrastructure for the data center
That’s why Emerson Network Power developed the Smart Solutions family of
data center infrastructure offerings.
SmartCabinet™ Solution
The SmartCabinet for branches from Emerson is a turn-key
solution that contains all supporting infrastructure needed to
properly deploy IT at the branch.
Capacity: 1.5-16kW
Rack size: 13U, 24U, 42U vs. 48U
Type: Single rackCabinet
Floor: Primarily non-raised
Key Applications: Computer
rooms; network closets;
data centers
SmartRow™ Solution
SmartRow solves a problem all too common to IT management,
addressing IT needs without building new data center space. Think
of SmartRow as a data center in a row – a simple, fully integrated
row-based infrastructure.
Capacity: 20-36kW, 3-10 racks
Type: Self-contained
Floor: Primarily non-raised
Key Applications: Small data
centers; remote sites;
disaster recovery
SmartAisle™ Solution
The SmartAisle offering optimizes infrastructure deployment and
management with an intelligent row-based system that integrates
data center racks, power, row cooling, aisle containment,
monitoring and control technologies for spaces with up to 40 racks.
Capacity: Most cost effective
up to 400kW
Type: Open
Floor: Raised, non-raised
Key Applications: Small and
medium data centers; high-density
zones in all data centers; new
or retrofit
SmartMod™ Solution
The SmartMod enclosure is pre-engineered from the
ground up to provide a complete power and cooling
infrastructure, along with configuration flexibility that typical
data center containers cannot provide.
Capacity: 30-675kW, 6-28 racks
Type: Self-contained
Floor: N/A
Key Applications: Supplemental
data center capacity; remote data
centers; disaster recovery
„„ Rapidly deploy a
comprehensive data center
infrastructure solution.
„„ Keep infrastructure on pace
with equipment changes,
with systems that operate
together and can be quickly
„„ Reduce energy consumption
compared to a data center
with conventional design,
perform less maintenance
and reduce the costs of
adding new equipment.
“Using the SmartRow system
we did not have to sacrifice
availability and we gained
efficiency, so we found that
the SmartRow system gave
us the best of both worlds.
SmartRow saved Pasco County
significant dollars. We are able
to utilize an average room, we
did not have to build a special
computer room to install this.
That saved us money in raised
floor, that saved us money in fire
suppression, and that saved us
money in room cooling.”
—Todd Bayley, Technical ArchitectNetwork information Technology
Department, Pasco County, FL
Pasco County Case Study. CH-00021.
and Management
„„ Centralized site monitoring
provides real-time monitoring
and control.
„„ The time required to identify
and resolve issues with critical
infrastructure devices is
reduced, increasing availability
of the data center.
„„ Enhanced visibility improves
monitoring, analysis, control
and execution of processes.
“Emerson has grown from its roots
as a critical facilities equipment
provider, learned the nuances
required of a successful software
and services provider, and emerged
as one of the leading DCIM
solutions on the market today”
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Center
Infrastructure Management (DCIM) 2015
Vendor Analysis
Improve visibility, efficiency, availability and
operational costs.
Emerson Network Power partners with our customers to understand and
solve their IT and data center imperatives and deliver industry-leading Data
Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions to improve visibility,
efficiency, and availability while reducing operational costs.
Trellis™ Platform Solution
Improve operations with accurate and realtime visibility into the data center operations
from wherever you are.
Trellis Inventory Manager Design and
manage floor layout. View all properties,
capacities, and connections for each asset.
Plan future device placement.
Trellis Site Manager View critical IT infrastructure and facility layout, and manage
asset utilization. Manage utility cost at the system and unit levels.
Trellis Power System Manager Manage the active power path and status of each
device along this path. Monitor system capacity and utilization. Use historical trends to
perform accurate capacity forecasts.
Trellis Process Manager Standard workflow with four processes based on best
practice. Ability to level workload among staff. Align data center changes with
internal processes.
Trellis Mobile Suite Provides complete data center visibility anywhere, anytime.
Identify devices from the floor via image recognition and bar coding technologies. Make
all moves, adds, and changes right from the data center floor.
Trellis Power Insight Application Receive notifications via on screen and SNMP.
View sorted or filtered alarms. Summary view of individual devices.
Monitoring Solutions
Liebert® Nform™ Monitoring and control of virtually any piece of critical support
equipment — whether located in the next room or in a facility on the other side of the
country. The web-based system provides centralized oversight of Liebert precision
air, power and UPS units, as well as many other analog or digital devices. Features
include real-time monitoring and control, data analysis and trend reporting, and event
Avocent® Rack Power Manager Enables access and control capabilities to maintain
and control rack PDU deployments, as well as power trending and reporting for planning
and management.
Global Service Capabilities
Emerson Network Power understands that it is critical to ensure all
equipment is properly installed and performing as designed. Whether you are
commissioning new equipment, maintaining existing systems or assessing
the performance of your data center infrastructure, Emerson Network Power
professionals have the expertise it takes to keep your site is operating as safely
and effectively as possible.
When launching new facilities or
powering up new equipment you
want to do it right — right from the
„„ Commissioning
„„ Startup services
Services to ensure business critical
infrastructure operates efficiently,
safely and reliably.
„„ Complete life-cycle approach
from project launch to
ongoing maintenance and
performance optimization.
„„ Partner with customers
bringing people, expertise
and unmatched application
insight together.
„„ The result: complete global
service capabilities covering
everything from day-in, dayout operations to long-term
„„ Preventive and corrective
„„ Remote services and
„„ Acceptance testing
„„ DCIM services
„„ Equipment upgrades and
„„ Engineering services
„„ Repair services
„„ Project management
„„ Spare parts
„„ Code compliance
Full range of professional services designed to help aging facilities operate
at peak performance
„„ Engineering services
„„ Assessment services
„„ Inspection services
„„ Safety and compliance
„„ Battery replacements
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