Installation Instructions (2 Lamp)

Installation Instructions (2 Lamp)
Installation Instructions for Slimline Magnetic retrofit to Electronic
120V Slimline Original Wiring
277V Slimline Original Wiring
120V Replacement Wiring
277V Replacement Wiring
Replace magnetic slimline ballasts with Howard Industries Electronic Ballast by following these directions carefully:
1. These procedures should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
2. Turn off the power to the fixture.
3. Remove lamps end ballast channel cover.
4. Cut All lead wires about 2” from the magnetic ballast and strip them about 1/2”. This is necessary to have enough lead length for
installation of the new electronic ballast.
5. Remove the magnetic ballast and replace it with the electronic ballast. In some cases the electronic ballast is considerably smaller than
the magnetic ballast, if this is the case, use a self-tapping screw at one end to mount the electronic ballast.
6. Identify the power leads into the fixture and disconnect them from the lamp holders.
7. Connect the Red ballast lead to both the Red and Blue leads from the lamp holders.
8. Connect one of the Blue ballast leads to both White leads from one of the lamp holders.
9. Connect the other Blue ballast leads to both Black or Yellow (sometimes brown depending on the manufacturer) leads from the
other lamp holder.
10. Confirm that the new wiring matches the new fixture wiring diagram shown below.
11. Connect the power wires directly to the input (Black & White) leads of the ballast. The power wires coming into the fixture should no
longer be connected to any socket in any way.
12. Replace the ballast channel cover and install the lamps.
13. Turn on the power to the fixture.
With electronic ballasts, the input voltage leads
connect directly to the ballast. This is different
than magnetic ballasts where the input voltage
leads are connected to the lamps. The difference
is due to a fundamental difference in cirucit
topology. The electronic ballast has many
benefits over the magnetic and is well worth the
extra effort that it takes to learn how to connect it.
New Fixture Wiring
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